MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I find daytrading very inefficient and just not worthit.


So we are going down again. .


I think it’s just a little fluctuation, but I bet there are some people who sold that are praying to all gods that will listen that it is going down! :sweat_smile:


Couple weeks ago we were happy with 60mil today it doesn’t feel comfortable when going back to that level :grinning: Omg what did I started (trading/investing) !


I think where the price will go depends entirely on what the future updates will bring. The correction we’re seeing is due to the delayed new test net and the bugs in the last one.
If that gets swiftly corrected, we can see upward movement again. If not, frustration can bring the price way lower I think.


Honestly I don’t know how much of a retraction is required for it to be called a correction but to me this is just a weekend slump, less than a cent…
I mostly agree that some may get frustrated if 12c exposes more bugs but let them sell at their peril, the whole point of the tests is to find bugs and that’s exactly what’s happening.


You can’t have parabolic rises without corrections.

Look how much value was gained and how quickly it appeared. I’d say correcting down to 18-19c after that is nothing, and it could just as easily change course back up for another big jump in the next few days or weeks, with corrections accompanying each and every sudden, large movement.

We hit 6c low in Dec, little over 2 months later we knocked on the door of 22c. No surprise the market has to catch its breath.


There are thousands ways of doing it wrong and very few ways of doing it right, in any skill.
The thing that matters is not the performance of the masses but the consistent performance of the few.


This is the way I see it.

Also corrections are just part of the course. MAID was pumped up, how long that can last is anyone’s guess. If it lasts long enough then the next rise will start from a high point.

I should read more posts before replying :slight_smile: hey @Jabba

The big sudden pumps involved a lot of BTC and personally I doubt that was people who want to hold MAID. MAID has been pumped and dumped many times in the past and its likely that this is again another. We could easily see a correction back down to 0.00015000 BTC, especially if the price of BTC rises a lot more.


Is there a spreadsheet that shows the distribution of MAID at the time of the crowdsale, what I am wondering is what amounts went to big players?

I wish there were a way to determine how many have been lost due to inaccessible accounts over time…
Perhaps it will be apparent when it comes time to exchange? Hopefully if there is a cut off date the amount not exchanged would be possible to calculate??


Here you go. Create one for all of us :wink:

The start of MAIDsafecoin and who received the initial sends


Don’t you contradict yourself a bit when you also say that TA doesn’t work? I think the people who are consistently profitably with TA trading prove that there’s more to it than luck.


That’s probably better than an spreadsheet showing initial distribution, just a quick scroll throw shows many of the bigger amounts have already been spread out.

What are your thoughts about if we will eventually know how many have been lost?


That will be simple. The hard bit will when to consider finalised.

When the MAIDSAFEcoin tokens are exchanged for SAFEcoin then what has not been sent to the (assumed) burn address can be considered lost after a certain period of time


@Savage you might be interested in

It shows the distribution of MAIDSAFEcoin


If at any point I thought I had accumulated a nice little stash… that rich list just bust my bubble :unamused:

  1. Is Polo not a single person… makes me feel a smidge better :relaxed:


I want to know who has this one


Over 4m from the crowdsale, then they just accumulated ever since, sending pretty big chunks each time from polo, irregularly but constantly, now on over 8M.

I remember hearing speculation after the 6M dump last year that the 38M wallet was most likely some mastercoin whale who took advantage of the 2014 crowdsale situation.

It would be nice to be anywhere on that top 100 list wouldn’t it?! Although it’ll be healthier for the ecosystem when distribution is better, after a few more jumps and some selling. That 38M wallet will continue to be the one to watch imo. After the way he sold so insensitively before you have to like the chances of him doing it again, even if in smaller chunks. If we notice a big lump move from there we should all try to get out in front of it with our own shorts and sells… at least then we can bounce the price back up when we close/rebuy and pick his pocket a little if we’re quick :wink:


My memory is foggy now but was it not said to be coins left on the exchange?
There is a thread here somewhere about it.


Well said. :sunglasses:


The 90m is coins left in polo cold wallet. Their hot wallet only has little over 1M in it. Which exchange do you think that one belongs to? Bittrex has 4.6M. I’m not sur which exchange that could be, but it would be one very inactive cold wallet and it was the source of the 6M dump on polo from 26k down to 22k (ish) during the first big rise to 10c… i think anyway… I can’t find reference now, I could be misremembering :confused: