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Don’t underestimate the fact that there is no fixed product. It’s way too uncertain. Only a small amount of total coins exist atm, and nobody knows how big inflation will be or almost any other metric ppl want to know about. It’s pointless to believe Maidsafe will “just do it right”, that’s not how smart money works, afaik.
Also, just because you don’t enter now, doesn’t mean you don’t enter at all. Just do the math and if it makes more sense to invest in btc/eth/whatever atm, because you will make a higher expected profit, you do that and move to MAID once you are more certain of ot. Plus, you can’t compare Maidsafe and their marketing/general behaviour to eth foundation. I believe integrity is something capitalist money shys away from. It doesn’t make max profits :innocent:


Not sure I agree here. Although I agree we should always be questioning ourselves. :wink:

All of the coins above MAID on coinmarketcap have usable products in the wild. Yes, they all still have development leaps to make, but MAID is the only one in the top 20 with no product that a business or dev can use or build on right now. Or at least, until very recently. As we see more iterations of MD testnets over coming months I suspect we’ll also see more from the Apps, more from new developers and more growth in the ecosystem in general.

I tend to agree with @Savage and @rand_om , I can’t think of any other startup that could have nothing in the wild after 11 years and have a holder token worth $170M.

Eth went from $70M to $8bn in short order, Ripple just jumped from a few hundred million to the same stratospheric value. The same is true of dozens of other projects jumping suddenly by huge amounts as their potential value was appreciated and recognised by institutions and investors. In all those cases there was a period before the big jumps when folks were not fully on board yet for a variety of reasons; then that changed. The same will happen here eventually if Maidsafe can pull off a network half as good as we currently envisage… the best things are worth waiting for, and they usually require the longest wait.


This. Well said, @Jabba.


Good points, all. Thanks everyone.


though its hard, I look at it this way: those selling and pressing the price down are really rebalancing the network resources, if it ever successfully launches. All it does is likely gain us more users and interested parties who will not be willing to sell that quick below current prices in future.

And with only 455k coins in circulation, things could go nuts that much quickly if the sellers decide they want to hold what is left indefinitely.


@harryharry89 I think you also can’t forget that MAID isn’t a typical cryptocoin project - in fact it’s not. It’ll use a crytocurrency but it’s a completely new blockchain-less beast. Blockchain is all the hype now, so when people read that 1) MAID has no released product yet and 2) It has no blockchain, it probably puts up a lot of blocks.


Really good point, never thought of it like that.


Currently circulating coins is at 452,552,412 MAID according to coinmktcap.


we know blockchain works. It is not scalable but it is secure. We know that empirically.

Now, theoretically speaking maid will be scalable.
But we cannot be sure it will be secure as long as hoards of hackers have tried to crack it and failed.

You cannot rule out that there is an existential risk to the whole project, in the first few months after it goes live.


That would be so fucked up…lol.


Yes I agree. Not saying it’s a sure bet and that there aren’t any risks involved. I was replying more to @harryharry89’s question about why other coins seem to be rallying but MAID (relatively speaking) doesn’t seem to be.


Ethereum => $200 million DAO failure => hardfork creating Ethereum and Ethereum Classic => Ethereum without Classic currently 325 fold crowdsale price. Explain this…

But yeah, all this aside, I get what you mean.


The market cap of all crypto’s as measured by has gone from around US$25BB at the end of March to $50BB now … That’s new cash into the crypto scene … if this keeps up where are things going to be in a year … Clearly some big players are now entering the field - but why now? I suspect that GRUNCH is at hand - the GRoss UNinversal Cash Heist - a yuge-big popping of many fiat bubbles (stock, bond, & housing markets in many countries) … a collapse some have been anticipating for many years … and those with a few brain cells to rub together and some money to invest are looking for safe havens.

I’d be keen to know how much of this new influx of cash is coming from China as it appears that the Chinese gov is prepping to devalue the yuan by a significant amount soon-ish.


don’t think thats right.

For example if my thingo coin has 1 million coins and one day each coin is selling for 1000$ then the market cap is 1 billion dollars.

Then news comes out which makes people who hold the coin think its going to be 100 x the current price (100,000$) in a short time the holders may decide to never sell, except for a few who sell 1000 coins at 25,000$. After those sales of say 1000 coins the market cap is then 25 billion dollars. A rise of 25 times in market cap for only 25 million dollars injection. A 2.5% increase of money into the crypto space.

The increase in market cap is only a potential increase in money into the crypto scene. Market cap is only a potential worth and until realised it is only an indicator of worth.

Actually market cap can rise significantly (10’s of %) with less than 0.01% of that increase in real money into the crypto scene


Sorry for any confusion, but I didn’t mean to imply that there was US$25BB of new cash into the markets – merely that a lot (a yuge-lot) of new cash has been going into the markets. I sort of take it for granted that people here already understand that market cap doesn’t equate to actual value input or output.


I suppose that what I am hypothesizing here is that investors are making a more long term shift into crypto because of the potential gains and the long term stability (not short term stability!) … gold and silver markets have been manipulated by big banks for some time through ETF’s (exchange traded fund) - when you can effectively print fiat, it’s easy for the big players to do this … I wonder if it’s a good thing in the longer run that bitcoin wasn’t approved by the SEC to have it’s own ETF (the Winklevoss twins were supporting this avenue for some time). So, because the fiat-controlled (manipulated) stock/bond/commodity markets will always work in favor of the big banks and yuge corporate investors, one of the few places the small fish can go these days is crypto. Not a bad place to go IMO … of course this is all speculation/hypothesizing. Buyer beware!


Funny, I was wondering about that too last night, how much new money is needed for a certain rise in market cap. And I was surprised how little money is needed. I used a rather extreme situation to make that point: Take 1,000,000 Maid, drop one of them on the market for $1 and let people start trading. After 99 trades each for a $1 higher price, the trading volume has been ~$5,000 and the new Maid price is $100. Market cap is now a stunning $100,000,000 however, with actually only $99 new money coming in!

This is not real life of course. But it indicates that it needs only a fraction of the actual market cap to bring up coin price and coin market cap. It also gives you an idea that having wealth in crypto is rather relative. It needs a healthy liquidity to cash in that wealth.

@neo, thanks for your extra food for thought. :slight_smile:

Edit, great article about this subject.


Holy Cow…

That was a crazy dump! It seems like madness too, with 24hr trading volumes so high what would make someone sell that much MAID for so much less than the current market price? BTC gains don’t justify that kind of selling fomo. Whoever did that I’m pretty sure they could have staggered it over a few hours and allowed the market taker volume to build up and bump the price back between smaller sells.

Oh well, 28c is still pretty nice considering we were breaking new ATHs at 23c 2-3 weeks ago.

That’s the widest spread I’ve ever seen on MAID. There’s less than 100BTC between 14k sats and 20k sats.


Ahhh, I think it was the same uber wallet that dumped 6M in the 2016 boom. Looks like he dumped another 3.2M… still leaves him with 35M, so I guess we’ll have a few more crazy mega dumps like this; whoever it is doesn’t really understand how to get the most bang from their buck, but they have a lot of bucks so I guess they just don’t care :wink:


Christ. Wish I’d been cheekier with my orders! Maybe should always have a really outlandish one in the book.

Alts are one giant across-the-board P&D. Impressive!