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Well, it all seems like guesswork to me so I’ll buy Maids at stages on the way down and hope I don’t run out of btc before Maidsafe price hits bottom. :yum:


You wouldn’t even dream of sub 10k?
Well… MAID hit a high of 29k during the MVP hype and slumped to a sub 10k.
It hit a high of 24k, with the Alpha announcement, before it slumped to a little over 7k.
So, now that we’re well lower already, what makes you so optimistic we won’t hit another record low?


I’m not entirely convinced that the rise of the BTC represents a danger to the value of other crypto, MAID included. It might do, or it might not.
I remember how during the 2013 peak, all crypto shot up along the rise of the BTC. As if the mighty Bitcoin dragged it along. Back then Litecoin hit a high of more than $40.
We saw similar action in the past months. For some reason, sometimes, the altcoin market seems coupled to the BTC and sometimes it bleeds as if to feed the rise of the Bitcoin.


Imo, as long as there is no huge flaw in Bitcoin like they found in Zcoin couple days ago, it will inevitably go way more up. It’s working so well, and it’s so secure with the high hashing power.
The Segwit/Lightning/BU shenanigans aren’t a huge problem, because Lightning can likely be implemented without segwit and if that doesn’t work for some reason, there’s other ways to improve scalability. Nobody’s thinking about it because it’s all focused on BU/Core atm.

But we’re still in a pump and dump, don’t expect too much of MAID yet. @altpath, don’t rush. Especially if you have bitcoins already. I’m waiting for what will happen in the next weeks. If Bitcoin does indeed go up even further, and MAID goes down because of it and the dump scheme, you’re gonna be very happy :slight_smile: For me it’s hard to imagine it the other way round really.

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(gut gut gut gut)


Because there are way more ounces of gold than there are BTC. Although /BTC and /oz reach price parity, there is still a huge (really huge!) difference in market cap of both markets.


Oh okay. I learn new stuff erryday.

Still it’s pretty obvious that MAID’s not going down to those lows again. It’s farther along in time, more feats accomplished, the ultimate goal closer to the horizon. If anything gold + btc market caps being way different further solidifies this; MAID will just follow, if not soon then later. Maybe it’s just my perception of time that has finally collapsed.


As far as I can tell when MAID hit 20/21K and BTC was 900-1000, this was due to pumping

In other words the extra high price in $$$ (approx 20 cents) was smoke and mirrors. It went from around 7-8 cents to approx 20 cents in a few weeks and mainly due to pumps. That did not reflect the announcements but maybe 2 or three times that.

Today it is 17.6 cents which is drop of 12% in $$$ and a drop of just under 25% in BTC terms.

If you look at MAID price in only BTC terms then 10K is just under 1/2 the high BTC value. But if as we expect BTC to be like 1300-1400 at that time then its only a drop of just over 30% in $$$ Which is much less a drop then the massive rise form approx 8 cents to 20 cents. Its still a rise of 8 cents to 14 cents and yet the BTC price is the same.

To me that is not depressing but encouraging that if it does not go below 8K BTC that MAID has not only stood its ground but gain in light of pump/dumpers and market manipulation.

Perhaps the biggest gains will be the number of people holding is rising and the amounts they hold are rising due to the apparent price drops from (overpriced) ATH and them buying while its “cheap”


I Moved some recent posts that were all about BTC and not about MAID. The new topic can be found here and discussions of that nature can continue there :slight_smile:

I only moved them because the discussions here were becoming mostly about BTC and its future and not how it impacts on MAID price.


I have submitted a request to Polo asking to have MAID added to the USDT market.
The more the merrier if you have 20 seconds to spare, please submit one too, muchas gracias :grin:

Edit: not only to have access to the market but a decent USD chart that comes with it will be cool.


Any ideas on price movement coming days ?


A lot of downward pressure still. As @Jabba said it could even go lower than 10K. 10K is still a lot better than a couple of months ago in $$$ terms. And way better than 12 months ago.


think it has to be going down quite a bit so some good buying options coming up


As always I’m to late , I should have listened to the hints. I have a small portion to trade with but never did it. This time this had been pretty well if I sold and bought back…


BTC trades at nearly $1.2k.
That means, if MAID hits 10k Satoshi, it would still stand at healthy 11-12 cents.
I think it could easily go lower both in BTC and USD terms. What is crucial in my opinion, is what the updates bring up. The vaults hype pushed high, but now, that we still don’t have them, the disappointment drags back.
If we have a successful test 12c, then I’m sure we’re gonna go through the roof. If not, brace yourselves.


The price seems to be largely dictated by the speculator market moving between various other options.

Once you buy BTC you quickly realise the charges for changing it in and out of fiat are too high, so it is preferable to hedge in and out of Alts instead of $s as BTC swings up and down. I expect that plays a part.

But there are also a lot of us who would not sell ‘all’ of our Alt coins regardless of the BTC movements, so eventually the excessive swings relative to BTC movements go the other way and Alts get dragged up by the BTC gains, as hodlers continue to hold some of their Alts through to the other side of the boom or they get re bought when it stabilises.

Everything will depend on BTC for those who sold some and are hoping for a bigger drop before they rebuy. If the ETF passes then 10k sats could easily be over 30c within a few weeks. Not that the ETF seems likely. I’d be pretty happy to see us at 20-30c a coin and even happier to buy more MAIDS at sub 10k prices, so a serious BTC boom is fine by me. Liquidity is king at the end of the day. As long as you save a few btc you can always take advantage of these cycles. You don’t need to catch the falling knife perfectly, as long as you can feel good about getting more MAIDS stashed away the dips don’t feel so bad.

On the other hand, 12c and alpha etc will be big booms in themselves and proportionally probably bigger than the BTC one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So you have to make sure you are still fairly exposed to that if it comes unexpectedly. A fine and gradual balancing act. Much easier to just hold and ignore it all until safecoin, or punt very small %s that you don’t mind banking when you’re wrong, you can’t cheat an honest trader :sweat_smile:


Personally, I would think it brave to jump ship to Bitcoin right now. There is a lot happening in maidsafe at the moment and there has already been a substantial blow off on maidsafecoin. Each to their own though!


Agreed. And I’d also add that it’s likely the BTC will correct down.


Need to have some perspective though. A blow on what? The smoke and mirrors pump or the real value?

My view is that the real value is more measured*** in the lows where the manipulators have removed their pump/dump investments and MAID is standing on its own. (*** not entirely measured this way obviously)

In BTC terms

  • around 14+ months ago the lows were somewhere in the 5-6K
  • approx 12 months later (around two months ago) the lows were 8-9K
  • weeks ago the lows were around 12K - but this was not a low low but the start of a rise due to activity
  • then pumps + holders buying more took it to 20+K
  • now we are seeing the pumpers taking their BTC back as the price of BTC rises.

If 14K becomes the new low then MAID has massively risen. Not a blow at all

Even if the new low goes down to 10K, then it is still a massive rise, not a blow.

It can hit 9K without it being a blow at all.

Then to top it off this new low will be on top of a large rise in BTC price which equates to a massive rise in the $$$ price of MAID