MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Unfortunate for you I think its going to drop again. My thoughts are often wrong in trading - so its no advise.

Maybe some quick funds will come into crypto today and push the price up further today. Who knows


Me too :slight_smile: too often…


BTC annual lending rates are currently 600% on Poloniex. That suggests there’s a lot of people who need to borrow Bitcoin to finance levered alt coin positions. Looks unsustainable to me.


How does .2 equate to 600% ? ( im guessing it was higher when you looked ? )
Serious question, i dont lend, i dont get it.
Can i see the math?


It’s per day, so 600% would be like 1.65% ish.

This roller coaster is bizarre. People still trading at twice the price on Yuanboa (35k sats now). Someone really needs to pick that money up off the floor and arb it.

I really have no idea what’s going on, but that was a big wave and seeing it crash so hard is pretty weird.

I wish I could just FFW’d 12 months :sweat_smile:


Yes, when I looked the highest rates were 1.9%

(1+1.9/360)^360 = 6.65


Yes, Maid continues to seriously underperform. All of the major and many of the medium alts have pumped anywhere from 2x - 30x. I wonder if some of those early ICO organizers who grabbed huge bags are dumping on every rise or if Maid just has a lot of negativity hanging on it due to the lengthy dev time. Or combo of both…
It certainly is frustrating to watch. I’ve been holding well over a year. Maid is by far my biggest position. Thankfully, not the only. But, if my only interest was monetary, at this point I could certainly say I backed the wrong horse.
Hopefully soon, Maid will have some news about which lay people can also get excited. Nick Lamberts’ recent blog summary in less technical language, was helpful. Hopefully, everyone reposted as much as possible.
There is quite a party happening out there - a billion a day flowing into alts everyday, by some estimates!


I doubt that if you take a long term view.

In the short term it doesn’t look good, but if Safe achieves what it’s aiming for, it may grow to vastly exceed any other crypto project due to mainstream appeal, huge utility, and ease of use.

I don’t think you’ve backed the wrong horse, it’s just that the horse hasn’t been released yet. Perhaps the wrong horse in this specific time frame, but you never know when there will be a broad realisation of the Safe network’s potential.

I think over $100m valuation is still great for a promising technology that is not fully proven, and is a fair time away from completion. Then again, if its almost certain to be valued at a few $bn once up & running, buying at this price seems like a great risk / reward ratio if you don’t mind waiting a year or two!


Yes, agree 100% and I will keep backing this one but I am referring to the current phenom where many lesser projects based on not much more than a hope and a prayer are going up in multiples. (As well as solid projects with a lot to offer). It is odd, that a project with so much substance and potential. is not getting just a little more attention. That’s all I’m saying. The price action continues to be much the same as a year ago. Gains immediately followed by profit taking and recently, thankfully, a little higher base price. Take a look at almost any other alt chart and you will see gains followed by horizontal consolidation followed by more gains. I find it odd to the point of suspicious.
Only long-term very patient investors who really understand the project buy. For the rest, why buy when you know that at the first hint of a hiccup in Btc, Maid will dump and usually dump hard? Anyway, clearly, the scratching of a somewhat frustrated long term investor who needs a little injection of hope while brushing the dust off from the whole field passing by…again!!)


It is all relative. If the alts hadn’t been going bonkers over the last few weeks, maidsafecoin would still be firmly in the top 10.

It seems to me that there is more insanity driving up random alts than there is sanity for backing something of more substance. The market will realise this in the fullness of time, IMO.


Agree, long term. But still the question lingers as to why the insanity does not gravitate to Maid too? Actualy, there are buyers but any momentum is swiftly contained and by what? who? This is not happening in any of the others as far as I can tell.


They probably think it is vapourware, unproven, yada, yada… I guess endless variations on the same theme is more attractive or less risky to most.


Some alts are easier (read cheaper) to bid up than others, due to price and coin supply. That’s my assumption anyway. Take out your Eths and Ltcs and your left with some pretty small time stuff that has gone very green (and then very red). Obviously would be nice to ride those but it’s impossible to predict imo.


Yes, I absolutely agree. In fact most people I speak to still think that bitcoin is a scam. So, I doubt we get a sustainably large increase in price just from the realization by day traders on Poloniex that SAFE is the real deal. IMO that will come when the public at large begin to secure their data and their online identities with MAID. At that point, I think the penny will drop as people en masse realize how useful it is.


Fully agree. Maid never had the hype machine that other coins have, and I have always liked that. It means the growth is more organic and based on fundamentals. And having said that, we see Maid grow in price 200%+ YTD (Year To Date) outperforming bitcoin big times still. Not bad for ‘vapourware’ lol (that was a joke of course).

My guts feeling says Maid will continue to pick up some of the flow of new money coming in crypto, and I would even like to go as far as: we might be entering a new phase in crypto in general. This article on CoinDesk is a rather good read about what I mean.

If this is an adequate description of what is going on currently (and I think it is) we might have to get used to crazy spikes here and there in crypto. Happened several times before (percentage wise I mean), but this is on a much larger scale, involving more coins. Meaning, overall market cap of all coins together is now 51 billion. Try to imagine we are going to an overall market cap of 500 billion? 1 trillion? Not overnight of course, but in the upcoming years? It means that prices of all coins have to be seriously adjusted upwards when these new investors come in. Something to consider…


I have three friends who I bought bitcoin/maid for in the last couple of weeks/months. The first one, a couple of months ago, understands maid and bitcoin, I explained everything and he was interested. He also has a general understanding of computers and stuff like that and we often talk about security and encryption on a higher level.

The secon one used to write code but can’t stand computers anymore and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them anymore :slight_smile: She’s just interested in saving some money for later because shes constaltly broke.

The third one uses her laptop for whatever she needs but doesn’t care at all about how things work and soft/hardware in general, she just wants things to work. I have no idea why she wanted me to buy bitcoin, I don’t even know if she has any real clue about it, I certainly haven’t talked much about it with her. So I forgot about her request and recently, out of nothing, she reminded me and wanted to send me money so I would finally buy some.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern?

//edit Haha, and now some dude on cnbc said you can buy bitcoin to prepare for the crash, and the interviewer was like “BITCOIN?!?! Wow”


We don’t currently have a product for the public to use or test so at $0.35 I say that’s outstanding performance.


Well on and off, i’ve been talking about cryptos and maid to my colleagues for more than a year without any real interest other than perhaps just to humour me, but in the past 3 weeks suddenly 2 have asked for my advise and bought for themselves some ether / bitcoin. I think you are right theres definately a pattern here.


Yes, but neither do many of the other coins/projects out there. This is my point. C’mon guys let’s dig a little deeper on this question. All these answers/explanations have been given over the last year many times. I’m not doubting the project in any way, just observing and comparing and wondering. I suspect some big long term holders from the ICO selling into every rally. Otherwise, it just doesn’t make sense. But, let’s explore this past the usual.
There is also plenty of smart money flowing into crypto right now. Smart because they have dug in and researched and are making picks based on what they find. So, out of the smart money, why isn’t more of it chasing Maid? Maid has advanced since one year ago - about the same in percentage terms as Btc, maybe a little more. This is not much RELATIVE to the rest of the cryptocurrencies many of which have advanced 10, 20, 30, 40X.
MaidSafe now #13 Market Cap btw…


a friend of mine wanted to invest a small amount of crypto.
he wired 3k, somehow received only 2950 USD on bitstamp.

I pitched him the various currencies. He preferred penny cryptos.
He ended up with a bitcoin worth of maid, and about 1.8k usd worth of ripple.
54.6K Ripple, 5.3k Maid to be accurate.
that was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I did everything myself since he trusts me and doesn’t know shit.

coin ticker shows a valuation over 14’000 USD as I am writing.
It is mainly due to ripple obviously.
I am looking at it and just can’t believe it.

I am trying to have him understand ripple won’t hit 10$ by the end of the year. It is not possible in terms of mkt cap. He has a hard time believing me when I tell him that should the rallye continue, he 'd better rebalance to maid.