MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


just created a thread about it here


sia is just 20 millions away from maid in terms of mkt cap. And look at these charts, the penny bubble may very well push sia above maid in the next few days.


Maid has now dropped to number 15 market cap. Soon will be lower as others catching up fast. Waves will overtake it next.
Maid will have its day - hopefully soon.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen us ranked this low.

If we were to double our price to $0.62/coin, we would still not be ranked in the top 10 !!. Given the magnitude of what SAFE can bring to the world, compared to many of those ranked in the top 10 currently, I find that jaw-droppingly insane.

I guess the upside is we should have a very quick double as soon as we release Alpha 3, as we very much deserve to be ranked in the top 10, as we usually are.


That’s bonkers, 300M to be at #10.
What I really don’t get more than anything is Stellar.
I traded all my XRP for MAID a long time ago and don’t regret it for a second but I would like something crazy to happen like Ripple kicks BTC off the top spot, just for laughs… that would cause a storm.


We shouldn’t panic about getting lower ranked. It is not like MAID is falling in value or price, it is that the rest are overvalued.
But there is also a sign of strength, people are not dumping MAID to join other crypto bubble, otherwise MAID prices would be in free fall.


This actually already happened a few days ago (and Ripple currently still is no 1) if we take the total supply into account. Founders own a ridiculous high percentage of coins, 60-70%.
Makes this Ripple bubble even more absurd.


The entire crypto market has grown massively lately.
I remember MAID having a cap of as little as 6 million (we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?) and still being a top ten coin.
Now a market cap of six million doesn’t even grant you a place in the top 100.


Absolutely, I’m happy we see a steady climb up for MAID. All these pump and dumps should be short term noise, market won’t stay irrational forever. Even doge has overtaken us now :slight_smile:


100m doesn’t even get you in the top 20 either! :slight_smile: All a bit nuts, imo.


If anyone remembers the beginning of the current stock bubble after QE was implemented, this has a certain reminiscence to it. Crap, high beta stocks took off first and then the quality juggernauts slowly overtook them over a period of years. Although to be fair we are now in a zone where stock prices don’t make sense either. If you ask my humble opinion, MAID is close to reasonably priced, but there is a lot of stuff out there that has no anchor in reality.


Thats true but they are locking 55 billion away for 10 years in escrow and will then continue to cycle smaller amounts through ten year periods.
We can comfort ourselves with 4.3 billion Safecoin at just overy 30c 1.4Billion… the big boys club :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but obviously that’s nonsensical and just for fun.


But Safecoins have the natural properties of cash, and it beats every cryptocurrency out there because its simple design does really marry the properties of cash (fungibility, anonymity, instant transaction, zero costs)

You left out one important factor that makes most people use legel tender, that is price stability. Economies like australia have very low inflation rates p.a. making it ok to hold. With safecoin you know it will fluctuate drastically like bitcoin does, and this makes it useless as a form of cash unless you convert it into fiat instantly when receiving payments for goods and services. zero fees mean nothing when the coin goes up or down 5% in a week. I am invested but realistic, i know once released we will see exponential growth, maybe even surpassing bitcoin. But the coin has no price stabilizing mechanism which leaves room for other coins with such mechanisms to gain large market share.


I am not sure it will fluctuate so drastically.

I think the first year or so will be epic.
But then, coin recycling will provide stability, and don’t forget safe is monetizing a super abundant ressource (storage). If idle storage is provided in very very big quantity, the coin will stabilize to a supply/demand ratio benched by a commodity that is quite stable in terms of price ($/gb)

#1619 (smart property usage)


I consider this a consolidation into a clearly defined trading range where I expect the price to remain until there is significant progress such as the release of Alpha 3 or Beta. This is not a “pump and dump.”


Agree, wasn’t referring to MAID with the pump and dump, there’s a lot of other coins just being propped up for no reason over the last couple of months.


I agree. And I commiserate with @drehb about mostly holding coins that have … successfully resisted their own pumps so far :neutral_face: The good news as I see it, though, is that, assuming there isn’t a HUGE collapse of the crypto market (which I don’t see as likely—a correction, yes, but we just don’t have the conditions yet for a full-scale draw-back)—the good news is that as folks become more familiar with these projects, more and more of the dumb money will become smarter and the profits from projects that have pumped unrealistically will start to be funneled into high-quality projects like MAID.

Basically: I think the space will continue to grow (bumpily, but grow nonetheless), and over time, value will filter into projects that actually offer something substantial. And within reason, the more money that’s in the space, the more those worthy projects will “pump” in their own, more-justified way.


Up to 35c… but down to 18th :confounded:

Crypto is getting kinda crazy. I’ve wanted and expected a serious explosion in crypto for a long time, but it’s still a surprise to see it actually start to happen.

Looks like XRP might have had its dead cat bounce and is beginning the long drop back to reality. I hate to think how many innocent noobs could lose a chunk of their savings on it. I hope it doesn’t give crypto a bad name and put a load of people off the ‘real deal’ disruptors. A part of me wants it to hold around $10bn even though I hate centralised projects.


SIA taking Maid in terms of mkt cap is really bad since they are direct competitors.