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I was thinking about this article:
I’m also curious what the effect is of the OneCoin scam.
But I’m not following it that closely, so I’m not sure what the impact of these things has on the general price movement of cryptocoins.
When the price is so volatile, it is difficult to have a correct explanation.


your dutch ?

Oke did the panic sell stoped ? are you all done ? oke then i buy again back.


Understanding markets requires double dutch… such is the nature of pump and dumpers - talking to what they what to see.


Second reference to summer I have seen today.
What’s the correlation?


Lots of people are on holiday and not doing any trading.


Idk how much that can be backed geographically or by hard evidence but I can’t disprove it either :slightly_smiling_face:
I guess it’s fair to assume more traders in the northern hemisphere.

But maybe there are investors who sell at the start of the summer because they think this has an impact and by doing that and buying back at the end of the summer, you have that effect: self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ve some silver (ETF, I know) and there you see that effect very strongly.


It’s red all over the board, with MAIDSAFE dumping as well. However the MAIDSAFE price did not increase as much as other coins’, to induce profit taking, and there are great technological developments on the horizon. In these situations I reason that people did not lose faith in MAIDSAFE, but sell it for different reasons:

  1. People may be forced to sell it because they used MAIDSAFE as collateral for a bleeding long position in another coin.
  2. Manipulators temporarily dumping MAIDSAFE to squeeze people in the above category.
  3. People selling off their MAIDSAFE to hunt other bargains (they may reinvest the proceeds in MAIDSAFE at a later time.
  4. People who short all over the board, including MAIDSAFE, during a bear market.

If you believe in the SAFE network, days like these are prime opportunities to get some at a discount.


I think maidsafe is just too slow for the crypto market, traders dont like it cause of that.

I like maidsafe a lot but i dont own a lot simply cause no roadmap, no timeline makes it useless for me as investor ( but thats just my opinion ) Then i rather wanna have my large bags at something like dcr where i know what they will launch this year etc.


I plan on just holding most of what I have until 2020 and beyond. Each to their own. :sunglasses:

I guess we’ll see what turns out to have been the right strategy much further down the line. If SAFE launched this year I would not be interested in selling what I hold, I’m invested rather than ‘trading’ though. I’ve invested to see it become useful and used by millions or billions of people, not just to see it launch and leave just as the show is getting started. I guess a trader should just keep jumping on whatever he thinks will go up next… harder than it sounds ofc :wink:

Personally I think investing is easier to get right and probably yields much better results when you do. Perhaps not though in this crazy crypto market, if you get lucky somewhere else and make 100x first then you can afford to be late on this train. Good luck I guess. Let us know if you get any great tips ;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I concur. I’m also a long term holder of both Bitcoin and MaidSafe - and what they have in common is their value propositions. So I’d consider myself a “value” investor in the crypto space - holding for the longer term.

While it’s tempting to jump into the ever-changing crypto market, unless you know what you’re doing, trading-wise, then timing the market is always difficult.

I learned this the hard way when I purchased a load of Dash and Ethereum late 2016, only to see the price fall - then panic sold. Of course, since then they have both risen rather spectacularly and I lost out. The lesson I learn from this is that if I had had more confidence in both of these cryptos then I would not have sold when I did - but held.

It may not be so exciting but I do believe buying and holding cryptos with clearly visible/understandable underlying value propositions is the way to go for most people.


Would you prefare a time line that failed and missed perceived launch dates? Because a certain crypto claims to launch later this year doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Should I invest only because they have a release date?


Why all alts dying today? BTC isn’t even getting hit hard or anything. Only alts. All different kinds. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this


It was one of my reasons, the coins that i trade have al a great team behind them, i trade mainly only top 30 coins and maybe some smaller.

And like you should know a time-line without a great and honest team isnt something that add extra value, but for example Decred developers made a roadmap start 2017 and i believe strongly that they will complete all parts they promise 2017 or really soon after. People dont mind a delay of weeks here and a month there, but they do wanna know what timeline they are on. Maidsafe is a really hard project to understand if you dont have any technical background. Im around here for i think at least a year and im still like wat are they talking about. I can manage starting vaults and software but beside that its also for me a complete mistory.And i have no idea on what part we are on the timeline, if you didnt read for a couple weeks (i was traveling) Then i see testnet 16 that can be alpha 2 but doesnt have to be etc. Way to confussing. A timeline can also be something without dates that can be updated that people just easly can see how close are we to alpha2 or beta…

So far were on a big speculative value with no timeline i think it atm is a much bigger risk, and maybe the sentance risk/reward is right here, but im not gonna put a lot of value behind that.


Maybe this will help


108btc buy order at 10k sats. Think it may even go lower. Never thought this kind of dumping would happen. Just glad I’m not bag holding ETH and any other for that matter. People must be pooing themselves.


Better to be bag holding Eth than Maid fyi…take a look at the percentage down. And, long term holders of eth and maid have some huge profit sitting in eth!! Not fun to see some of it evaporate but, sorry, much better to be a long term holder of eth or most any other alt! Maid has yet to move in the way the others have.


I can’t call this re-shuffling the cards anymore, this makes me think what if they push it down to 40-50 billion or even less. Maybe wallet providers speak against my opinion, but I still have it hard to believe the total crypto money isn’t controlled by only some groups of extreme rich people. I always had this feeling and simply don’t know what to think.
I’m already longer searching for a safe heaven to survive these drops but haven’t found the best solution yet. If I was sure about tether this would be great but last I read about it there where also troubles… On the other hand if it’s no structured killing we could only go up coming days … :wink: This has to break out somewhere and I think it’s gonna be my mood that’s gonna suffer from it :cry: – although I’m still pretty stable now :smile:


Maid is one of the top ten biggest losers in all of Poloniex!


If other projects are able to provide better timelines it is just a reflection of them having much less innovation. That is not an advantage on the bleeding edge.

If it is quick and easy to make then chances are it won’t have as much value and it will have much greater amount of competition from other projects trying the same thing.

Being in the top 10 or top 30 is just a reflection of being easier to understand for the masses.

I don’t mind that very few understand maidsafe. We don’t need them to. We don’t need any investors to ever buy into maidsafe. The coin can skyrocket in value without anyone needing to invest their money in it. That isn’t true of any other crypto that I know of.

All of your points and concerns are irrelevant in relation to fundamental value investments. The market does not need to understand the software before it is released, nor do they need a timeline, nor does risk increase in any way due to the absence of a date-stamped roadmap.

As I said, you are clearly a trader and NOT an investor. If you want dates it’s because you are working out where to sell and move your money to the next train. So your priorities are very different to any investor, who is simply looking at technology value and risk/reward profiles over the long-term.

I absolutely agree that from what you’ve said you should sell all of your MAID Bob. It does not fit your mission to simply hold a coin for 1-5 years. There is no post-launch roadmap/timeline either.

As I said before though, historically investors in crypto (and nascent tech in general) have shown much better returns than traders, so I guess we’ll see what the right play was in a few years.

Maid is a lot of work to understand. Thankfully users won’t need to do any of that work. They’ll just need to ‘use’ it, not understand it or invest in it. The implications for it will become obvious to everyone post-launch.

We all knew this crash was coming didn’t we?! Maybe not quite this big and this soon, but what goes up… It doesn’t matter though, give it a few weeks and everything will be different again.

I’m not worried by these pan-crypto drops, just give it time. Speculative markets are crazy… just ride through the rough water out to the smooth-sailing that can only come from real world utility.