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Although I’d love to see that, $100 is quite a jump.


Just look at ethereum :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic technology. I just haven’t seen anyone come up with a cool idea for a usecase for it.


Uhh, seriously?
ENS in combination with Swarm isn’t a good use case? A Raiden payment channel feeding a smart meter in real time? Unstoppable prediction markets? Just to name a few


Indeed - there are loads of interesting Ethereum use cases (

However, none of them are likely to have the relatively mainstream appeal the Safe network could have, and many could run better on a fully functioning Safe network.

Maid would need to reach multiple times Ethereum’s current market cap to equal $100 per coin, and the exact amount would depend on the amount of dilution that takes place in a live network.

Not impossible in a 2-5 year time frame, but certainly a long way from guaranteed :slight_smile:


With only15 transaction per second, and difficult scalability, Ethereum as many things ahead to prove.

We will see what happens with Casper and the Sharding but, for the moment, Ethereum works because the applications are in development. If not, the system would be saturated.

This is the huge difference with Safe. Safe is distributed from birth and does not suffer the enormous limitations of blockchain solutions.


I completely agree. People talk about SAFE being ‘just a theory’ and having a lot to prove, but I think the same is still true of most other projects really, Ethereum included. None of these projects have solved scalability in a decentralised way yet. Even if Eth does sort scaling, the resource-based economy that could fuel a fairer world still cries out for SAFE, as do the freedom lovers and the technological idealists.


Wow… 20th place now, despite a decent surge in value over the last few days.


Yes seriously. How does this attract a non-enthousiast ? How does this attract a business user ? In fact the only blockchain tech that serves a purpose to the masses is still only bitcoin. It has a clear usecase: you can pay for stuff with it. In the outside world no one really cares that you can shapeshift your eth into xem and ripple it to the other side of the world.

Even though blockchain is great tech, it’s not a solution to every problem we face as human race.

I had a look at the dapps currently in development and my eye caugth this:

This is one of the very few real world applications I could find.
The reason I’m picking this as an example is because I have business in event ticketing.
At first sight, this looks like a great idea. But let me tell you, that at busy events even an api call to our servers to validate tickets is too slow, and we setup a local wireless validation server to do this. We even had to decrease the density of the QR codes we use so the scanning goes faster. I will never, ever, ever consider a slow blockchain based solution to validate tickets because:

-it’s slow as hell
-there’s no need
-it’s an complex solution to a simple problem
-there’s no need

I applaud whoever thought of this, but they obviously never had to validate 1000 tickets of drunk people in 2 hours.


Don’t worry about this :slight_smile: At some point all this new money will have to go somewhere once the owners learn that their crypto of choice isn’t going to cure cancer and solve world hunger as they promised.


I’m not worried, just surprised! :slight_smile:


One word, testsafecoin.

Until then we shouldn’t expect any huge pumps in value (although we might bump with some SAFE Apps appearing during MD). After that I think most of us expect sustained growth for a very long time.

@Erwin is right ofc. We just have to ride it out and focus on the potential gains flowing in to the space.

It is a bit painful to be sat on the sidelines, but our time will come.


Thought this would be the best place to share a recent video I came across.

What’s everybody think?


It’s good - well explained and very positive. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: MaidSafe should link to it from their website IMO.


A decent effort, I think. And indeed very positive. In my opininion he should have given a bit more explanation with that ‘more then a decade’.
P.s: I posted this video 17 posts back in this thread, followed by some reactions :wink:.


Dang it! I even used the search feature before sharing it and it wasn’t found!


Videos like this are best posted in the Press category IMO, unless they are specifically about the coin. This Price & Trading thread tends to be used for all and sundry so it gets a bit hard to follow.


What I find a bit unsettling is how under the radar the whole project is.
When you read threads on reddit or hacker news about decentralized storage, people talk about sia, storj or filecoin (what the hell is that ?) but don’t even mention Maidsafe. Maidsafe-related content might get you downvoted on generic altcoin forums.

The community is great here. People are dedicated and very helpful, but the community is maybe too much self-centered. No focus is given to advertise the project to the masses, which is a lost opportunity when you consider the amount of newbies in the crypto world pouring their money over the last couple of months. (anyone can call me a noob btw, I don’t get easily offended :wink: )

Look for instance at PIVX which is definitely a clone shitcoin, and see the amount of hype they have managed to gather through social networks, or look at DASH and understand most of their credibility was acquired through youtube videos animated by a semi-attractive journalist explaining in layman’s word what the blockchain is.

All blockchain projects are beta/not fully functional at the moment. Even matured project like Ethereum are still experimental, so Maidsafe is not really an exception.

I understand the philosophy of @dirvine which is to keep a low profile until we have something serious to show. I respect and admire this approach, and as a value investor I can say that it is one of the elements that have driven me to invest here. On the other hand, credibility in this market is also a matter of valuation. Losing the top 10 rank on coinmktcap is somehow losing a bit of credibility. But it is not just that, it also means losing potential funding if we need to raise more, losing potential adopters, losing visibility and new money inflows.

If you ask me at this stage, if it is better to hire 2 new Rust engineers, or just one AND an Amanda B. Johnson for marketing purposes, I would say the latter. Probably 90% of users here would disagree, and hey, who am I to give any pieces of advice? But anyway, it’s good to have a censor free forum to convey my opinions.


I’m with you. Perhaps a little more of a balance could be struck. I would vote for 2 more developers AND Amanda B. Johnson!!))


Seeing as you are a noob(per your own admission and seeing you only joined the forum on March 26th), you weren’t here for the backlash from the decision to switch from C++ to Rust or other various bugs that popped up causing the development timeline to shift.

Also, this is still in testing and the developers have seen enough setbacks during their time to know not to give out set dates or push for more media coverage. When people start investing more they then can afford to lose and a set back occurs that causes them to lose a lot of money they fly off the deep end, lashing out.

Patience is key here and those that have stuck around have learned it’s needed. This isn’t a huge company like Microsoft only trying to pump out products to make a buck, they are trying to change the world or at least that’s how I see it.


The switch from C++ to Rust must have been terrifying. I personally have invested a lot, but only what I can afford to lose, and there is no way I will sell at a loss. It’s 0 or the moon in my mind for this investment. But I would prefer we go to the moon before we all drive in flying cars powered by cold fusion reactors.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not talking of aggressive marketing push. I say we should aim for minimum awareness of the project.