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I look forward to seeing what just happened to ZEC happening to MAID. Insta-doubles at these market caps are pretty exciting.


We might get some of that BTTF investment back after all!


Yeah, although our mining rewards will start to fall sharply now too. Kinda glad I bought some a few weeks ago though. /phew


and beyond that even… :wink:


Found this line by Jeremy Gardener (founder of Augur) quite relevant to our current situation ;). Thought I’d share.

“In hindsight, deciding to build Augur on top of what was then referred to as “vaporware” was a decision a more seasoned entrepreneur would have determined to be … “batshit insane.” But, the potential of the platform was too great, so we felt as if we had no other option.”


Yeah why is MAID not on Kraken etc?


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Hey does anyone know what’s the highest rank MaidSafecoin has ever had on CoinMarketCap? #6 I think? I’m making a few fliers and need to know


I don’t know, but if you do enough clicks here, you’ll find out (on a weekly basis):


Maid price starting to move?


Everything seems to be very green today!


a 14% increase is considered a start. LOL i love the crypto world.


I’m worried there will be a massive dump soon in BTC, and all the other altcoins. Is now a good time to sell then buy back in? Can it continue rising like this? I just don’t know. Welcome to the wild west I suppose.


Obv impossible to predict, and thus more akin to gambling. Funnily enough it has that feel of stocks, where you can’t see them going higher and yet…

But my sense is that if true, the big rise in demand for BTC from Japan, Korea and similar counties means much of this money will stay in the system, rather than it being caused by the mother of all P&Ds.

It’s bemusing that alts have held or even gone up against BTC too, but perhaps a rising tide is good for all ships. And also perhaps this is just indicative of how little cash (in global market terms) is needed to pump the entire crypto world. Total market cap almost $90B. Still fairly small.


Depends what your game plan is. I’m in long and deep. I read elsewhere that in crypto it’s very hard to short the market without getting burnt. Unless I really need to sell then I won’t.


True. I think the new money will stay in the cryptosphere one way or another. It’s not easy to withdraw on mass back into fiat.


And now we’re closing on 45c. Where once I scoffed at $1 Maids by year’s end, now I’d be shocked if it weren’t.


I also read somewhere that it’s $10 or $20 billion new money in crypto since this week alone. Amazing.


That is quite amazing. It’s good to think we are still early doors I suppose.


This is nothing. Just wait for the next stock market crash, and watch the new theme among asset managers that crypto is a hedge…