MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


The majority of altcoins can only be bought with bitcoin, hence the price of altcoins dropping when the price of bitcoin drops. But when you look closely at MaidSafeCoin today for example, you will notice the satoshi price has actually been climbing (a little) today! So bitcoin dropped say 10% in price, while MaidSafeCoin 'only' dropped 7% in price. These numbers fluctuate wildly every minute, but I hope you get the idea.


Ah ok got it, still a peg. I know some can be bought with dollar and rembini so I couldn’t believe they where connected some way but then probably those volumes are also to small to the weight of btc?


This shows exactly what I mean. Screenshot taken from CoinMarketCap a few minutes ago. Maid in bitcoin up, Maid in $ down.

And yes, those and yuan/renminbi (hope I spelled that right lol) numbers are too small to be taken seriously currently. It's a bitcoin dominated market, with tons of other altcoin trading pairs, but these altcoin trading pairs consequently end up dropping in price too when the bitcoin $ price drops.


Thanks for the explanation, I can see what you mean now. I never watched it this way.

You spelled it correct :wink:


250BTC just pumped into MAIDSAFE

Brought it up to 17200 and BTC is $1000 so MAIDSAFE is worth 17.2 cents at the moment


Yeah, this is a rather rare phenomenon. Bitcoin and Maid rising at the same time, causing an acceleration in the $ price of Maid. Enjoy as long as it lasts, here’s one above to print, frame and hang next to your desk, lol!


Most of the shorts have pretty much closed or been squeezed out/liquidated.

Meh, needs another 500% rise before it even starts to get interesting though really :wink:

Won’t take long though, it’ll zoom up once we get testsafecoin going.

Once we hit $ not cents we’ll all have some decisions to make.




MAIDs were being lent for 0.7% on polo a week ago, I still have one going on since Jan 30 :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, that asshole who have the offer wall at 0.0912% might not be only one guy, but actually aggregated from several people.
The thing that breaks the lending system is the “auto-renew” feature…


Wake me up when it hits $2. Maybe then I might consider selling a little for profits. I want to start using the rest at the network itself. :slight_smile:


if it gets to $2 lets throw a party at Troon.

Don't even THINK about throwing a party at MAID = $1

The only price I care about is the price of Safecoin!


Theres also a lending bot which doesn’t allow a lot of tweaking, so most accounts bid for the same percentage. Most times that percentage has the largest amount of MAID.


yeah, I will write my own bot, that lending bot is crap


We will start in Troon end in Ibiza with a stop over in Vegas!


You must be the one with that lending wall over at polo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha. I wish, for sure not me :joy:
But you are correct with the prices out there these days.


Whys the price risen?


Well there has been a lot of noise & excitement over the tests that have just run. This always brings a price rise.

But also it seems that some have also pumped the price up using this noise/excitement for leverage. Buy on low end of a rise and sell at its peak. Thus the price is pushed higher than any simple rise due to excitement. We saw 250BTC pumped into MAID over 5 minutes yesterday


I’m long term hodler. Not looking to ride waves.


Me too, except I tried to ride a wave around 14800 to 15200 satoshi, which was more like an extreme pressure: BTC was rising, MAID was rising, and there was an immense sell wall.

I ended up losing several thousand MAID (bought everything back in at 15200). So much for that.

I’ve been holding for years so I got a little impatient, but after that attempt I now, even more firmly, believe: You sell you lose.

But to be fair, there appears to be a certain whale/bot pattern right now. Maybe a more predictable “sell now!” pattern will emerge in the future. …Followed by a mass buyer increase suddenly [/facetiousness …!?].