MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


As usual, well said and calming words…!)) Thanks, Jabba


wow shit, you really have to stare for some longer time at the charts, brings some really weird feelings with it :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face::poop::skull_and_crossbones::exploding_head:


I don’t think that this is so relevant today with the prevalence of internet connected devices. I was only holiday a few weeks ago but I still monitored the cryptosphere. Sad, but it’s the way of the world now.


Yeah from what I’m gathering, the best guess is a combination of crazy ETH extreme hype bubble finally popping and people worried about Aug fork.

But someone’s still dumping Maid in a very ugly and crazy and self-destructive way, right?


Just imagine what it feels like to hold long margin position in times like this…
I wonder how many forced liquidations took place today and wouldn’t that partially explain the slaughter.
I’m so glad I quit margin.


Here comes the recovery. I never worry about investments where I have faith in the fundamentals.



Selling down to 10k is nuts. Someone must really want their money out.


Well, Maid is one of only 11 coins available on margin on polo, so you can expect it to be dumped more when the market is shifting. It doesn’t mean a lot of people are necessarily selling.

As Veli says, you also get a lot of abandoned long positions and liquidations as well as an influx of fresh shorters…


MaidSafe coin, and most cyptos, are controlled by a few pro traders with bigtine resources. The noobs make the price trend up, the pros bring it down. Maid could well hit sub 10k. Until there is a real reason to own it, mother market and her band of neophyte traders will dictate price.

Sadly, some think this MaidSafe coin price truly reflects MaidSafe and its development. It doesn’t, and won’t for some time.

Keep buying and keep selling.


I’m getting a bit fed up of all the price volatility TBH. Think I might bow out of crypto for a year or two. It’s all too unpredictable. Its obvious that all these coins incl. BTC are owned and manipulated by a very small bunch. Which defeats the whole purpose of crypto! Sad isn’t it.


Chin up Lisa :slightly_smiling_face: we all know the nature of this game… few sleeps from now we will be bouncing off the walls giddy at how wise our crypto investments are. :joy:


If you are a long term investor (as in holding MAID to make a nice profit once it launches) then this volatility doesn’t affect you. Just store the coins in a safe place (paper wallet) and forget about them. If you sell them now there’s a chance you won’t be able to buy back in at the same level. Of course there’s a chance you may buy in cheaper so it’s up to you if you want to take a gamble.


There’s a bright side to it - you can trade the volatility and make very, very significant gains. Just trade the very extreme ends, that’s all.
You can never expect this kind of returns in trading fiat currencies or gold for example.
Volatility is why I invested in crypto to begin with.


I do plan on long term investment, I already am I suppose since I bought my maid during the ico and haven’t sold. Just bought more instead. I do believe in this project, it just frustrates me when I see hundreds of thousands pumped and dumped repeatedly. Just have to keep in there I suppose.


It’s funny that of all the alts that I trade, MAID is the only one I haven’t yet touched since the presale. (we didn’t call them ICOs back then remember?)
I used to call it the paper wallet inertia (i.e. being too lazy to take it out of the safe), until I broke that rule with ETH, which I also bought at presale but dumped for ideological reasons.

Even bitcoin, which I use regularly in my daily life, is something I actively trade to take advantage of market fluctuations.

I am happy to see the market cooldown and looking forward to buying some cheap bitcoin and alts in the near future.

Don’t forget that Tezos (another one I bought into) haven’t even started liquidating their sizeable BTC and ETH funds. So I don’t expect the market to go anywhere but down in the forseeable future.

Get ready to pick up some cheap MAID folks!


Is Tezos visible?.. haven’t seen it on coinmarketcap… perhaps its not released a coin… I’ve paid no attention aside from news I couldn’t miss. Might they not have just liquidated to fiat at the first opportunity??.. It’s seems a lot of change triggered all at once, and at odds with the angst I would have thought 1st August was due… a fork still has prongs.


Don’t count on any BTC blowout for Tim Draper and team. But you can count on ETH bathing in some red for the foreseeable future.


Nope, the deposits in both BTC and ETH remain untouched to date. Those of us who deposited BTC can see they haven’t moved, and the ETH contract is well known.

Edit: and to answer the first part, the token won’t be traded until they launch their blockchain. Theirs is not an ERC20 token, which is one of my requirements for getting involved.


@BIGbtc Arthur already stated that they will be careful with the impact on the market, but you whichever way they cut it, you can’t liquidate 60k BTC without affecting the market somehow.


@ktorn he states a position of that size needs careful consideration when unwinding. That implies nothing with respect to actual trades. If he’s smart - which he undoubtedly is - he won’t broadcast his intent or tip his hand about anything considered market moving.