MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


True, but there is a balance to strike here. Even for buying storage, you don’t want the minimum amount too high.

I know there are a few ideas in the works though, so I don’t let it worry me. David and the gang have solved far harder problems to get this far.


Yes and when you think of “SAFEcents” it would be upto 100 times the load on data and transactions That is a serious concern. Worse when you want more decimals.

SAFE will most likely implement divisibility with a form of a “balance” which would be a real number to hold the “fraction” of a coin you have. The current RFC for SAFEcoin already has a balance for your “PUT” balance when you spend a coin, so its not much of a conceptual change to have a balance for the fraction of a coin you have.

True, and really its not such a big problem compared to building the network.

I’ve been told its a smoke and mirrors thing to hide what the whale is really doing.

It seems though that the whale who pumped at 14K on the upcoming dev update sold when the dev update was due (or came out) . The price reached 17250 with the pump, fomo, etc and the whale selling saw it drop to around 15000. The whale made a tidy profit on the back of the dev update.

I for one will be glad when the market is not so manipulated and the coin is in the hands of people who want to hold.


So do you think those kinds of highs are limited to prelaunch because of 450m cap? Once the coin is launched I would think Safecoins utility and superiority over these other “privacy centric” coins such as dash and monero, would increase its value to even higher than $10 per coin but of course there will be more coins in the mix after launch, not the full amount of course. A lot to consider with Network balancing etc.


It’s all impossible to predict, but I’d say the initial wave of farming will be intense because of the fevered excitement generated by testsafecoin.

The mining difficulty for Zcash shot up faster than anyone expected because there was some excitement about it. If we hit a multi billion dollar cap off the back of testsafecoin then I think it’s fair to expect a lot of farming quite quickly.

Who knows what kind of prices we’ll be talking about. It seems quite possible that we’ll have a big bubble around launch and then have a little bit of pull-back while we climb the hype bubble’s ‘slope of enlightenment’ afterwards.


I’m glad we’ll have node ageing to even that bubble out though :slight_smile: thanks for the input @Jabba


I see a sell wall of 992 BTC for MAID at Poloniex at this moment…
Someone an idea what is going on?
A whale who knows more (bad news) or the other way around: hoping to lower the price to buy more later?


Manipulation, but i must say that idea is not really nice that someone owns like 7 mill there


Golly gosh, that’s a huge wall! I’d love to buy a chunk of that… but I have no money :smiley:

Edit: who has $1m worth of Maid on Poloniex & wants to sell in 1 go? Craziness, or something else?


Someone wants his BTC’s back in case a fork happens to get also crappy BU’s


That’s fine… spread those MAID far and wide. Better now than later.


It’s shrinking already.
I’m looking forward to see it being assimilated away.
Why on earth would you sell so low?! It seems so irrational.


Who’s to say he isn’t buying the panic sells?

Remember, there was only 5M in the sell book, but 100M MAID on polo. If you want cheap prices it isn’t hard to sell down the book and start buying the larger ‘maker’ volume that’s now panic selling in front of the wall at a much lower price.

Things are rarely as simple as they appear. Who knows what he/they are doing, but people don’t give away hundreds of thousands in value by knocking down the price of something they want to sell a lot of.


I hope you’re right!


We have seen this before with 1500 btc sell wall a while back! After the whale bought back some cheap maids from the panic Sellers, maid mooned to 28k :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s already down to 849 BTC.
It’s being eaten away, eaten away…
Very good. I don’t want to see so many MaidSafe coins, or for that matter any kind of wealth, so concentrated.


Further chomping away at the wall

I’m holding for now even though I have the dreaded red banner on my margin trading page

Will promise anything for small amounts of BTC to 1FGJUH4DMudBAJgxaAwUvUhkfwsteM4cNw

Cos if you don’t ask, you don’t get…


And now it is a buy wall…


Pfooh. Not much of a trader normally, sold 8% of my stack during the last run up @ 18k into Eth. Enjoyed the bull run there and managed to double the MAID I sold for 43.5% of the Eth I got for it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, nice, I picked up 10k at the bottom that dip. What the hell…


Maidsafe MAID on now? Has anybody tried it? :neutral_face: