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Really, these games are inevitable when you get lots of bigger players in small markets. Put yourself in the position of someone with a shed-load of coins to buy or sell. Whenever you put in any order volume (even spread out) that moves the market and loads of people try to jump in front of your buys or sells. How long would it take you to start trying to think of ways to use that to your advantage instead of all the smaller traders behaving predictably and taking advantage of you by getting in ahead of your orders?


Seconded. Flashboys is an eye opener.


We’re off again…482 btc worth just bought at 16800 then 800btc sell wall put at 17800… :smile:


This guy puts his fake sell wall and he buy everything under that price. he’s just trying to accumulate large amount of cheap MAID and he’s probably doing well.

I guess he will wait until alpha 2 is release. Price will pump and he will sell and make good profit. That’s what I would do


yes, massive buys went in and i think he then also puts numerous much smaller sells in after to make it look like price going down. That seems to be whats happening right now…


I dont think it’s him selling right after… it’s probably people panicking when they see the sell wall and he keeps buying them for cheap


If I wanted to buy 10M MAID and had bought up chunks to get myself half way there over a week or two, I could see myself sticking the 5M I’d bought up in the sell book to force down the price a little bit so I could get the next 5M as cheaply as possible. I’m sure most people would. It’s not really tricky or subtle, but it does work to some extent.

I’ve been watching fairly closely. It feels like a player/group is accumulating in a fairly organised and consistent way. It seems quite rational for them to do whatever they can to hold prices lower while they fill their bags. I guess all this new buy pressure could also just be from the Maidsafe Asia community, but very little has been moving off exchanges and the buys are pretty huge when they come (a lot of single buys between 50-500 BTC), so it feels more centralised and organised to me.

I wonder how much longer they will keep accumulating and how long they plan on holding it for?

CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

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CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

OK, all sorted now…get pumping that price CCP! :smile:

CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it
CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

Out of top 10 and displaced by far less interesting technology. I suppose they aren’t in alpha, but it still seems short sighted.


Yeah, not surprising though. It was only recently that Eth was worth a fraction of LTC or Ripple. People like to invest in things they can easily understand.

The market is also exploding everywhere with new money. It took me a fair while to understand what SAFE was all about, now it’s even more confusing with all the money and hype around so many projects and ideas.

It will change quickly when testsafecoin comes. When stuff just works people flock to it, but if you can’t show it to them you can’t expect them to get it.

I agree though, it does seem very short-sighted. Especially from our [biased] perspective.

If the day comes where SAFE Network and SAFEcoin is a reality and it works as we think it will then it seems likely to me that our faith will be vindicated and we’ll end up #1 pretty quickly. I think we’re all still convinced of that here. Sod what the rest of the world thinks when most don’t have any thoughts at all about it :confounded:… yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

Possibly off to the races again here ladies :smile:


Lol, what a surprise, they removed the wall and bought up 200/300 btc worth of the accumulated weak hands.


I guess a fool and his money will always be easily parted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I rode that wave up and then I rode it down again :slight_smile:

CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

Price looks solid around $0.20 lately. What are the odds of it hitting $0.30 soon


5 I think. Or maybe H


It seems much of the top 10 is overbought relative to maidsafecoin. To me anyway… :slight_smile:


We’ve snuck back in @ 22c and $100M.

Madness that SAFE isn’t top 5 at least, even with no product in the wild.

CCP and what involvement has Maidsafe Asia with it

Yes, crazy. Every legit and two-bit alt in the universe has pumped these last two weeks but not Maid!