MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I liked this quote:
“It all reminds me of the Internet in the 1990s — people kept underestimating the impact”


I think it has relevance to all cryptos and depending on the crypto depends on what you get out of the article.

I think this has some value

For MAID though I’d say we are only at the beginning and its not the time to be thinking of selling but buying. ETH has amassed enough value for the above quote to be reasonable. Just think in 2 years we will likely be saying the same about MAID (SAFEcoin) no matter if delays occur. Actually I wonder if the price will actually drop from its then value when MAID is converted into SAFEcoin because the whales jump ship and sell before MAID is delisted.


When maid is converted to safecoin, will we still be able to buy / store safecoins on exchanges like poloniex / bittrex?


I would expect so. But since SAFEcoin is not blockchain, I expect a lot of the whales to balk at buying a non-blockchain coin and dump their MAID in the period before MAID is delisted and SAFEcoin is listed.

Poloniex about 2 year ago asked when SAFEcoin would come into existence so they could prepare. So I expect they will still list SAFEcoin on their exchange when it exists


So price will drop drastically then? Maybe i should only start stocking up on more coins later on…


First off its my uneducated guess

Second if nigh on all the MAID is sitting in cold storage of people who want to hold then different conditions exist.

Third the price might be 5 or 10 times the current MAID/BTC price (which could be 25 times $$$) and the drop might be to half or 3/4 that price.

So examine your position and decide if you want more MAID or not. I expect (guess) that the price when the MAID–>>SAFEcoin exchange occurs will be a lot higher than it is now.

The situation is that at the time of exchange/conversion of MAID to SAFE there might be some benifit to sell some MAID prior and buy back when the drop comes. BUT that is risky and more for those who do some trading.


That was an interesting article, thanks @Savage

If you’re really excited, commit up to 20 percent of your investable money into crypto-assets. If you’re a normal, rational person, go for ten percent. If it doubles, you’re fine. Do NOT let cryptocurrencies occupy more than 50 percent of your portfolio under ANY circumstances — sell to reduce your exposure.

Hmm. This bit got me. I feel exposed! For me the point is that it WASN’T over 50%. It’s gone over 50%, because everything in cryptoland has started to go wooooo! I don’t want to sell a load just to get it below 50%. Most of the stuff I hodl, I’m passionate about.


He would be referring mostly to your input to crypto. I say this because anyone who put 10% in 2 year ago is over 50% now, but tomorrow it might only be 20% if the market drops


I have been 80-90% into crypto for nearly 5 years and heavily invested for a few years before that. There have been ups and downs, but I have never regretted it for a minute!


I agree, that’s mainly what he must’ve meant. I’m focusing on this bit:

Do NOT let cryptocurrencies occupy more than 50 percent of your portfolio under ANY circumstances — sell to reduce your exposure.

Another approach is to be mainly in crypto, and to shuffle around the proportions utilizing some of the coins designed to be stable. I suppose this still involves some risks which differ from those associated with fiat. Edit: or other assets.


Personally I see any increase as pseudo money since it can be wiped out the next day by market changes. So when saying 10%, you have to work out what you are measuring to come up with a value of your crypto. So I suggest you place a value on your crypto guided by the bought and market value and working out your own valuation that you are happy with.


I think it is pretty difficult to have such generic rules of thumb in finance. Depending on age, income streams, debt load, life goals, size of holdings…these are all variables that I think would alter this ‘only hold 50% max’. Everybody has to figure out what makes the most sense for them while taking into account the potential downside risk, along with the upside potential. I expect most of us wouldn’t be here if we weren’t somewhat independent thinkers.


I think crypto in general will be up for some crazy things next few months.

We been going up fast and a correction wont be that strange, markets cant move just one way.
I think soon we will get another bitcoin problem UASF thats pushing to come through before august.
This can make people leave bitcoin for now and make the price drop and cause some great panic, think about
all the new people buying bitcoin “cause its going to the 10k”.

Last drop was a prettu small drop and it was over fast i think next drop will cause much more bleed on the market.
Just the question when is the right time to get safe. I dont think alts are the best bitcoin hedge anymore.


Maid slipping to number 24.


To put things into perspective, this is where we all were exactly one year ago.


Bonkers, huh? Maidsafecoin is worth about 8x more and we are lamenting on how it is under performing. Only in crypto! :slight_smile:

Ofc, it does show how well others have done relative to this.


That was quite the jump, I swear a couple of hours ago it was at 41 cents and now sitting at 50 cents…


Perhaps someone is doing math… conservative start at half of dropbox divide by total coins… hmm $5B/452552412 what is that… ignoring utility that is what that is :smiley:


Easier to divide whatever company’s valuation by total current MAID market cap, so 5B/219Mil = what MAID should be in that case :stuck_out_tongue: ($23 each, for DBox only)


Why 219m ? dont safecoin got like 450 m initially before farming