MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


The stalwart crypto (i.e., BTC, which underpins every other crypto) might be undergoing a fundamental change on 1 Aug with hard and soft forks leaving the potential for three different BTC blockchains after this date. The potential impacts should not be dismissed lightly. Here is a link to a detailed Tone Vays discussion of the topic…


I’m not so sure that’s what this dip is about, although it is probably the reason for BTC losing a bit more dominance to ETH recently.

I’d guess BTC will rally again this week before any dips that come a couple of weeks before that date. In crypto 6 weeks is a very long time.


Hopefully it won’t be Bit ‘the dust’ coin then :clock1130:.
EDIT: some Ethereum fans had too much time :smile:


the order book is filling up fast on the buy side. The market depth has turned asymetrical.
It has been a race on the way up between several buyers the whole day. It’s creeping up and up and up. It is very frustrating to chase this market.


It should hit 25k next 12 hours at this rate


Sometimes I like to torture myself, looking at what MAID will be, when the market values us correctly, above many of our peers. Now I’ll torture you too. :sunglasses:


I could be wrong, but I think the last day(s) there is an error in the calculation of the value (too low) of MaidSafecoin on (compare with e.g. In BTC it seems to be ok, but not in USD, EUR etc.


Yeah, you’re right. If you take coinmarketcap’s MAID value in BTC and multiply it by coinmarketcap’s BTC value in USD, you get $0.53, which is what has for our value. But coinmarketcap insists that we are $0.49, when their own data implies $0.53


This error seems to occur for all the altcoins on coinmarketcap.
EDIT: now it is resolved (temporarily?).


Well, we may have dropped to 30th whilst climbing to 57 cents (on coincap) ?! But at least the research analysts at Huobi aren’t complete idiots and they still have MAID in the top 10.

If we can climb that list after MD testnet launch we’ll really feel it. The Eastern market is a lot bigger than the Western one. I’m glad that SAFE seems to be taken more seriously there at the moment. Be great to see what else comes from the Maidsafe Asia guys over coming months too.


Lol Jabba didnt you read there post they actually are pretty close to complete idiots.

Dogecoin almost got the same score as maidsafe. Or lets give decred and nem a 1 for technology and dogecoin a 3.2 :joy:

Come on people should only stop reading by looking at the numbers.


I will confess I didn’t really look. I was never going to agree with any metrics they chose. Now you mention it though Bob, you’re right, the scores are insane relative to the tech for every coin in every category.


Wow. All coins taking a battering today!


Nice sell wall - a little accumulation before Thursday update? I’m thinking we get some good news tomorrow…)


Looks like the price is starting to rebound again.


Do we have a perfect storm brewing? Seems like Alpha 2’s arrival and sorting Bitcoin’s scaling issues might coincide.
Alpha 2 will surely bring a rise, question is will BTC see a rise too if all goes well… and then will the 2 together go BOOM BOOM BOOM or is that MOON MOON MOON.


hi, is there any particular reason why maidsafe is trading much lower in the past couple days ?


What I notice: low volume and the other coins are also going down: see
Maybe a lot of people are waiting on the effect that extra regulations will give, the BIP148 Bitcoin fork on the first of august or maybe because it is summer.


I really don’t know enough of BTC developments to comment but my impression is that whatever angst BTC is going through is not clearcut as everyone would hope. See: suggests a bit of a mess.

If fiat is seen not to be as volatile, it seems crypto takes a hit in the way a safe haven would do. Certainly there seem to be big players or factors that affect a drop across all markets at the same time… perhaps banking conspiracy to create more volatility at a time they would prefer to be in control. In the absence of obvious big news, it’s hard to anticipate; so, best option is usually to ride it out. Low volume obviously also tempts exploitation… the usual pump and dump looking for the naive to amplify those.


Is there something that’s supposed to be happening in that area?