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Someone had too much time, it seems:


@draw Pardon my ignorance. What does sat stand for? And what are the different TP1-TP4 he has listed??


Sat = Satoshi



To be clear, I haven’t made this (I can’t draw that good, despite my nickname).
But sat. stands for Satochi. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).
TP1-4: I had to look it up myself, although I had already an idea:


Could be that, or “Target Price”…


MAID is at $0.44 at Yuanbao 0.000279
I know the volume is not great but that’s pretty remarkable.


Am I reading that right

MAID is 0.00027900 BTC ?


Btc holding at amazing highs, alts rising despite that, and Maid pushing $0.33. Golden era for crypto, bubble or are we just getting started?

Perhaps instead of the infrequent spikes around key development milestones many of us expected, we’ll just continue a slow steady rise over the coming months.

I just hope the crypto community avoids some sort of Mt Gox black swan event while we’re still handcuffed to them via btc.


definitely a bubble in the crypto sphere at the moment. The question is how high it will go for all the coins. Looks like now people have figured Maidsafecoin is next in line given the risk reward scenario. Given the current valuation, safecoin is the only one I would consider putting in money aside from bitcoin, but then I am baised.

Seeing what has happened today, maidsafecoin will properly crack 200mil market cap this week :slight_smile:. Let’s see how right I am.


Crazy day for MAID price rises today… :astonished:

We have had very slow and steady gains for a fair while now, but there’s nothing slow or steady about today.

Still a long way from where it should be, but nice to see it going up for sure.

I would certainly not bet against that.


Kudos to @SwissPrivateBanker @rand_om @harryharry89 and @draw You guys were absolutely right in thinking this wasn’t an alt coin bubble burst and I was definitely wrong (and glad to be wrong!).


Over $170M now. I’d say it was looking likely :wink:

God knows how big this crypto bubble could get. There’s a lot of money and interesting rolling in. Like Danski says, let’s hope it isn’t slapped back with a black swan event of some kind, because if not it could go on for quite a while and get a lot more ridiculous than even the most optimistic of us expected.


This is starting to feel a bit like the last big Bitcoin rally 4 years ago. Eye popping gains for weeks before an eventual collapse to far higher than the start point.

This time, everything is much further along. I suspect the rally will be shallower and last longer, but by the end, the crypto top 10 or so will be unrecognizable.

Hold on to your hats!


Talk on the streets now is crypto. Its barely even getting started. Wait till the average Jo starts buying ones and twos of coins because it’s the ‘next big thing’. Luckily for all of us we bought in at ground zero. I’m hopeful we have unimaginable highs TBH. More media attention, more people.

30k users were online the other day on polo. Unbelievable!


All three? Just like the dot-com bubble took place shortly before the golden era of the internet started.


There are bubbles in all fiat currencies and all things denominated in them these days e.g. stock & bond markets and real estate. So any sane investor is looking for something new that isn’t manipulated by the central bankers … that’s why gold and silver are out of the equation … leaving what? Crypto mostly.

Given how easy it is to get in the door and invest in crypto, I agree with Lisa_Brown that it’s early days - especially for the big players -those with solid technology, solid teams, and a big vision. Also keep in mind that valuation of anything is speculative - so the bigger the vision, the bigger the speculation might become.

My bets are on MAID, ETH (+classic), and newby Golem … all reaching crazy bubble proportions way beyond what they are now … in fact I don’t think any of them are even close to being in a bubble yet considering the massive fiat bubble & the size of their respective visions.


Its pleasing to see the price like this, but also a bit worrysome. Will there be a huge correction later on?


Maybe, but watching the price go up and down and worrying about it is a bit maddening though - IMO … better to imagine what you think the project is worth, believe in it, and push forward. At least that’s my attitude as a long term investor … and not a day trader.

I see SAFEcoin far surpassing all other crypto in the long run - especially bitcoin, which inevitably will be left in the dust. The vision of SAFEnet surpasses all the other crypto projects IMO. Short term the price could do anything though.


Talking of Joe Mainstream, a mate of mine called me the other day to ask what Bitcoin was, how wallets work, how coinbase works etc. Turned out he wanted to buy Eth as “some shrewdies” he knew were getting heavily involved.

Not sure id be that keen on getting into any crypto after it’d gone up 10x or more already, but good to see Joe getting stuck in :grin:


That’s what I’d say too. Ok, maybe it is a bubble short term. I remember Bitcoin’s bubble at $30. Whenever someone asks if it is too late to get in, I always think to myself, “how many people do I know who own, use, or even know anything about crypto?”. A few, but practically no one. And I work in tech!