MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Maybe. But this is only wallet maintenance and seems to be omni-tokens related. Surely it shouldn’t take too long. In any case I removed some buy orders and withdrew the BTC. If maintenance is not finished in 12 hours I will be removing some more, possibility even cashing in some of the omni coin for BTC and exchange back elsewhere if the maintenance doesn’t finish over the weekend.

Agree volume is causing some issues, for instance Poloniex trade history didn’t record about 7 trades around 36 hours ago. Now the profit/loss page is out by those trades, not a big issue but annoying when one was able to use the profit/loss page as a way to judge success.


Wow…ur a busy guy. Good for you! Hope those​ trades are being nice to you. GL


While its only small (very small for a real trader) I have increased my kitty consistently (except one blunder) over the last year or so and made some 25% (in MAID terms) on just what I have in trading (not on what I have in cold storage). Obviously the rise in BTC value has meant that the $$$ value I am trading with is as much as I put in 2 years ago.


Is the fun and excitement over or are we just taking a wee break before the next round of pandemonium?


This is the interesting question.

My take at the moment is that the price dropped some 24-36 hours ago and we are seeing the FOLO playing out. It seems new money is still coming in because the price bounced back from the low of 1928 (polo) and most have now seen that BTC dropped and made decisions on selling or holding.

From here its going to be a confidence choice. If too many panik then its roller coaster time otherwise it will be a balance of buyers vs sellers and if new money coming in continues then its way up from wherever this correction goes to


I’m trying some basic tech analysis on my own and watching the 1month global marketcap chart now on coinmktcap.

Was there a support level at 75B-76B (those two points) that we broke or was that no support ??


Party is over I think. Crypto bubble popped, bitcoin is going down and maid is going with it. Will hopefully get a chance to add to my stack during 2017.


I am not sure I’m sold on this crash. Some alt coins had mental gains and were overdue a crash, but Bitcoin had relatively modest gains over the last weeks and months (by bubble standards).

Also, it seems very China driven. Huge 5-10% spreads between USD and CNY exchanges.

Given that people can’t generally cash out over a weekend, there is going to be a lot of cash sat on exchanges too. This makes me wonder what the picture will look like by the times the banks open their doors.

Maybe I am way out, but something just doesn’t feel right.


BTC still £120 up on this time last week. It’s just a 90% correction from a mental week isn’t it?! It would not surprise me if BTC hit $3k in the next month or so.


Auuuuuuuuuuuwch it’s a touch one today… I’m a holder so today I see pretty much go up in smoke


Ideal to make cash if you’re a trader and little foreseeing.
I knew it could happen but hoped it wouldn’t, … why pull the money, if everybody stays pushing there’s no crash :laughing: :loudspeaker:
yeah market forces I know…fuck them :grin:
I’m no trader, I don’t like it and I’ll probably never like it. I’m just doing this because it needs to happen this way, so I’m a holder and strategic long player.
(Mentally spoken I even don’t feel it today so somewhere my expectation was big enough… :wink:)
Let’s sing a song… no no kidding


I tend to agree. It just doesn’t feel like a crescendo for Bitcoin in this cycle yet. I think people are still waiting on the scaling issues being solved. Maybe this feed into alts and we will see a huge blow off in the various mediocre ones which have been pumped recently, but I don’t think that will greatly impact the wider picture.

Looking at the 30d and 3m charts for Bitcoin make it look like this correction has almost run its course already. For me, the 1y chart just doesn’t look ripe enough to burst yet.

I suspect we will see maidsafecoin moving back up the charts, relative to the other alts. I also suspect we will see Bitcoin bottom out this week. I am not sure penny of the trendy new alts will fare as well though.


Trying to time a sell for just before a bubble pops is really tough. The spike is often so severe and the correction so swift that it isn’t easy to be too early or too late.

I am happy I sold my ripples last week. I also planned to cash in a few maids after I reached a target too. Sadly, he target came and went before I had chance, as this cycle spiked! Ha!

Long term, this is all just noise. It isn’t best not to worry about it, unless you are a frequent trader, IMO.


Yeah, it all feels quite healthy for BTC. Still up like £600+ for the month after this much pull-back?! It all feels very bullish for the foreseeable future really. The next jump might be even bigger and more volatile.


Yeah I trippled on reddcoin an bought others with it so I’m happy :slight_smile:


This is what she looked like when I told her last week BTC prices.
I wonder what she looks like today, can’t see her anywhere…


The profits lost in hindsight due to missed trades are a burden I’ll bare over screwing up a trade and losing my stash any day of the week.

So the excitement has returned… just in the other direction… haha, similar to the excitement of an hangover.


30B marketcap on 2days how much would this be effective on a high volume market?

So actually the money reflected into this nr. 30B can never be bigger then the 48h volume of those 2 days, even less because the 48h has also incoming money and coin2coin trades??


Just sharing as an FYI -

Crypto Novice, Offline storage?

Good catch…,…


Thanks! That’s a fascinating observation and perhaps makes sense given MaidSafe doesn’t use a blockchain. If the non-correlation continues and as more institutional money enters crypto, being uncorrelated to other coins from a risk perspective is also a huge asset. MAID would become a core holding in these kinds of portfolios.