MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


is it omni asset #3 ? There is a fake maid out there somewhere


It is. Here’s a link to all the wallet balances:

I think that fake MAID was surfaced on Counterparty.


And asset #119 is MaidSafeCoin, which is one of the fake maids


And asset #136 is MaidSafeCoin, which is one of the fake maids

And there is a group who have SAFEcoin registered ?somewhere? which was pointed out by someone a while ago.


Nice wall on buy side.
Let’s see how long it stays up.


Indeed, nice wall: 1773 BTC@14.5K Satoshi.


Things seem to be picking up recently, nice steady rise along with Bitcoin… :smile:
16500 now…


Check the sell wall at 17000 …



Craziness. A similar wall was on the buy side earlier today. Trader whales playing games :smiley:


Wall was munched a bit, now pulled, then bit of a dump. Anyone make any sense out of all this? :confused:
Finding this fascinating to watch -buy wall at 16775 now -1200btc worth!
Its mooning guys… :smile:


To infinity and beyond!!!


Is it old news that the price shown on coinmarketcap and the price trading on Poloniex are two quite different prices…


it lags by a few mins, which is enough for a big difference this evening lol.


Edit: Now I’m really nitpicking, but I find it confusing that if you change USD to something else on CoinMarketCap’s main page that the ‘% Change (24h)’-column stays the same. So change against USD instead of what you selected.


I think the delay is around 4 hours, and even then I think the numbers are wrong. Maid was at a high today at .19960 but that was between 7 and 8pm and then came down lots, but coinmarket stayed up there and went over the Polo price, I know its 96% of the market but even when you look at the price coinmarket has for only Poloniex right now you can see it way out of line of the real price, it always seems to be 2 cents over real polo price…

At no stage today was Maid at $0.197110 on Polo and hasn’t been near that price for around 4 hours…

Not sure if this the two prices… have always been out of synch


Seems fine to me. 17.5k sats and 20c?


Any reason for pump in price? Don’t see any notable update


They did it to BCN last week


Maybe some people expect big news next update. Pretty good time to lend on poling right now! lowest rate is 0.58%


Any big news next update? It’s just alpha2 right not really a big deal?


I think its a P&D. Too many whales made a killing on the BTC rise-fall-rise and looking to play in the alt coin arena