MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


edit: just saw there are more replies since I typed this… I’ll check them out!

Thanks. Exodus does look very nice (I seem to remember seeing them on ‘Bnk to the Future’?). I was looking for a non-storage solution, i.e. not importing any private keys/wallets? I just want to be able to plug in the numbers, to tell the app I have:

  • x bitcoin
  • y ether
  • z MaidSafeCoin

…and get a total value (in whatever currency).
Maybe it could have a pie-chart representing the proportions of each ‘coin’, like Exodus. It would be good to watch MaidSafeCoin slowly consume the whole pie as this project gets further and further along!

Having said that, maybe a watching only wallet would be good too, if there were one which does all the alts.


Omniwallet does this now. just watch out for safe-fs though as its potentially over priced because there have been so few trades done and they were done at a high price


Blockfolio app does exactly that


SDR is next I’d say. Officially anyway.


Yes, probably more likely, though I wonder how much resistance there would be from the US. There’s no way a President like the one who currently occupies the White House would agree to the IMF becoming the world’s central bank. If pushed, I think Trump would be more favourable to bringing back the gold standard.


Download gravychain app


Hey I keep Shabbat too!


You can also do this using Google spreadsheets plus a script that reads ticker Json files & automatically updates. You can then do what you want with the figures & plug in figures to calculate returns etc.



You mean 1913 when Federal Reserve Act was established and signed into the law by Wilson.


Good tip. Just what I was looking for. Paper Portfolio plus alerts and perfectly good UI. Cheers


Isn’t it about time to start trading MAID/USD instead of MAID/BTC?

It would be great if for example kraken or bitstamp would start trading MAID/USD.

But perhaps it is not possible for MAID to be listed on those exchanges?


Putting the “bubble” in crypto currencies into perpective:


Here is a Google spreadsheet which might be what you are after - it’s not my creation though

I think you need to make a copy of it to put you coin values in


here is the source


Another similar visualization that is burned into my mind (from 2015, but still relevant):


stumbled across this on product hunt,


I have a feeling valuation of safecoin would be around $20 a few months after official launch. 2 years after that price might be too crazy for us to even imagine.


Any speculations on price when Alpha 2 (and then 3) is released? And any speculation on dates of when we will see these updates?

I’m looking mainly at BTC pairing and hoping we can move past the resistance at 20k sats comfortably and stay there after Alpha 2. Would be nice to make some new ATHs in MAID/BTC - current ATH is about 26k sats I believe.


Speculation is no problem, but you probably want some sort of guideline which says: “In September '17 Alpha-X will be launched” and this is not to give. We’re quite close to TEST 20 according to David, but when that’s launched no one knows when Alpha 2 will follow. Best idea is to simply follow the weekly updates. If they’re running inhouse tests we’re most of the time only weeks away from a release. In this case, TEST 20 within a week, or 2 weeks. Nobody really knows for sure.


I know it’s kind of off-topic but very interesting and attempts to answer many recent questions.

“This, along with the incredibly durable efficient market hypothesis, suggests that, in general, this is not a bubble, this is underwriting, and there are plenty of natural buyers coming in at the next stage.”

Crypto-Investing in the Age of Whales


Well I sold a BTC and the buyer who buys/sells BTC said that he cannot get enough BTC and is offering a premium for it. Also that there are a lot of new players buying up BTC as fast as he can supply it.

And MAID seems to be stuck in the 16K - 20K loop. I’ve made a little MAID off that over the last few weeks.