MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

  • I looked at the exchange page for MAID and in there under the sell book there is the total MAID for sale
  • Then I looked on the lending page and above the offers is the total MAID up for offer (does not include MAID actively lent)


A dozen salt water gargles later, and a water bottle, and water with a half lemon squeezed in it, an attempt to sleep, and various bathroom trips, I’ve destroyed the beginnings of a would-otherwise-be huge cold. Now I’m cursed with knowledge of seeing this new craziness unfold. (It’s trying to go past 21000sat.)


I hope people read and think about that article.

I don’t own a mobile phone and I keep my coins in paper wallets or hardware wallets.

There are so many ways for smart criminals to get access to your money, and in crypto you never get it back ofc. I hope everyone is very careful with whatever they have. I’d imagine people will be scowering this forum in a year or two looking for the biggest holders to try to steal from. Best to make yourself a very awkward target to go after.


That was over 300 BTC pumped into MAID around an hour ago. Peaked at 21,138

Last couple of weeks has seen a lot of MAID bought up.


Wonder if all this MAID changed to stronger hands, or if it’s a big trader whale who at one point will dump it to pieces.


I suspect this.

Moving to stronger hands would do it slowly. Not big buys of 300 or 500 BTC worth.

Get more MAID for the BTC if do it over days/weeks at small amounts, to do it in big hits sounds like someone who wants to pump the price. Anyone who is buying big (>1500BTC) because they want to hold will also know that MAID is a while yet before beta let alone live and know they have time to spread out their buys.


Agreed - only keep an eye on this as a currency, has a long way to go and a lot to do but value wise I could have been a lot richer. Sold a lot at a 1/4 of this price but its heavily manipulated and this looks like another one of these times.

Turned 2 BTC into 3.5, sold out the lot now, will wait for another buy in. Thanks Maidsafe, hope the software comes together for you soon.


Never loan at a lower rate than the market. If you want to loan just match the current lowest.
Don’t auto renew


I don’t have the kahunas to do it. My logic suggests sell and buy back later. But there is always the possibility another test is released in a couple days… it’s an awesome success, Alpha 2 is released shortly after… the price keeps going… I jump off a cliff.


If you have not enough fomo I really recommend looking @ ethereum charts somewhere around 70mil and 3months later.


I don’t think it’s worth risking selling unless you really need to try to make cash. Long term hodl.


Thanks Andrew! Yea that auto-renew screws it up. And that dude sitting there with 6 mill on the book at such a low rate. Jez.


haha thats excatly my thinking. What if… alot of smaller coins have done 10x… i dont want to miss maidsafe’s 10x. So holding is better strategy - unless you got crazy trader skills and can manage the thrill


I’m lucky enough to have got some around the 2 cent mark so already there :wink:


I got burned a bit by jumping out around 15-16, seemed like it had made a good run and there was a lot of resistance. I got most of my position back but spread out over 16-18. Tough to jump back in after a rise, always waiting for a pullback to pull the trigger.

Not easy to trade these markets. It’s why I won’t usually use stop-limits. Whale will sell a bunch at once to hit the stops and shake out the weak hands. Then buy it back up and you are looking at trying to buy back in above your sell price. I never expected 20+ with BTC @ 1k, but these crypto markets keep surprising me. So much buying over last few weeks would make me think there will be a large sell off in our future but who knows how high we can go before that happens? Wild times!


Whales have the largest brains in the animal kingdom.
I suspect that the Maidhodler Whale has the most intelligent strategy and quite possibly is aware of knowledge regarding timing we are not privy to.


Try some hard liquor mate.


oh yeah that’s a thing. I could do that, eventually. Still got the flu anyway, hah, so I took cold med.

I’m starting to think that nobody will ever sell and push the price down.
Thursday’s coming, too, though who knows what that’ll do.


Crypto porno,
A couple of month ago I was regretting going too deep in to Maidsafe, Now it feels sooo good seeing the MaidSafeCoin slice grow :slight_smile:


Another nice Screenshot from
Closing in on Etherium Classic!