MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Many coins have risen substantially in the last weeks. All the majors with the exception, until now, of Maid.
There are new Hedge Funds being set up specifically to invest in Crpytos. A lot more money flowing in. This is not just whales playing, imo - but real money investors.

#1342 is also good … Live stream


I have been watching the movements and it is pretty certain that it is 1 person with around $1m in btc and $1m in Maid, playing both sides. It seems having watched the buys/sells that he is trying to confuse as to which way the market is going. On balance, he doesn’t appear to be trying to push into any of his own sell walls (anywhere near current price anyway) and is a net buyer of anything around current price.
The guy also seems to play around for a few hours in the evening, then go to bed around 10 ish (UK time), maybe spilling bits of caviar from his ladle into his brimming pint glass of Champagne, brushing the veal crumbs from his copy of Forbes magazine as he settles into his 4 poster bed for the night…hmmmm,piecing all this together,…@happybeing…J’accuse! :wink:


There must be 5-6M out in shorts now. They’ll all need to close and buy back their positions at some point. If that whale comes back tonight and decides to buy up all the slack again then a lot of people are going to get burned/liquidated. Seeing everything else in the red is good too… margin collateral is dropping since most people use alts to cover their positions and btc is losing ground to maid. :smile: Their alts buy fewer btc and their btc buy fewer maid.

I’m not doing any trading, but it’s still fascinating to watch. There will be blood in the streets if there’s another move up from here today.


So hopefully, to quote Elon Musk: ‘Stormy weather in Shortville…’ :wink:


If I were a big and devious whale in an unregulated market I’d be sticking a sell order of like 5m up at 40k sats, then I’d buy most of the slack in one go and liquidate everyone into it lol. :smiling_imp:


Must be this indeed. It was not so long ago that with a $10 million market cap, a coin would be in the top 10 of Currently you would only reach the low 40s (Counterparty is as we speak on position 47 with 10 million and a few dollar).

MaidSafeCoin, for the first time, hit the $100+ million market cap for a short while today, but didn’t even move from the #10 position!


So much going on right now, btc is super strong, and ofcourse Maid dumped pretty hard cause of it.

But i think its now a temporary drop and we will be testing some nice levels really soon again.


I just find it interesting that so many alts plunged at almost exactly the same time. Is that dumb bots or what? The only people who get advantage from these dumps are the ones with the low buy orders. They rake it in at the high and buy back low. It seems so obvious and yet I struggle to understand why punters sell. If people don’t sell the price will hold and the opportunists can’t fleece. Unless the coin project has a problem in which case that would be price discovery, wouldn’t it? Just gets to me sometimes. :anguished:


No mostly it are traders that trade in bitcoin pairs, dont forget if bitcoin go to the 1300 we will see probably another step down.

Thats how it works bitcoin up alts down, bitcoin down alts up. Just there is also an overreaction and fear added on alts, cause they dont wanna be in alts when bitcoin takes off.

I notice that coins like, Factom and Maid always suffer more then other alts that idk why.

But basic model is btc up 5% alts down 15%, but also visa versa.


Maybe not all the time… If you check the current rough figures for the performance Year To Date for Bitcoin and Maid:

Bitcoin + 17.5%
Maid + 80%


Mostly it was taken short range (traders) ofcourse you cant look at the big lines, cause the market cap arent even close to each other. Also the amount of news can range a lot.

Also dont forget the flow into bitcoin new users will drive bitcoin price up and then maybe on a drop more experienced and known people will look for better alt options at that time. 1 Billion flow out of bitcoin can make altcoins spike hugely.

Look in 4 years Maidsafe vs Bitcoin that will be insane difference if maidsafe will be actively used.
Maidsafe can go up more then a few dollars, up to even 10 dollar. Think about the value needed plus the supply people hold in their wallets as investment of future usage. If they reach the amount of people they are aiming for then this should easly be achieved. Biggest gain will be big company buying coins to use the service longerterm and rather wanna buy a nice amount and hold them.


Today’s is a whopper


Hmm… wonder if they’ll flip it again later on in the day?

The $2m wall has shifted back to 0.0002455 for now… will be fun watching what games the whales are playing today :smiley:


… but this is a BTC wall you’d think… positioned on margin… if they are walking both Buy and Sell… i would imagine… i wonder why they choose MAID …


Nah, lending rates and the amount in there hasn’t changed. This is someone who has 7M MAIDs on polo.

And you can bet that if they hold that much they are unlikely to be bearish in reality. No one with $1.5M of something tries to push the price down unless they have ulterior motives.

I’d say we’ll see similar antics to last time. It’ll get pushed up and down and a load of people will try to play the game and wonder how they ended up losing money at the end of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rinse and repeat in crypto never ends.


…ah, ok … but the buy wall , how does he fo that ? using MAID , he’d need BTC wouldnt he? so even if he uses maid to back margin Buy, he always has to effectively​ ‘borrow’ from lenders right… if i understand correctly…


When I saw the first buy wall, I thought…well that’s nice it will hold up the price. But then it was almost like the coins went under the wall to their slaughter.

Baffles me how this system works, not sure you could play the system like this in a futures market.


I really like this book called Flashboys. It’s about a race to zero when it comes to being close to a market with a fast connection. It also tells the story of different exchanges allowing tens of different ordertypes and algo’s trying hard to make as much money as possible. It’s a bit different in crypto but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have big players using loads of different algo’s to show you whatever they want in a orderbook. Just like @Jabba said here above. So I always look for 2 things in a orderbook:

  • Is it filled?
  • What’s the spread?

And I really don’t give anything about the hocus pocus of buywalls and what we have more.


Well, harder to tell as there’s much more BTC available for loan, so he could back a margin with maid and borrow BTC without it being as obvious. More likely it’s a group who hold plenty of both BTC and MAID though.

Investing is so much simpler than trading, you just have to be right :wink: