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Cryptocurrency is definitely in a bubble right now:

I keep waiting for Bitcoin to collapse, since its fundamentals don’t support its current price. The question is when it collapses, will it drag everything down with it a bit?


2 years back btc had the value of ripple today and ether has almost double of ripple. A billion a day enters the markets last two weeks.
At least this starts to get enjoyable to see.
Imagine this rate doesn’t stop or only speeds up :grinning:

I think it’s mostly new whales because it would be strange if regular people entering crypto out a nowhere for a billion a day imo.


You won’t need a billion in order to increase the total market cap by a billion though. Let’s see where this all goes, it’s exciting to watch for sure :slight_smile:


I know but volumes are high, prices are close so it won’t affect marketcap this much as on low volume coins.

Hopefully the same way :rocket:


I think it’s regular people. Look at Stellar Lumens. It’s up 105% in 24 hours on 185 Million dollars in 24 hour trading. There’s njo way whales would bid it up on that kind of insane volume. It’s got to be regular people chasing momentum.


MAID has been bought up to 30k sats on Yuanbao now, that’s like 50c :open_mouth:

And it’s not like 0 vol… at least 15k MAIDS traded over 30k sats in the last few hours. No one ever arbs from there it seems.


I would if I could understand Chinese :wink:

I dont even know if its Mandarin or Cantonese …


I tried to get a friend in China open an account on my behalf… not worth the headache. Gave up :confounded:


If I understand it correctly, most of the time they write in Mandarin, but the pronunciation is in dialect (comparable with Arabic):


The written language is Chinese, whereas the official spoken version is Mandarin. There are various spoken dialects such as Cantonese which are actually very different from Mandarin (much more so than with Govan Glaswegian and the Queens English), but the written language is the same for all.


Thank you. I know a lot more now. But mostly I now know I’m not going to attempt to learn any form of Chinese other than verbal tourist stuff if I am ever lucky enough to visit’
I had to give up on Russian because I could not handle the Cyrillic script. Mandarin looks impossible.

I crapped out on Perl as well :sweat:


Perhaps, but this bearish guy sees Bitcoin as a good investment in case his prediction becomes reality @4:54:


And then it came crashing down from 24K to 17800. (on Polo)

And now doing a rollercoaster ride.


very near liquidated me, so it did…
had to sell too much off too cheap…


A lot of trading doing on at poloniex, the web page is now timing out with the load.

So is this recovery from 17800 to 20200 part of a dead cat bounce or is it going back to 24000


My sadly wounded long position now needs it to go 24500 …

Polo is impossible to trade on right now.
Had it frozen like this when it dipped under 18000 I would have been wiped out for sure.


For once I got it right and sold at 23000-24000 and bought back at 17900-18400. I am one happy camper. Just wish it was 10’s of thousands I did it with rather than a few hundred.


8000 of those you bought at 17900 are mine, ya bassa!!!



hahahaha I haven’t got that much for trading.


Its looking like I might not have now either :cry: