MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Anyone know why it was removed?


Because Poloniex is a struggling business with little profits and needs to shrink their outreach.


Little profits of like couple 100 btc a day :smiley:



Makes sense I guess. Most likely a staff resourcing issue due to the rapid expansion of crypto users.


Bitcoin is on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal. Not sure it that’s a first but all this crypto exposure has to be good for Maid.


And the Maid rally fizzles at the highs. It just keeps pace with BTC. Big bag holders sit on the price every time. Need some news!!


Under promise, over deliver. People thank you for it in the long run.


Only in crypto are 50% gains in 2 days greeted with dispondency. When this bubble does pop, a lot of people will get a rude awakening.

What we are witnessing in altcoins now is unprecedented. It is even more nuts than the Bitcoin booms of the past, IMO. At least then, there was a clear new guy in town getting money thrown at him. Now, you can raise millions in hours, with a sharp website and a hype filled white paper. This is not normal.

I am very grateful and feel hugely lucky to be a part of this community and a witness to the birth of the safe net. It has already rewarded me handsomely and it feels like just the start of the journey.


Its happened before.

dot com boom bust where big money was looking for the next big thing to put money into and everyone it seemed from small to large investors bought into the dot com companies and we know what happened then. But now a decade or two later the companies that survived are worth more than all the money that went into the dot com boom. So a lot of people lost a lot of money back then and the market grew out of the ashes.

Are we seeing similar here? Dunno

The boom in MAID as far as I could see was either a whale and fomo or someone decided they needed to get their MAID holdings increased earlier than later.

And the price has been dropping since that press release. related? Dunno


Wow you are active in here! Last time I had a look at the tradings topic was 347 posts ago! I’m not gonna catch up I think :wink:


I suspect that the latest pump was related to FUD that stated falsely that Alpha 2 would be released tomorrow. I expect that by tomorrow, MAID will be trading back at 1600 or so (or will overshoot lower to the downside based upon the upside speculation and then bounce back to its normal trading range of 1600-1900).


Hope you meant 16000 and 16000-19000 :smile:

Agree with your thoughts as I also think it will be below 19000 very soon and most likely around dev update time. Not sure of the 16000 too soon though.

EDIT: hour later and its already below 18500 so my guess is lower again by dev update. In other words back to the average of the last 4 weeks.


There have been a few folks doing a lot of DD in here recently. It takes time for investors to take a close look and work out what is legit and where they should be parking their money. I’ve thought to myself a couple of times that people asking intelligent questions are probably not the kind of small fry cryptophiles we’re used to.

It looks to me like a lot of smart money has been working its way through the most obvious projects. MAID isn’t at the top of anyone’s list because it is still pre launch, but you can bet folks will get there eventually.

I don’t think we’ll see any significant drops from this 18-19k sats area now and this dip won’t last. In fact I’ll bet we’ll be back over 24k sats by Wednesday.

We’ll see soon enough I guess :wink:


Not sure about 24k sats. More like 30k + :wink:


I thought the same regarding due diligence. Lots more questions on reddit too atm.


By far the most undervalued coin on Polo. No new highs on Maid/Btc since feb/march 2016. Any positions being held on margin against btc are at breakeven factoring in carry cost. We need to break the highs and then the action can begin. Otherwise, same story - every rally sold back under that resistance level. Could have made a fortune playing that interval this last year but I’m a long term holder…)


When the altcoin bubble burst, im sure maid will pull through right? Just like how amazon and ebay pulled through after the dot com crash.


I’m sure all the legit and use crypto will pull through quite nicely. Just the prices might be more realistic.

Since Maidsafe is not based on crypto the coin MAID will be somewhat insulated by such crashes.


Ok. Which annoying whale keeps dumping and dumping to crash the price down? Why not just ride the price to a dollar at least? Anybody would think they want it this low to accumulate more for the epic moon slingshot :sunglasses: