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If we want to do technical analyzes of maid should we do it with the price of bitcoin or the price of dollar?


You should do it by observing the star constellations and throwing some chicken bones. They are as effective as technical analysis.


I’m not selling a single dime of safecoins till it hits at least $5 each. If that means another few years so be it.


Here’s my view: If volume jumps up that much it’s mostly traders from what I’ve observed. It should go down again, everything else would be very weird. The pumper(s) have just waited for the vaults from home, that was the next big news from Maidsafe. They have accumulated MAID shortly before dev updates and sold when no big news came. That’s what I think I have observed at least twice. So now theyre pumping it up a lot, ppl fomo and jump in, just to be surprised by the sudden dump.
FWIW, I think it won’t go down that much anymore, at least a couple 100 btc will probably stay.


hmhmm - but maybe some people really got what maid is about after the presentation of @lightyear and after the release of the first github-via-safe-client here in the forum + some chat apps being here + the wallet-app and the news about safe with the authenticator being enabled for mobile :open_mouth:

ps: 23k at yuanbao with peak of 25


Or the sweet tweets about mutable datas capabilities. Like alt coins, e-voting, forums, etc :slight_smile:


The volumes are still lower than both the March and August 2016 spikes. Volumes are definitely up, but it hasn’t gone as bonkers as before yet, IIRC.


They try to buy all the coins, we much not let them.


I came up with the same formulation for my own stash, too. $5 is a good sell-off point, but only for a small small/tiny fraction of it. Then keep the rest of it until $50 or beyond. $10 is a great place of satisfaction as well, and I have to wonder if it’ll stay there for awhile.


I’m sure some new ppl have heard of SAFE and realised it’s potential. But I don’t believe that’s enough to effectively double the market cap. Especially within the last four weeks, market cap went up about 90% or so. That’s why I guess the price will go down.


I agree 100% i got out a while back to do some trades but will re-enter once price drops again which it will within next 24-48hrs Im betting.


Doubt it will reach $50.


It’s the only currency I could see going next to bitcoin because of its unique non-blockchain infrastructure, simultaneously better solving the same problems (and more). If anything $100 would be the max believable for awhile, which would be around where bitcoin is now (depending on the amount of safecoin in circulation), until the entire world sees a use for it—rather than being stuck in the mentality that bitcoin needs to set all absurdly high precedents—where it could then go even higher. There are many applications for it, useful for every individual and every company/corporation.


Unfortunately I have been thinking this for the last week :sob:

I am sure it will drop again, but when is something I’ve given up on trying to estimate.

Hopefully you are right, I could do with a few more MAID


My biggest concern as the price rises are the security protocols used by omniwallet and large stakeholders. This article in Forbes online about early btc adopter Jared Kenna is an important study in best security practices
Some of us use cold storage for our Maid, while I suspect most of us also use for storage of some coins. This will make a huge honeypot eventually. I looked at the supply of Maid on last night and was surprised to see that there were only 3.5 million Maid available on the exchange. The relatively small number of maid available means the price could easily go up 3 or 4x in a short order.
The gist of the Forbes article was that a highly motivated thief can use your recovery phone number to transfer ownership of your entire internet identity making your 2FA useless. When I learned this I removed my phone number as a recovery option for my google identity. I hope the phone service providers present a remedy to this attack vector soon.


There is 5 million up for sale right now. and 8 million available for lending

So I think the 3.5 million is not quite right as there will be a lot more than those 13 million on poloniex


When I looked at was available for sale last night there were only 3.5mil. Either way it is reasonable to assume that many people buying today are looking at going long. Whether 13 mil or 3 mil It wouldn’t take too many wealthy investors to deplete what is available on the exchanges and drive up the speculative price significantly. Thanks for the clarification on availability, where did you find that information?


Also if you look at the cold storage address for poloniex then it becomes apparent that there is a lot of MAID that potentially could be added to the selling list

1Co1dhYDeF76DQyEyj4B5JdXF9J7TtfWWE 92 million

And their working storage has 1.5 million


Thats great news. Well done inspector!