MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


If? Lol. I reckon ETH levels easily. Maybe even LTC levels back in its day. People reading this should not fear although MAID is in a market with all the pulls and pushes just take a look at it over time and compare it with other coins. Consistent, slow and secure uptrend.


Another 450BTC pumped into MAIDSAFEcoin over what seems to be one hour.

Price peaked at 18.8K which is over 18 cents in $$$ terms


Anybody know why doesn’t include in it’s markets? I ask because if it had, the price would be much higher on there.


Actually the coinmarketcap screen shot I took was after the price had dropped from 18,800


The price seems pretty volatile right now. It’s now to 0.000183 on yuanbao and bouncing around a lot on poloniex.


In the past we used to see these pumps of around 500 BTC followed a day or 2 later by a dump after the price had climbed a lot higher after the pump.

But the last week there has been 2 or more major pumps with the obvious dump.


I am still watching and learning what the market does and will do.


I queried that a while back too. Currently 1000 sat arbitrage opportunity between Polo and Yuanbao.


Very cool stuff, more then 2 years of faith in maidsafe and now the market is rewarding the hodlers :slight_smile: . Took off some coins to balance risk and now holding remainder for years. May have been a bit early :slight_smile: but that is life.

Maybe the market is now realising that safenet not ethereum could be the foundation layer of the internet of blockchains and more. Think of the multi-GB bitcoin blockchain being handled by vaults - growth cease to become an issue because storage is paying for itself via safecoin.


An exciting start to 2017. Last year did even better though.


How was last year even better? In the percentage increase terms?


I feel quite sorry for the last few loan orders I still have out. A couple of these guys have borrowed from me at near 1% to short from 13-14k :confused:. Crazy buggers. Their margin positions must look pretty ugly by now. They’ve paid me well over 10% and their position is down around 40%.

Shorting a bull is a dangerous game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Reminds me why I haven’t done any margin trading for the best part of a year though. You can’t cheat an honest trader. Who needs that kind of stress in their lives when there is such an obvious and amazing story to fall in love with?! :grin:


1% How do you manage that when the loan order book on polo starts at 0.08%?
Yea, Im holding my Maid. Tried the trading game a while ago and figured, its not worth the sleepless nights. Rather hoddle.


A bigger question. I guess you said it before. Problem is the auto renew function of the loans. Of course game theory says loaners should all put a high %, but some ppl put it low and then its a race to the bottom at everyon’s loss - borrowers gain. Do u have a strategy for how to get a better %? Would be interesting to know as I would follow that.


There was a period of a few weeks where there was little over 1M in the lending book and rates were very high. 1.4% was the highest I saw. It ended with the start of this bull run though and a flood of cash into lending again. My last one of 0.7% just closed.

Just check back when there has been a bear market for a few weeks. If we’ve lost more than 50% of the btc value then you can be sure a lot will have left the lending book. Then when it starts to recover traders will short the gains, demand will exceed supply in the loan market and rates will jump again.

I wouldn’t expect that to happen for a while now tbh. Not with Maid anyway. And it never lasts for long either. Nice when you get it though.


Cool. Thanks a lot for the input! Thanks for sharing.


00022 Yuanbao that’s about 22cents. :boom:


I’m really thinking people have woken up to the decentralized platform of Maidsafe because of Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges being frozen in China for 30 days.

EDIT:Or some big whale with too much time on their hands is playing games…:-\


nice:) volume is too low though. If you try arbitrage, i bet you will move the price very fast


MAID is the highest volume in Polo, for the first time displacing Ether.


Holy moly! Blockchains down, safenet up! :slight_smile: