MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


If you only look at the name, I don’t think MAIDSafe is that much better :wink:.
I don’t mind, driving a Kia Cee’d.
And if you think about it: Apple and Microsoft…


funny cause Melon or Basic Attention are appealing to me.

My personal list of shitcoins running ahead of Maid:


I don’t think the name ‘MAIDsafe’ helps. Its all about branding and perception. Look at dash coin now. The sooner MAID becomes SAFE the better.


@SwissPrivateBanker why bytecoins and digibytes? The projects themselves don’t look that appealing off the bat, but look like good money makers to you?


I also think Melon is very interesting. It’s hard to keep a handle on all the different coins these days…


I wonder whether it will be as easy to liquidate $100bn+ compared to $10bn or so last time. That is a lot of cash to move about. Perhaps this time there will be little choice but to move to other cryptocurrency instead of fiat. Just a random thought.


26th… Still falling down the ranks, despite ATHs.


I don’t think anything much needs to be liquidated - people just need to stop buying & prices will fall.

Low confidence can lead to a big drop in buy pressure & then even a small portion of holders deciding to get out can push the price down rapidly.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when there’s a significant turn in sentiment… and even more interesting if there isn’t one. We’re in uncharted territories!


Byteball, isnt that bad cause of its uniquie blockchain and anonymous feature cause of it. Distribution is also pretty cool make a lot of holders. So not surprised about that one.

Firstblood, is actually at a pretty fair valuation cause of the divident they will pay with the nodes you can makes as soon as the network go live. E-sports is getting huge even universities are working on tackling that.

And byteball is launched and first blood in beta but a nice holder for dividents.


I think we will see 12k one more time at least, next crash gonna be brutal for aswell bitcoin as alts. The market looks simular like the one in 2013/2014 when people couldnt believe it would be $200 again

So basically it’s going to 22k.


the alpha 2 rumor is taking us to 1$ before Thursday evening,
@Audity It’s happening.


Deleted duplicate post (see predev update). @Wallet111, please post once and that post does not fit here anyhow.


if it reaches $1 USD, I will pop some vintage Dom Perignon.


Looks like its peaked at a little under 24K

Guys, I’ve been told that there will be a test network before alpha2. read this post in context ELI5 of state of progress? from 5 days ago


I’d be interested in knowing who “told” you that, because the post itself doesn’t persuade me.

But if someone from the team explicitly told you that there will be a network that will not become Alpha2 before Alpha2 is released, I’d like to know because that is contrary to what I’ve seen the mission to be.

Alpha2 is no vaults from home so what is there to test? They added the invitation token system so that the network::full Alpha1 errors won’t happen again.

From the conversations and everything released lately, I don’t see anything in the way of Alpha2 tomorrow, or next Thurs.

Maybe it’s just my enthusiasm talking but also technically I don’t see anything preventing it. So many great releases from the team recently, not to be overlooked.


6 days ago David told me, you and everyone

Answered in the other thread where you asked this.


What would there be to test? MD? Hasn’t that passed with the mock-routing builds?

The invitation system makes failures of the last previous Alpha impossible already

The only thing this dev-focused, MaidSafe-hosted Alpha requires is the APIs, tutorial apps, auth browser and docs, all of which have seen huge releases recently

3:08am night :night_with_stars: :zzz: :sleeping: :slight_smile:


Wow - did you pick lottery numbers yesterday too? :smile:


Not sure why people would be thinking alpha 2 is due… I was thinking another test net and a good few weeks yet before alpha 2.

Tbh, when I saw the price action i just thought it was a steady climb to 0.0002, followed by triggered buy orders once it looked like it may be breached. Classic resistance/support trading in other words.


lol. the trollbox has been removed indefinitely. Just the day when we could actually pump MAID a little bit ;(
Somehow it is good. I may be able to work again now, maybe.