MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I would never leave my coins on poloniex.


Didn’t sell because it was low and I started hesitating more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


MAID is going against the tend at the moment and is rising/holding while BTC climbs. Many other Altcoins (eg ETC, XMR, ZEC, …) are going down against BTC for the last day or so.


Yea, they should have split it up with most at higher levels.

Now its 5.7 million at 0.1986% And 11 Million available for lending, yet its still keeping up around the 0.19%

Oh yes it was. A few thousand at near 2% for > 10 days netted me most of the interest I got. 2% is only a dream now, till the holders of > 5 million stop lending


It goes through cycles in there. I was getting sick rates for a while last year too and the same thing happened. I’ll move my coins straight back off when some of those big orders break themselves up into pieces. It really isn’t worth the risk of keeping them on an exchange once it drops imo. Polo is just begging to be hacked, there must be people constantly having a go. I have to be paid quite well to swallow that kind of risk and even then I only put half on, just in case I get unlucky with my timing.


I haven’t even got anywhere near 1/10th although what I do have on there is worth more in BTC & $$$ than 15% of what I paid for my MAID.


With the rising price of Maidsafecoin, I hope Maidsafe still has a majority of the Maidsafecoins left over from the crowd sale.


Maidsafe holding steady :slight_smile: I’ve tracked some top50 richlist addresses and a bunch of big ones went from poloniex to newly created addresses. No further transactions done then, so I think we have some extra believers attracted :grin:


I think this time we might get to pierce all time highs, once a functional vault is delivered. I think it could easily touch 0.0003.


We are at ATH, you can’t measure previous performance against another asset (btc) that has more than doubled in value.

We’re over 15cents now at near $70M market cap. That’s 10x from 14 months ago!


Looks like a couple whales are battling it out with their walls. I just added to my stash, but honestly am worried that the price might drop if the buy-side whale pulls his wall (for whatever reason), given the difficulties with Test 12. Though I suppose the sell-side whale could pull his walls just as easily … But it seems likely that the buy-side whale is one person, whereas I’m less sure about the sell-side, and if there are multiple and not-coordinated, it means there will likely be some push-back remaining. Also Polo lending rates are still really high. Again, could be from one person, but fsr it doesn’t seem likely to me. Anyway, thoughts while everyone else is watching the “sportsball game” (as a past gf used to call it) … :wink:


Damn, looks like MAID has a guardian angel-whale … :slight_smile:


Yea crazy. Now there is a dude with 6 million maid at 0.0912%. If the lenders were a little game theory oriented, they would increase the rates…


You might as well forget about lending for 6-12 months now. The rates will only go back up after a few booms and busts. You only get good rates after a bear market because lenders have taken it out preferring to be liquid than earning less interest than the value is dropping.

We’ll need to wait for a big hype cycle now, then after it has started retracing from all the fomo you’ll see that money drip back out of lending again.

That 6M lender is crazy. He will get every order put in front of him and he holds the rate down for himself and everyone else. There is no point in putting in big numbers, the only sensible thing to do is dribs and drabs - on auto renew if you can’t be bothered micro He’s even more crazy for leaving that kind of money on Polo if you ask me though. :wink:


Yea good point. Keeping 6m on polo… holly cow. Imagine polo gets hacked and maid soars… he’d be standing on a bridge :slight_smile:


And thanks for the insights on the lending market. Makes sense!


No worries. If you don’t have the time or stomach for trading, but you’re bullish about something with modest volume that has been in a bear market for a while, then buying and sticking it straight in lending is usually a good bet for some nice returns. You’ll earn great rates before it turns the corner and everyone else starts holding again.

I remember getting 1-2% a day on Dash for about 2 weeks in 2015. It was really sick! Shame I sold it all before the seriously big jumps /doh!


Awsome - thnaks again for these tips!


Wowzer there are a lot of shorts open in MAID! Several million added to an already short-heavy market. It’ll be fun watching them close their positions at some point ;).


Why is such a btc drop always spread to most alts ? I really don’t understand this. Every time the same.
@Jabba @neo or someone else an explanation ?

The most crazy part for me it’s always all at once.
Purely traders? I can’t see a peg to btc in my eyes?

Update: Ok today I understand because exchanges pausing withdrawals but normal this isn’t the case and then we have the same phenom happening ?