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I’ll see that slice of commitment pie and raise it :wink:


I’ll call your raise :wink:


The interest rates are shit and that Wall of the North on 0.0912% has been practically inexpugnable so far, would this indicate that there isn’t enough bears?

People, get your spacesuits ready… I think we are going to the moon.


Lol mine’s probably even more extreme than that :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not really diversified I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


someone is dumiping right now


Nice to see the total number of Maids kept on Polo has been decreasing. 90M now. The cold wallet has been getting smaller for a while. That’s probably the best indicator for the rate at which we’re acquiring new investors/believers - rather than just short-term traders trying to ride ripples.

Still only 4M in the sell book atm too. I don’t think this run is over yet, although it may drop more before it goes back up. If you remember the ‘MVP’ bubble it came in ebs, flows and shakeouts: there were plenty of dips on the way up that steep spike. I’d guess at more upward movement over the next few weeks personally.


I think you’re probably right. On the chart below, price is moving between the upper Bollinger Band and the 5-day moving average (blue line between the bands). It moves up to touch the upper Band every day and generally finds support at the 5-day moving average. As long as we keep touching the band, we keep moving higher IMO.


In any case, we’re just coming down from an all time high. Congrats!
I hope Maidsafe used the opportunity! @nicklambert?


I think I’d rather they held them for now tbh (not that it matters what I think lol). If they can wait for post testsafecoin to sell anything I think it would be worth the wait. There are some big pretty jumps not too far ahead of us imo.


Ha, so David likes my comment and Nick yours @rand_om . Perhaps they have had a fair amount of in-house debate about it too? :smile:

Kudos to the team for the ballsy and savvy move of holding those BTC from BttF as well.

After all the hard work and stumbling blocks so far, it feels like perhaps Maidsafe is due a bit of ying to that yang. A well-deserved snowball of excitement and good fortune throughout 2017 please. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


94mil market cap now… has 100 mil been cracked on this run yet?


Afaik, 97 mil was the top so far, couple days ago.


Has it ever been 100mil ever?


No. The blue line in the graph below shows where MaidSafeCoin has been all this while. We are now in all time high market cap territory, and firmly I would like to add. XBT price wise we are not, on the other hand. But that might change this year too, me thinks. :slight_smile:

On another note, it is clearly visible in this graph why MaidSafeCoin is struggling around the 20,000 satoshis level. It has been a resistance in 2015 and 2016 again. When this resistance pops, there is an almost empty road to 30,000 satoshis.


I’ll call it now. 50 cents each by May.


Not quite but I suspect it will be quite soon.

Just look at all the projects from 7-1. None of them could hold a candle to a functioning SAFEnet. As we get closer to that reality the market will have to start to recognise it. It’s one thing for a blockchain spin-ff ‘Alt coin’ project to get cocky and boast that it does everything bitcoin does but better (yawn to that old song): it’s quite another for an antecedent project to threaten to move the goal posts to a completely different playing field.


And because MaidSafe didn’t use the Ethereum type hype machine, we are where we are. And that’s good, I think. But the catchin’ on might be furious. Relentless. No mercy for the shorters.


New plan, don’t cash out until Safecoin becomes mainstream enough to be exchanged directly for national currency on a main exchange.

Edit: Plan B

Or wait until Safecoin can be used to by goods directly at a store.


Even better, settle into SAFEcoins in any future earnings too. It would be a better store of value/wealth than any other current option out there - gold, fiat, btc etc. SAFEcoin is backed by it’s own utility value to store and serve data. I’d take that over anything of the other options. A resource based-economy with abundance and inclusion rather than ones based on debt or scarcity please. The more I think about it the less inclined I am to ever ‘sell’ any. Although I’d be happy to spend them as you say. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whenever the new season’s honey flows in, you’ll be able to buy jars of fresh raw honey through me. :slight_smile: