MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


For those of us sitting on the sidelines of the house market, a stock + house price crash + crypto moon = lottery win. Can’t possibly hope for all of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rocket: I remember a month ago place 100 at coinmarketcap needed around 3M … Today 10M
Update: Even more now


Stock crash + housing crash would mean a serious liquidity crunch. Not sure that would be great news for crypto really. You think it has made the full transition from speculative asset to store of value?


I have no idea if crypto would see inflows during a crash. @SwissPrivateBanker seems to think it’s possible.


I was more thinking about buying myself another house cheaply with profits made by cryptocurrency.


I think it’s fair to say that with crypto we are in unchartered territory and all cards are off the table. I.e. Anything can happen.


I don’t agree with people buying up housing stock to create a rentier society. Cheap shelter should be a basic human right. Landlordism is a cancer.


To be clear: If I should buy another house, I would sell my current house, that would hopefully be less impacted by a price drop.
But we’re getting of topic.


Will there be a timeframe for us to convert our maidsafecoins to safecoins?


Most likely some time limit. But any mention of such a limit is in terms of a sufficiently long time for even those who only check in occasionally to still have plenty of time.

We are not at the stage of working out the mechanics of the exchange, but Maidsafe have said they don’t want anyone to miss out.


Am i the only one here who feels that instead of $10, maid could easily hit $100 in future? :wink:


I have no facts to support this but it seems from casual observation for every $100 gain in BTC MAID gains 10 cents.
Probably not very accurate though.


Technically for every 100$ rise in BTC, MAID will rise by 100$ * MAID/BTC price

So at the moment it is

Every 100$ rise in BTC, MAID rises approx 1.9 cents (100.00 * 0.00019000)


Apologies. I misinterpreted what you meant.


I’m making a new private key for purely offline use. I’d recommend others do the same, unless offline security is worse than online for whatever reason!
But I’m having trouble sending from Omniwallet, since I only have a tiny BTC amount in there. The script keeps updating the amount it expects me to pay, even if I put a custom miner fee in there.
Actually, I’m just telling this story for anyone’s future reference, because I just checked back there, and finally it seems to have updated correctly.
I only hope it doesn’t take a year to transfer with such a low custom miner fee.

Here’s hoping there’s a super update tomorrow.
Er, I mean, I’m perfectly fine without that! Ha ha.


In general, given a deflationary crash, all asset values (including, and especially cryptos) will get hammered as the supply of available credit shrinks. The only respite for cryptos would be if governments were to implement capital controls or other measures that would require bank depositors to cover losses to the banks’ balance sheets. Refer to Cyprus’ experience. In that event, capital should flee to non-fiat currencies outside the control of central banks and governments.


I tend to disagree. In a bear market, assets are sold and converted into fiat. Investors would dump stocks, dump bonds because default rates would start to increase.

traditional safe havens are Gold, JPY & CHF, Treasury Bonds.
Nowadays many central banks have already set negative interest rates. Cash is charged by banks directly on current accounts. To avoid suffering from these dynamics, cash has to be put to work, or parked.
Crypto did not exist back in 2008 during the last crisis, and asset managers will be happy to experiment it during the next one, because, hell, they are paid to do something with the cash.

The next economic turnaround will see unconventional policies implemented by central banks because all the traditional tools will be useless (rates are already too low). Helicopter money, stock outright buys within a new QE program, whatever can be imagined. So yeah, cryptos might increase in value when wall street turn to the ultimate safe haven. That’s if the crisis is contained, and fiat don’t just turn obsolete in the end.


I’d argue that for a lot of people, they would need to liquidate crypto holdings also to cover debts and raise liquidity. What you say is true for those who have wealth to protect. So probably a mixture of strong inflows and strong outflows. Quite possible that the inflows from the more well off are greater than the outflows from those stretched thin.


What is the problem with Bittrex?

MAID & PDC and other omni tokens are in wallet maintenance since what seems the beginning of the week?

While I can get to the trading page noone can do a withdrawal of the coins.


Even Coinbase is having issues,. Appears just volume related all round. Could that be issue? Support teams stretched?