MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


25th now… it is a blockchain ICO frenzy out there!

A white paper and a few weeks of hype is apparently much more impressive than potentially ground breaking technology. At least safe net has had test nets! :smile:


I think maid can be slipping much more in the short/mid term, i like maid a lot but i cut back a big portion of my maid porto.

Simply cause its taking to long, soon big enterprises are already working with Sia and Storj, people switched to Ethereum web 3 and all there Dapps, in this section you need a lot of speed to keep up with other innovations and thats the only thing i see Maid lacking atm.

First movers advantage is important, you can see it by how much developers join and create on the ethereum blockchain wont be easy to get them to work for maidsafe, and how longer it takes how harder it gets. With people making great things like Raiden network etc that also can work great for many usecases.

And thats just my opinion so dont all say im stupid and wrong. People can have different opinions keep that in mind.


Maybe, but I see nothing on the scale of what maidsafe are working on by orders of magnitude. Of course, it is easy to drive simpler technology forward more quickly, but that doesn’t mean they will ever be able to achieve the same goals.

I agree that maidsafe is is a different time scale, but I don’t seem any real opposition eating its lunch.

Edit: To add, we are talking about a blockchain alternative here. That is big news. Proving passive storage is a bit of a side show really.


To me this shows there is a demand for this technology.

History is littered with first movers that were quickly adopted because their technology solved problems only to be superseded by better technology later on. For example Edison developed the first power stations and electricity distribution systems. He had the first mover advantage taking foothold and very aggressive marketing campaign but that only lasted a short time and the better technology years later had replaced it nigh on entirely.


I’ve sold a lot of my MAID that was in cold storage since the ICO and hope to buy back in at a lower price. The general sentiment is that Maidsafe is taking too long with no ETA for release. Hopefully this creates some good buying opportunities for MAID in the near future. I do believe that SAFE will blow Sia and Storj out of the water when it’s finally released, first mover advantage or not.


I don’t know if there will be a lower price. Maybe around 15,000 or 16,000 again, but not any lower. (Personally I see it barely going below 17,000.) There is a lot of upward pressure in all of crypto right now. Any second could be the last second. MAID is still fairly low in market cap right now, comparatively. Still doesn’t mean it should suddenly meet the 1 Billion Dollar major standard. But at the rate Bitcoin is going, 1 billion won’t even matter anymore; and 500 million is still even something that would be a soon-to-be milestone. Just saying; in case you want to go back in right now :wink: to not lose out, despite selling at a decent time, if it was 1 hour ago. There are times when alts go all red, though, and it seems like right now could be one of those times. But MAID was shown to be pretty independent, so it might not follow suit, on top of everything else I’ve mentioned.


Well… someone(s)'s selling.


yeah… but someone has got your back :wink:


And they’re mad (about it).
(they, the troll box that didn’t expect it and is thus spouting fake news to stop your glorious attempt)
[unless that’s not you…]


Got some of it on the dip. But definitely not all coming from me. There is another buyer and he is much bigger than me.


Bought at 16000, sold at 19500.
Can’t complain!
Volatility like this is gold!


Did you follow the trollbox live?
Because since a couple of weeks you can’t search through the content of the trollbox via


Didn’t know that wasn’t possible anymore. Yes.


I think that Poloniex has disabled that to have less traffic.
Also when I tried to log in yesterday @Poloniex, I got the following message:

Error 1015
You are being rate limited
The owner of this website ( has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

Was gone after half an hour or so.

According to :
Please note that making more than 6 calls per second to the public API, or repeatedly and needlessly fetching excessive amounts of data, can result in your IP being banned.

But I don’t use the API.


I also think that bitcoin will be having some correction specialy with uasf etc.
Hardfork and lot new money comming in that have no idea.

I think we will see 12k one more time at least, next crash gonna be brutal for aswell bitcoin as alts. The market looks simular like the one in 2013/2014 when people couldnt believe it would be $200 again


Not happening. Too much money is entering crypto right now. It may reside a little but not to those extremes. Unless your just trying to spread FUD for cheaper coins!


Blame cloudflare. Make sure you have cookies enabled. My guess is that unseen IP/browser is limited in updates to the graph/orders/etc until cloudflare clears the ip/browser

My home spun trading prog spat the dummy a week or two ago. I tracked down the problem and it was cloudflare now demanding cookies. So I enabled curl to use a cookie-jar and all was fine then.

Poloniex troubles - Consider an actual wallet for your MAID

Thats exactly what people said in 2013/2014 ;). Market correction is healthy to at least the trendline.


I just got the same message today.
I was wandering what’s going on.


Looking at I am baffled by how a whole army of shitcoins have accumulated massive market caps.
How can anyone put their money in a crypto called “Melon”? Or how about “Basic Attention”. Or “Byte ball”. Or how about “First Blood”?! It’s no first blood, it’s a bloody circus out there! It’s ridiculous!!! It’s almost as if as long as you hold some crypto, whatever it might might be, you’re doomed to ride the wave up.
Back in the days when graphics card mining was still a thing I mined hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of Moon coins, just at launch, when the difficulty was very low. I remember how a friend of mine said “Mooncoin?!”, raised eyebrows with a puzzlement on her face an laughed. Now even Mooncoin has somehow acquired a cap that far exceeds the market cap that MaidSafe had what feels just yesterday!
I wish I kept my shitty Mooncoins!!!