MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Crazy action in the alts for the last few days. Ethereum challenging bitcoin for volume and now has about 20% of Bitcoin market cap. It is up 40% today alone! Nuts!

It looks like Bitcoin is shedding value and it is falling into the alts. A little bit from Bitcoin is a lot into an alt. Maidsafecoin is getting a decent boost too.

Reading the tea leaves, it looks like ethereum is making a move to become the dominant crypto currency. I find this a bit surprising after The DAO debacle, with forks seemingly too easy to make, but it is interesting nevertheless. Perhaps it is also IOT interest too?

As long as some of it rains down on maidsafecoin, I am happy. It still has the best long term prospects by far, IMO.


Fun time!

I predict if MAID breaks 16.6k Sat within a week, it’s gonna go to 17.7k within 2 weeks, but it will not break it.
If instead it bounces off 16.6k, then it’s gonna go down to 11.8k within 3 weeks.

Who wants to make a prediction aswell?


0.00100000 in a month


Speaking of which, check out this cool Raiden demo. (Raiden is Ethereum’s lightning network)
I know a lot of you guys poo-poo blockchain tech, but you have to admit this is pretty impressive.

Price wise, at the start of this ALTs surge BTC was also going up (just not as much). But ya, today looks like some rotation from BTC to ALTs. Interesting times


lol don’t be greedy‌‌ ‌‌


It doesn’t sound like greed, just a prediction and a real possibility imo too! But, I would be more conservative and say 2-3 months!))


Actually I think that it would be very realistic to get up to 0.02 when the network is launched, and proven to be working as advertised.


Maidsafe to 0,02 bitcoin ?


Consider that the valuation of Monero is uniquely because of its purported anonymity. That’s it.
The same hype is for Dash, for its super marketed anonymity. If we take these cases as a sample of the public interest on anonymous currencies, then it is really not that crazy to imagine Safecoin prices to at least match them (if SafeCoin works without a hitch)


And if 0.02 BTC, any predictions of how much 1 BTC is worth in $ or €?


Using current bitcoin values can be a good guide, as all these cryptocurrencies are indirectly valued in USD: 0.02 BTC would the the equivalent of 24 USD per SafeCoin.


Pretty much every target I’ve had in crypto has been blown out of the water because I try to stay realistic and am invariably surprised by the scale of what actually happens.

At first I was thinking $1 coins once testsafecoin has been around for a while. I revised that to $2 before launch of actual SAFEcoins. Watching crypto blow up I am indeed thinking even this might be way under the mark. I certainly don’t think $10 a coin is impossible prelaunch (while we’re limited to 450M coins), but I would have laughed at that suggestion a few weeks ago.

What if the coin value is too high and it prevents Joe public from accessing the network because the likelihood of getting farming rewards is too low to keep them engaged? It’s a real shame divisibility isn’t built in. It would be great if the network could award decimals of safecoin for farmers instead of whole coins.


So much variables.
For instance, what impact will a possible independant Scotland, part of the EU, have on MaidSafe?
I guess small, but I have a lame joke to make :wink:
Difficult to predict things like this. For me at least, I don’t live there.
A second Scottish referendum May not even happen .
And should Scotland stay or reenter in the EU, it will probably take a couple of years. But e.g. the uncertainty caused by political situations like this could also have an impact.


My worries are the same, what are the latest developments on the divisibility? I think it should be solved before the final release.


@piluso Idea for divisible Safecoins David liked @polpolrene idea on divisibility that is very similar to @neo idea so perhaps this will get fleshed out in test Safecoin phase, here’s hoping anyways. Safecoin will need the divisibility imo for the granularity and functionality we all want for it


Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know too much about the crypto world, but why is divisibilty such a tricky problem to solve and what have other coins done to solve it?


In blockchains it is just a real number on a ledger: you can add how many zeroes you want.
In SafeNetwork, it is a special data packet with the attribute of being a Safecoin.


The main issue being, adding decimals increases the amount of data being handled and would make Safecoin costly and we don’t want that. Especially when we want to enable micro payments for content and for secure IoT devices, etc with no transaction fees. I think I have this right, correct me if I’m wrong. But if you read the thread I pointed to a couple posts back there are credit solutions that are lightweight and less taxing on the network.


Thanks for clarifying and to you @piluso. I did read the post but just needed a high level explanation as to the nature of the problem.


What’s up with the large buy order way out at 7k that’s been there a while?
Some kind of whale signal?