MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I’m gonna sell some 5k € this evening and buy back in later because i think we’re going to hit a blood red wall this weekend in cryptoland … Just a feeling I’m no pro. It has been going to long to good imo. All major coins are pretty high momently.


I feel the same about the prices being ready for a drop soon, but I’m not willing to risk missing out on a big jump, which is inevitable at some point between now & ‘the moon’, but timing cannot be predicted.

I guess betting that Maid will trade at lower than the current price at some point in the next 6-12 months is fairly safe… but you never know!


MAID is a Lotto ticket for a lot of investors I think, but the more time passes, and the closer MAID’s team gets to actualizing the vision, the better the odds are of that Lotto ticket popping. That’s the problem IMO of betting against MAID right now. If things progress as I think we’re hoping for now (given the new hires, and overcoming the refactoring bottleneck), then it may be hard to suppress public awareness and interest—and I believe a corresponding reaction in the market. May be wishful thinking, not sure. Time’ll tell …


Yeah I’m hesitating about it but I want to buy a laptop and I need some cash… Could be the most expensive laptop I’ll ever buy. I never sold one coin f maidsafe but actually the plan was to sell 5k buy laptop 2.5k invest the rest in antshares wait a week or so and buy back into maidsafe muhaha wishfull thinking :grinning: Things sometime go wrong so I’m afraid, don’t know if it will be better tonight :sweat_smile:


I had the option 1.5 years ago: Buy the apple watch (ca. 650 USD) or Bitcoin. Now im not using the watch at all (anyone wanna buy it? :slight_smile: ) and meanwhile i could have bought around 2.5 BTC at that time. Today worth: 2400 USD. A most expensive watch indeed. The scary thing is that im strating to thing like this for everyting i buy now… not the cost of the thing itself, but the alternative cost of buying crypto instead… maid, btc, eth etc.


Actually you should forget about it once you bought something with the coins, those coins are gone :grinning: It’s hard and unforgivable to yourself I know :wink: same mental issue here for the moment.

Actually I’m asking myself if the money that flow into alt-land is coming from the profits some made on bitcoin and are spreading their portfolio into other projects they believe in, or just manipulation done to blind us this way because bitcoin raised so much last months…


I don’t think about the coins as money for now.
The money in my bank is “important” to me the money I have in crypto has very little emotional connect… if it did I would be gray and never sleep.


That’s one way of looking at it. The other way is to think of it as a fantastic anti-consumerism mechanism. A deflationary currency like bitcoin is designed to appreciate over time. What that does is force you to ask yourself the question: do I really need this thing? So impulsive non-essential purchases don’t happen, whereas essential ones do. Or do I really need it now? Personally, I think that’s a very healthy attitude vs the compulsive buying so prevalent in today’s society (of which I’m definitely a victim).


You don’t have money in the bank, you have currency in the bank. :wink:


And with a debt-based system a positive balance in your account means someone else is holding an equal amount of debt plus the interest due. I keep almost nothing in the bank. My small passive incomes go in and my bills come out, with very little wiggle-room in between.

I would not sleep well at night thinking of my security resting in the bank and someone else having to hold the debt burden for me.

Systemic risk in banking is terrifying. Your bank is a lot more likely to default on your deposits or limit your access to them (as has happened recently in a few places in the EU) than bitcoin is to fail imo. In fact, I think it’s reasonable to say that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ so much as ‘when’ that systemic risk comes home to roost. Not to mention the fact that any money you keep in the bank will be worth less with each passing day of course.

I sleep much better knowing my family’s security is stored in crypto (trezor and offline cold wallets), precious metals and property. I feel much safer despite everyone telling me I’m the one taking the huge risks. The only thing better would be if someone would create the first currency backed by some kind of real utility demand. That would be sick. Now if we had some kind of resource-based currency as an option I’d go for that for sure… /chuckles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Spreading the investment

Agreed to the point where I have way more in MIAD alone than I have in the bank but I don’t live of MAID or other investments… I keep about 2 months living expenses in the bank.


Amen to that, I do exactly the same.


Well said, my feelings also. We don’t know when it happens, and it might not happen after all. But my guess is the chances that it will happen in the upcoming years are over 50%, hence my decision to step almost completely out of the system, so to say. For several years already I’m using my savings in bitcoin and maid to pay the big bills, where the monthly bills are paid almost immediately when my salary comes in.

If you can look beyond the occassional exchange losses (which are gains in other transactions), it works really well.

Exactly. Spot on.


Woah, lots of pressure on MAID today. Could the whale be done playing in our pond?

Hopefully we have a good update tomorrow.


It was not a whale, but a duck: @4M8B said he wanted to sell some Maid, and the market has reacted :wink:


I was expecting uptrend towards 70mil till tomorrow not down :smile: Down is a no-go for me lolz I’ve been waiting a year now to buy a laptop, so a couple weeks extra is no prob to me. I’ll probably stick by the initial plan and hold on maid. Actually I invested months ago in some other coin to make quick buck and then to reinvest in my most beloved projects, and to buy the laptop, but the project is in delay (from my sight misinterpreted :blush:)


Guess not :slight_smile: I made 800 on lending a few thousand

Yesterday, some hours after you made the post, someone put 1 million MAID up for lending at 0.2% which kinda made it difficult to get any more than 0.1999% since everyone else moved their offers below that 1 million offer.


What is lending? Sounds risky :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I regretted saying it too when i looked back at poloniex a few hours later and saw millions appear lol. Sorry.

And what a twat that guy is for choosing that low, most of mine is now out at 0.1999 too. He could have chosen 0.7 and still had the same amount taken out, but we would all have gotten 0.6999 at least ;).

Oh well, it was a nice couple of weeks while it lasted.



I hate leaving it on polo. Once it goes under 0.1% I’ll take it back off. Above that it’s worth the risk with half my coin imo.

This is lending to margin short traders for % fee, if that wasn’t clear. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope you did wait. The price seems it will go somewhat higher than when you thought of selling before.