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First time I’ve seen this… kind of scary.


20$ if it takes 10% of the market ? you just depressed me big time.


No, that part is referring to the OP of that thread, I thought it wasn’t crazy to expect a 10,000% appreciation from current prices.

K = 1000
10K = 10,000

If we consider the demand from the other industries and use cases it should be nearing 100 USD per safecoin very comfortably.


Btw, lets talk a bit about the other sources of demand that I left out.

India alone has a 500 billion dollar market in digital payments systems that are marketing themselves as replacement of cash (they are not, and they can’t).
But Safecoins have the natural properties of cash, and it beats every cryptocurrency out there because its simple design does really marry the properties of cash (fungibility, anonymity, instant transaction, zero costs) and the convenience of “digital payment”.

Adding this to the previous numbers, the value per SafeCoin gets bumped up to 136.9 USD per SafeCoin.
If it gets there, it is a 41384.84% ROI. Not so shabby.

And this is just one extra use case, in a single country, if we keep adding up, I dont know what the ceiling might be.
I might do something more exhaustive later.


452 million coins in the beginning
20.5$ per safe coin

452*20.5 = 9 277 324 446
9.2 bn out of 88bn = 10.5% market share,^.
that’s how I got my figure, from your post.

regarding india, I was just reading articles that malware could spread to 70% of ATMs.

Note that India already had cash shortage before WannaCry

But personally I have always doubted that Safe could take mkt shares quickly as a currency since some cryptos have a special focus on this segment of the industry and a lot of advance in this field, brand wise (btc), have already been building partnerships (ripple) or are trying hard in terms of usability for the masses (DASH) and marketing wise.


holy crap Oo where did you get that chart? :open_mouth:


Click on the total at the top of the page on coinmarketcap.


I really wish it wasn’t so, but when you see the hockey stick chart @Savage posted above and you read the following, how can anyone think this isn’t a bubble?

“We have never seen such enthusiasm for trading Blockchain tokens as we have in the past few months,” it says. “Since January, we’ve seen an increase of more than 600 percent active traders online and regularly process 640 percent more transactions than we did merely four months ago


Exponential growth is not the only kind of change over time. Compound interest is most powerful and most misunderstood. There’s also changes of state that are quick. If you get a system to a critical point, then all bets are off and those who expect the normal cycle of boom and bust will look a bit out of touch.


It’s possible it is, but, if Maid went Beta and increased 600%, would you say bubble?:wink:


True and good point! However, I’d be fine with a big increase that was due to a sudden breakthrough in a specific project/coin. But this isn’t what seems to be happening. Just about everything in crypto is going up independently of the value being created. Again, I may be wrong (and hope I am), but that’s how I see it.


True, but the magic of compound interest works mostly through time. In the equation A = P(1+r/n)^nt what’s important? The interest rate “r” or the number of periods that rate compounds “n”? Clearly it’s the latter right? 640% gains over a period of weeks have nothing to do with compound interest. That happens when you hold over the long term.


All the coins that I don’t own are in a bubble. The ones that I do own are just starting to realize their true value :stuck_out_tongue: #cognitivedissonance


Some projects are in more of a bubble than others (erherm XRP * cough *), some are undervalued. It’s just a huge messy influx of money because a lot of people have suddenly realised big disruptions are coming and they want to be on board, but no one really knows how the story will end, so they’re all just jumping on every hype train that comes through the station. The $50bn is probably justified imo, but the way it is spread about is just a sign of the market trying to learn and get to grips with what is happening and what will happen. Most don’t understand the implications for a fully functioning SAFEnet ofc. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully the market will be forced to go through the same learning curve and thought processes we all went through as SAFE becomes more real .


meh… that just sounds like applying steady state theory to change… it doesn’t add up. Yes, the market fluxes and if you’re minded to, you can cut a profit but there are no surprises there… and no real added value, just exploiting the ignorant and I’m not suggesting educating the ignorant through loss is necessarily bad but it’s not the better route to adding value.

The place these kind of arguments about market change over time are effective, is relative to sentiment; and obviously a part of the market is sentiment - in those steady periods in between change… just hope you don’t get caught out by the change.


Just sold 22k of XRP that I picked up for free back in the early day giveaways. Never thought they would be worth £5.5k. Not bad for free! :slight_smile:

Maybe they will keep going up, but I’m out!


Wise decision, Traktion


Does the presale starts a day from now ?
if the sale is successful it could be a big boost for maid prices.


I guess it could demonstrate demand for distributed storage and have a knock on effect on Maid.

The market clearly expects a quick sellout of Storj tokens, with current market price of $0.65 and sale price of $0.5, or less for large volumes.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out, and it’s interesting that Maid has 4x the market cap of Storj even though the Safe network is a long way from launch. Some people clearly see the potential.


Haven’t been following it, but from what I read just now (, looks like if you want to plunk down > $50k you can buy now. Otherwise starts in: 1 day 18 hr 20 mins from now. $0.50 per token, which is a slight discount to current market rate of $0.508. Existing counter party tokens will be converted to the new ERC20 tokens through burning. Not sure of ICO contract address.

See migration plan here:

Note that only 51M of 500M coins are currently in circulation.

Ah, here we go: “The sale will begin on May 19th, 11:00 AM EDT (3:00 PM UTC)”

So they’re going to bring 60M (plus bonus amounts for whales in the presale) out of the 449M tokens that they hold into circulation if I understand correctly . I don’t understand why it says ‘15-25% of Outstanding Tokens to be sold during the launch’ though, because 60M/449M = 13%.

edit: needed to refresh coinmarketcap…current market price is $0.67 as @DavidMc0 had right