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That wasn’t a bloodbath, though. Indeed it looks very red on poloniex, but 10-30 % is nithing for low-cap altcoins.



Just to show a few…


Don’t forget BTC/USD :wink:


We were talking about the alts. Usually they decline when btc rises but until yesterday they were rising along with btc and many going up by a much greater percentage.


I know the mechanism.
I just want to say one should compare the alts with USD (or other valuta), not with BTC. That way the red candles are not that big.




And you guys don’t think this is a notable reversal?


In the context of the last few weeks, no, not at all!)


When a bubble bursts, are the gains prior to the bursting big or small?


The art is to cash the gains before the burst of course :slight_smile:

Right now still a good week for Altcoin holders.


more profitable:

even more profitable:


Yes, but easier said than done! For the record, I haven’t sold a single MaidSafe coin since I began accumulating a couple of years ago. I’ve also reconciled myself to the volatility and that being part of a bigger trend also means giving back some gains from time to time. None of these moves will even be visible on a chart in a few years IMO.


Yes agreed. At least that’s what I’ve been making a long-term bet on and am continuing to do so.


The percentage changes shown are for the last 24 hours. One day gain and then one day loss…notable only within that 48hr time period.


This. Nicely said. The BTC bubble will pop at some point, and if USDT isn’t worked out (or even if it is, there will still be a credibility hurdle), and investors will really only have two options: move into fiat and incur capital gains taxes, or move into alts. I think the strong likelihood is the latter. Once BTC starts falling, at least some people will move into alts, causing them to rise; others will see the rise and follow suit. It really is a perfect storm brewing for alts.


I’m not sure BTC will pop. Most weak hands have been shaken out by now surely. The only way for BTC is up, along with ETH, LTC and SAFE. Then again, this is crypto…


No idea about the timing—a lot of this has to do with Bitfinex/USDT—but BTC has to correct at some point. (It can’t simply go up forever …) Though if it continues up for a while, it may “correct” to a price above where it’s at now.

Whatever the case, whenever it does correct, that’s going to be a heck of a lot of money looking for an outlet. And in some ways: The longer it takes to correct = the more money will be looking for an outlet = the better it is for MAID and the alts.


This weak hand is looking at a long MAID position on Poloniex getting mighty close to a margin call and liquidation…
The BTC bubble cannot pop soon enough…


I think that in the longer term, BTC will rise a fair bit if/when SegWit finally is activated. In the shorter term, these USD conversion issues seem to have more effect (perversely, a positive effect). But overall it does seem like the crypto space as a whole is rising. I would think MAID will continue to rise as alphas are released, apps are developed, etc.
…But who knows.


the speculation all happens before the event… just like the halfing… I rekon it’s the LTC Segwit activation that’s pushing BTC up, and the ‘game over’ with BU… buy vols are not so big, BTC is not getting a mainstream push in media… speculators seem still to be in Alts… just no one selling BTC… you’re average BTC investor isn’t going to sell now, take profit. A moon shot may well be a brewing ! as if 1600$ wasn’t enough of a height to reach !


I think SegWit is still quite a ways off for BTC, so I’d say this LTC speculation you refer to is pretty premature, but that does make sense. I was mostly thinking of it as BTC SegWit supporters sending a message to miners by buying LTC.
As for crypto Moon shots (including MAID), strap in!
Not sure how popular this video is outside of Canada, but I’ve had it stuck in my head lately :slight_smile:
Chris Hadfield - Space Oddity (from ISS)


Looks like a lot of the other alts (XRP, ETH, LTC…) are having a good time and MAID has been sitting tight around 25-26cents. Zcash just knocked it down to #12 now too. Feels like the external crypto community just doesn’t understand MAID fully yet - and probably won’t for sometime still.