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Rofl. What… They’re so deluded. Another great example of people should stop asking permission, and go with it. Who cares about what they think.

Bitcoin is honey badger.


I’m not following this that much, but when I saw a photo of the proposers of the ETF, I did immediately think about the twins in the ‘facebook’ movie (The Social Network). And indeed they are the same.
If history repeats itself, someone else will steal the idea of a BTC ETF, will succeed and an entertaining Oscar winning movie will be made of the events :wink:


I thought the primary point of cryptocurrency was not needing a bank or promissory notes? Greed.


The funny thing is most in the US have no savings to invest other than retirement funds so you won’t see much investment from the US until it clears this hurdle I’m afraid.


Please take EFT discussions over to the other thread, if no more posts unrelated to SAFE are made then I’ll leave the above for context.

Please keep it centred on MAIDSAFEcoin since this is the MAIDSAFEcoin topic.


Bitcoin really showed beeing resilient today, also with adoption comming more and more from the west.

Thats why i think Maidsafe might drop more (this etf was a nice quik trade, poloniex margin trade) But the problem now is that people actually do know it works, but are impatient and are waiting, the weekly update was awesome but the next big milestone will be for crypto when actually safecoin will be in the testnet. The weekly update was also talking about Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 and thats why i think people will see short term more potential in diffrent coins.

Doesnt change the fact that when this network comes alove and works perfectly it will rock the crypto market. I believe safecoin can outperform eth eventually.


People are impatient and don’t understand how long it takes to build complex, software applications. They don’t understand how much innovation is going on here. They are blind to it all and just want their next sugar rush hit from the flavour of the month.

There will be a lot of people who will wish they had invested in maidsafecoin and just shown patience, instead of chasing the markets. They just don’t realise it yet.

Most people just follow the crowd. Sometimes that is the best cause of action, but real evolution happens when the new simply dominates the old. This is what the leaders are looking for.


I agree this is a great investment, but instead waiting i pref to increase my holding to increase my maidsafe position.

If you watch it close enough you will know when the time is there to step in again.


Sure, good luck with that. I have had mixed successes, but appreciate your position.

My bone is more with those who think safe net is vapourware because it is complex enough to take a good few years to create.


Got this from the last dev update.

The hurdles we faced recently were not insignificant, the remaining work cannot be underestimated, however, we can now stand up and stop arguing if this can work and show this does work. We can have autonomous networks, self authentication, self encrypting data, secure mutation of data in a secured private environment…etc… We can at last show anyone who is interested. Our quiet steady progress has all been validated.

Just bought some more MAID (again). Now all the vapourware chitchat can be put to a stop. At this point I have put nearly everything into MAID alone. Price was just too cheap to not buy even though I bought it at 1-2 cent last year.

Fun fact visited a website yesterday. It’s on the clearnet, but has hacked databases available for anyone to search to see if they are compromised for $1/day. Was messing around and saw my linkedin password in cleartext apparently because linkedin has been hacked in the past and other info on me on many breached websites as well.

Had some fun and decided to put names of some famous people and yup all there. Even info and passwords on people from the MAID team on linkedin (hope they change it if not then that’s very ironic). Pretty much convinced me that we need the safenetwork more than ever because it’s creepy how a giant site like linkedin could be hacked and have my passwords in cleartext. Luckily I am a nobody. Anyone with a little reputation online can be easily blackmailed and targeted with all kind of compromised information on that site.


Scarey really.

Linken owned by microsoft as part of their massive vacuum of people’s private info and part of trying to catch up to facebook in the “we own you” stakes.

SAFE cannot come quick enough :slight_smile:


DASH has a market cap today of $718,730,744.

if MAID had such a market cap, our price would be $718,730,744 / 452,552,412 = $1.59 per MAID

Too bad we won’t be able to do private transactions like DASH can … cough cough. Oh yes, we will be able to do that very easily! :grin:


So good I cut n pasted it to the Polo trollbox :slight_smile:


Dash privacy is also messy and centralised through the masternode system. Their instant send is the same kind of botch job. As for pow, or throughput and scaling potential, erherm, well it’s a blockchain, so 'nuff said.

It’d be nice for MAIDSAFE to keep their 15M maids until post testsafecoin. They’ll probably be worth upwards of $30M even before the final launch of live SAFEcoins imo… Which is pretty close to the maidsafe BttF equity valuation. It would sick if the company was suddenly that liquid even before their revenues have kicked in ;).

I smell a very birght future for all things SAFE as the floodgates of crypto seem to be opening at just the right time.

Hold on to your hats folks! 2017 FTW!



So is the price of a single Dash artificially inflated because of having such a low available supply? Which is because of the master nodes each required to have 10,000 Dash? Just trying to understand the link between a coins market cap and it’s price.

@Tom_Carlson don’t forget Dash also has a system in place for instant transactions. Oh wait… Network atomic transactions are inherent on the Safe Network. :smile:


I think it’s 1000 DASH. But there are thousands of them, so millions of Dash tied up in a reward scheme that benefits the richest the most. There’s also only 7M Dash and given the premine it’s fair to assume one or two people control a lot of those masternodes! It’s all just a get rich quick scheme where bitcoin was the real innovation.

Dash holders will get bitten the hardest when SAFE comes out imo. It’ll be the first alt on the scrap heap, not that it’s a competition. I just can’t see how many vaule propositions in other alts can withstand SAFE. Even BTC will be eating dust if SAFE works and proves robust as it evolves.


Just wanted to chime in and say that Dash is one of the most shady coins out there. The developers practically own all the coins and it will go down as the largest scam in crypto once they decide their bag is big enough.

Anyone saying different is oblivious to the facts and/or in denial.

I was around years ago, I know exactly how everything transpired. No coin comes close to being this scammy. I’m almost in awe of how well executed their scam has been. From the “failed launch” to the “mining bug”, to the dumps allowing them to accumulate nearly all the coins, to the renaming of the coin, their tightly nit eco chamber and the list goes on.

The only reason their marketcap is that high is because they chose to make it that high. It’s really that simple. When you have 95% of the coins available you can basically do whatever you want with the price. They want it to be as high as possible, obviously, they want everyone to pay as much as possible, so they profit as much as possible.

The sky is blue and the grass is green…


I’m worried that dash will gain enough visibility that the general public will start buying into it, and it’ll gain legitimacy through public acceptance.

It’s not built on great technological fundamentals, but it seems like they might be good enough for success.


More and more people are switching to Dash because of the high transaction fees and long confirmation time of bitcoin. If we don’t get SegWit or something comparable it’s just gonna get worse. You can’t blame Dash for that though. And here we are again, talking about something else than MAID :smiley:


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