MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


10 days ago I thought your “odds of hitting $0.30 soon” was slim to none, definitely did not think it would get this close so soon.
… well it looks like you had a premonition :crystal_ball:


Hit 20,000 sats, back down again, as it always does…
Unless it already finished going down!

I’m just really waiting to be able to participate again (a lowly commoner 99.x% bad at programming) with a lowered requirement for bandwidth in the public tests. I feel like I’ve been in limbo in understanding the project, because I don’t have that hands-on participation in the tests anymore. (My bandwidth is bad.)


You can still browse people’s websites etc in the tests if you want, just can’t run a vault.


But everyone took their vaults down, right? So no data to browse


There is your answer

Now back to our regular programming of price&trading talk :smile:


Oh he means during. Gotcha

Price? OK, IDK. Up? Hodl :slight_smile:


Back over 20,000 sats again now. Total cryptocurrency market cap has increased 30% or so very recently. ETH and XRP in the billion+ mkt cap, with ETH being the main one pulling in new fiat currency. Interesting times. It feels like it’s making room for several more billion+ mkt cap coins. I have a feeling MAID will be one of them ‘soon’.


Is it me or is the cryptocurrency economy starting to look more like Wall Street with these irrational valuations and where big money is sent (wasted)?

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I hope not too soon. I aint done accumulating more maidsafecoins :slight_smile:


Seems the whales got sick of waiting (or needed BTC) and sold somewhat. Down from 20700 to 18500 when I woke this morning.

Could drop further then expect a rise again. Typical cyclic nature of the market.


Nah, still 26c, that change is just (over)arbing the fiat values as BTC rises.

The volume around price is quite low, if any whales tried to sell out you’d see a much bigger change imo.

Over 26c is still pretty huge considering there is still no alpha and no new developments from when it was under 20c.

The only things that’s changed is BTC really. :slight_smile: I’d bet >80% of those sells were margin traders arbing fiat value and it will bounce as they close in disappointment with very few maid holders lightening their positions for more BTC at this stage.


I guess it will (has)


I wonder how many people were caught up in the latest pump/dump? I am actually quite pleased that maidsafecoin mostly watched from the side lines now. Steady as she goes…


From a technical perspectice, we were at an important point. It’s not a surprise something happened, though I had expected it to go further up. On the other hand, next move up will likely be even stronger. Probably with Alpha 2?


Perhaps, though I think we might have to wait a while longer. Rightly or wrongly MaidSafeCoin is lumped in with other alt coins, and the recent speculative activity in that space was the closest thing to a bubble I’ve seen since the late 90s internet mania: vertical price appreciation, ICOs selling out in less than an hour, money flooding in to crypto coins from investors with no idea or care for their business model, speculators chasing unsustainably insane short-term returns. This kind of concentrated greed only happens right before the bubble pops.

How far we correct is anyone’s guess, but I doubt we recover from this quickly. Ultimately though, this will be a healthy cull and capital will move to the projects with good business models as they did after the tech bubble burst. Needless to say, I think MAID will be one of the survivors.


You think the bubble has popped already? I don’t think so. Bitcoin is just entering it, imo. There’s enough time for some heavy volatility before that one popps. But we’ll see.


I am not so sure. Look at the dynamics here:

I think the drive higher is because of all the fiat stuck on bitfinex. People in bitfinex started buying bitcoin to get out. Some people had a wait and see attitude. Some people were worried but reluctant to buy bitcoin at a premium. Now everyone panicking outright and buying bitcoin in capitulation.

Think the bitcoin move is not over. A squeeze is likely to wipe out all the shorts.

Now, where do all the money out of bitfinex is likely to flow ? Mostly in Polo, in a first time. It has a good track record, reliable, good reputation.
The altcoin tentation will be great.
As soon as bitcoin eventually takes a break and starts diving, you will have an unprecedented move into altcoins. Something never seen before.
Inflows worth millions of bitcoin. bitcoin dominance falling below 40%

Just my 2 cents, but it could be big.


Agree 100%. Move into alts just beginning


That contributed, but two or three days ago we had a massive rise in alt prices - the most heavily traded were up 20-30% on the day! That looked very much to me like a buying climax following massive weekly gains in dash, litecoin etc. Yesterday, we saw the opposite - a bloodbath. So, the alt bubble popped and capital then fled the space and went back into bitcoin, which for me explains the jump in BTC these last few days…


this is a normal move, of speculative nature: Bitcoin up, alt down. Traditional dynamics.
What I am talking about is new inflow from bitcoin, once dust settles down and bitfinex has been emptied of bitcoin and fiat. It is a much bigger force.

bitcoin rally is not over for now. You can’t imagine how people can prove to be irrational with their money. Some people will wait the last minute to buy their bitcoin to avoid paying the premium on bitfinex, similar to what happened on mtgox.

when this is all behind us, the real fun begins.