MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Ty sir. And thank you again.


I think the opposite… especially now with BU almost dead in the water and segwit on LTC and surely this year on BTC. Bitcoin is only going up IMO, and it’s only a question of time before the money drains out of Alts.

I dont see how Bitcoin is over priced… if BTC is over priced then all crypto is over priced…

BTC rules, at least in the short term.

#1403 that green line is promising… borderline scary.


Congrats to MAID for making it into the top 10 cryptos by market cap … !


What is driving the price up? Is it a pump and dump by whales?


“Maidsafe has proved you cannot push it around”, according to this Cointelegraph article.

It’s mainly about a few of the ‘altcoins’ from the top ten, and how their prices are doing.


Doesn’t feel like it, it’s gone up more gradually. I’d be happy with it dropping again though so I can pick up a few more MAID :slight_smile:


Finally a USD chart.



Coinmarketcap always had one. Just select usd and deselect btc / marketcap.



I’ve been with you guys since .05c never doubted you guys for a second.


Steady grow we can’t complain but still weird if you compare other crypto projects. What has augur to offer for being so long so high… that’s probably one out a fifty like that In few years and nothing really to bid so far… What a world :slight_smile:


I think safe net is still too radical for many, which feeds into these other projects which use more proven blockchain technology.

We just have to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint! :slight_smile:


I just hope we’re at mile 20, not 10 :grin:


REP will be an income producing asset, and I think they have the right approach to prediction market result resolution. But ya, how to value it…who knows.


I just hope its not a pump and dump by some whales


It could be a slow rise to the expected release of alpha2 (or is now alpha 3 with MDs?). And just before release or just after the MAID bought by whales (just a portion of the new buys over the last 2 weeks) will be sold by those whales to get some profits. The whales bought wile it was in the 17000s early on and are now waiting <---- all this is my guessing


If only the whales would just hold, lol


Compared to other cryptos in the top 10, maidsafecoin is pretty slow and steady! :slight_smile:


Not that it is really important, but MaidSafeCoin isn’t in the top ten right now. But that illustrates your point I guess: Golem has risen harder. Will probably also go lower more quickly. Back to a pile of sand, or is it mud?


True! This just makes me think maidsafecoin is under valued, considering the real break throughs being made. I know it is a higher risk, but if it makes it to the finish line, the reward will be great.