MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Very interesting! People complain about maidsafe not being involved in the wider cryptocurrency space, but it shows how differently the technology is perceived. Clearly, we aren’t just part of the BTC herd over here! :slight_smile:


Cryptos is certainly on a Mr.Bones Wild Ride.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is still dominating.

What am I looking at? what does these numbers represent?


Relative correlation in price movements:
+ve same direction
-ve opposite directions


So it’s implying that maidsafecoin is the most stable ICO currency?


No, it’s just saying that MAID is not correlated with other cryptos (i.e., MAID’s price moves independent of the others). Stability is a function of volatility, and this is not what the analysis is showing.


Not necessarily the most stable.

The light red coloring of Maid vs most other currencies means the price of Maid is mildly inversely correlated with those curencies, while most coins seem to have a positive correlation with the price of other coins, shown by the largely grey/black colours.

A portfolio containing various coins plus a good portion of maid would likely have been more stable during this period than a portfolio without Maid due to its negative correlation with many coins.

It’s interesting that Maid is the only coin with a positive correlation with Bitcoin over that period.

Would be great to see similar charts over longer or various periods to see how different the market for Maid really is.


@dirvine I think it’s worth a second of your time to look at this. It suggests (as we all know) that your project is quite literally outstanding.


Yes, and that’s exactly what investors want: not correlated means more diversified. Bitcoin has almost zero correlation to other assets. That makes it highly desirable for investors who are looking to diversify risk. Institutional investors want assets with high Sharpe ratios and low correlations. The fact that MaidSafe coin is uncorrelated to bitcoin (or other crypto currencies) adds to the level of diversity they get by investing in crypto.


Wow guys, I leave you alone just one day, as I spend shabbat away from computers, and look at the mess you have done with the prices ! :wink:


I thank all panic selling noobs for letting me buy more maid at low prices. You guys are awesome :smiley:


Clean up in isle 9

Onto that Sir, already 33% cleanup of BTC since the mess of 1500 last night and the MAID is hard at it too


Historically, global reserve currencies have each lasted for about 100 years. If this pattern holds, we are due to get another one soon. What are the chances it will be a crypto currency?


Omg that’s shaking the tree :deciduous_tree: what a weekend…


Does anyone here use an app or website where you can enter the amount you hold of each cryptothing, and it tells you what it’s all worth?

I often think I’d like to do that, but I’d want to make sure nobody had access to the information.
Any recommendations?

edit: if I could get up to speed with learning to program, maybe this would be a nice project to help me to learn?


I feel sorry for the two ‘reds’ on coinmarketcap! Tether and Bankcoin - that’s it! All others are green!


Yes and I forgot that Monday is a bank holiday in many western countries too. No cash out until Tuesday for them. Definitely seems like whales splashing about.


Exodus does this, though you’d have to calculate the total by storing all your coins in your Exodus wallet…


cointicker on the appstore is cool


CoinCap might be exactly what you are looking for.


omni wallet . org does this too. You can have just watch only addresses so you don’t even have to import your private keys