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Shorters’ gotta do what shorters’ gotta do :bow:


MAID isn’t doing too bad at all

Pumped up to 21K BTC when BTC was under but nearly 1000$ (MAID 21 cents)

Dropped to 13K BTC when BTC is a couple of dollars below 1300$ (MAID 16.9 cents)

That represents (approx)

  • 40% drop in BTC terms
  • 20% drop in $$$ terms

Pretty good for a pump/dump cycle. Shows there is a lot of buy up by people wanting to hold MAID. That is very positive news.

MAID may still drop further, but at a time when BTC is rising makes it not as much a worry as the previous drops.

At this time MAID long term is rising quite nicely.


Shorters gonna short

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

I know for sure over 400k maid’s are in short atm

I wont be surprised if those big loan offers are there to drive the price down, and eventually will be cut from the offer book and they can again buy cheap coins.

Cause why would you let people short for 6 million if you own that amount, it makes no sense risk 1000 btc to get 0.1 btc a day at tops.

Discussions of Bitcoin, its future and other things

Not sure I understand that new loan option… surely a loan is a safe bet and worth doing if you are in for the long haul? Do you not just get back all the loan plus interest - guaranteed perhaps in some way with collateral?? What I found curious is that you appeared to tie that to the drop in price a while back, as if moving into loan from what had been on market reduced the market price. Expect I’m confused…


In order to loan you have to leave your money on the exchange. As we all know that isn’t really safe. A lot of people have lost a lot of money by not taking advantage of one of the biggest USPs of crypto, no counterparty risk.

I think Bob is right, given 15% of your loan rewards also get taxed by polo I would not consider lending for under 0.1% personally, and even then I would never lend more than 25% or so just in case.

Each to their own though. I’m pretty security conscious. I got myself a trezor as soon as they came out.

I think he was suggesting market manipulation. Putting a lot out on loan to make shorting cheap after having already pushed the market down. The incentive not being the 0.1btc interest each day, but rather to hold down prices and slowly grow the number of short positions with a small bump (at some point), so you can squeeze them all suddenly when there is enough volume to make it worth your while - which if you have 6M+ could be very profitable.

Who knows what’s going on out there really?! The more time I spend in this space the more sure I become that playing the macro/long game is the way forward. My moves in the micro go wrong as often as they go right.

Thanks god a rising tide lifts all boats eh :wink:


Has MAID’s rise over time really had anything to do with MaidSafe tho?

Like, BTC has gone from $350ish last year to $1277 right now (4x roughly) so the similar rise in MAID reflects that.

It’s not like that one single alpha net has brought all this value lol… Thoughts?


A lot of people see that MaidSafe’s vision has loads of potential, and if it can work, it could be a game changer. However, nobody is certain that the Safe network will be possible in the envisaged form, so anything that removes technical risk could have a big impact on price, as the likelihood that the Safe network will be a game changer increases.

Alpha demonstrated most of the required tech working in a controlled environment, which reduces the risk. The next Alpha should demonstrate more refined tech working in a less controlled environment, plus with more eyes looking at it.

If that’s a success, the chances of the Safe network being realised increase, which should positively affect the price. Following this successful test net, I’m also hoping confidence begins to rise, which should reflect in the price.

However, there were other pumps pre-alpha that seemed to have nothing to do with specific events, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out.



As people see the potential (as @DavidMc0 says) they buy up MAID to hold and this creates much greater upward pressure. Less buy to sell quantity compared to buy to hold


I guess I was just realizing that it’s all still part of the BTC world these days, and the vast majority of the MAID rise could arguably be seen as a reflection of the very similar BTC rise. MAID right now is just a type of BTC at the end of the day anyway

IDK, just thoughts. IDK why I’m even bringing this up.


Don’t feel bad WeDK why you are even bringing this up, either :slight_smile:


BTC sliding

and again…


/smug even though I made no money on it :confounded:


My heart tells me to buy more maid when it’s cheap but my broker says never put all your money in 1 pot.
Heart vs broker who wins :(?


well going off my point earlier, BTC should give the same / similar long term returns, what with its halving etc,

at least until the real live SAFE Network is finally done. unknown timeline on that but BTC has been the underlying growth anyway

\hope it helps


Oh didn’t think you were replying to me. At a $20B marketcap I can’t see it growing faster than MAID?


Actually i think at this time btc can outperform Maid. Maid need more time and will eventually be a better investment if you hold them till everything is ready if you ask me, but why dont split for now and have the oppertunity to buy lower if it gets there.

Im aiming for the support line 8.5k sat, but i already own some Maidsafe so its fine if it doesnt reach it.

20bn looks huge but actually for something this big it really isnt, specialy with most of the coins beeing locked up (some even lost) as a hedge against fiat. Mainstream adoption or the etf can make the price soar. The forex market trades like 6 trillion a day.

Anyway i think Maid is a better investment if you just keep them, but if you also trade i think btc is going to do better short term (just watch the etf carefully)


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Nice pop after that positive weekly update :slight_smile:


The SEC just handed Bitcoin a huge setback

The Securities and Exchange Commission has denied the application for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF, in a stunning defeat for its founders, the Winklevoss Twins. In an order today, the commission found that the proposed fund was too susceptible to fraud, due to the unregulated nature of Bitcoin. The result is a major setback for the fund, and a frustrating false start for the crypto-currency at large.