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Sorry for being ignorant but I wish I understood how you can make meaningful predictions from these trends on the price graph. What arcane Rules of The Market are (allegedly) in play here? Why should the market do one thing or another because the lengths and gradients of certain lines are in some particular ratio?


Great questions :slight_smile: I’ve not a clue about how accurate such charts are for trends. It’s voodoo to me lol. I saw it on trading view and thought I’d share. I’m thinking they are tying to find retracement patterns and use those and guide for buying. I buy what I can afford when i think we are at lows. Keeping an eye on the amazing project we are witness too. I don’t trade just accumulate at this point.

If there is anyone else here that could shed some light at how the fibonacci sequence is being used and what they are hopping to achieve please comment.


The short answer is that they don’t.

According to financial study litterature/science it is not possible to make predictions about future price from price history, not even in weak markets.

That is probably why most fund managers over long time don’t beat index when comparing profit and risk.


I think it’s more important to consider the value in an asset and not the price. 99% of traders in crypto, or even the stock market look only at the price to determine if something is worth buying. How often do you look at the ranked 100+ projects of coinmarketcap?

How long it takes the big fish to see the value, now we have the first iteration of vaults from home and hopefully more regular artefacts being delivered is anyones guess. But while we have cheap prices, it great for everyone here.


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Friend, this is not an astrology. This is an exact science, with exact rules…

To be as clear as possible. The price depends only on whether people sell and whether people buy. Everything else is astrology…


Care to wager?

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MAID/USD - Daily Timeframe

Month of August looks most favorable for a break-out, still time to load up.


Sounds good to me. Just finishing taking down a major expense and will have cash flow again in August. I would love another chance to gorge myself.

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Oh btw, replying to your original question about making predictions based on graphs, the truth is that most typical TA sucks. and is not because of Weak-EMH, it is because commonly applied TA theories are flawed (ie. elliot waves or looking at head and shoulders, etc…) and they are trapped into apophenia.

But quantitative analysis (“quants”) is a different animal, and they do rely on heavy backtesting (something that would be completely useless if Weak-EMH were true).
Quantitative analysis is to technical analysis what chemistry is to alchemy.

If you want to learn more about “rational” technical analysis, I recommend reading Aronson’s book Evidence-Based Technical Analysis (just a link to amazon, no referral).


Quantitative analysis is a scientific method, used for making quantitative articles often using different regression models or other comparison models to compare relations between dependent and independent variables and constants.

@Southside If you are going heavy into statistics then I would recommend books about econometrics, statistics that are used in college/universities at credible economic programs or scientific method/statistics courses, when comparing to whatever @piluso suggests. I don’t know if you have that interest and I can relate to that if you don’t. Three years was enough for me and I’am glad if I never have to open a econometrics book ever again. I have suffered enough when it comes scientific articles, regression models, testing for normality, skewness, kurtosis, f-test, t-est and so on. :slightly_smiling_face: There are nerds out there that enjoys making regression models and I’am very happy that they do that so I don’t have to.

If you find things like this fun then regressions is probably your thing, today this just give me headache.


Boys, boys. Enough already!


honest, I’m not - I just wanted to know how any prediction that was worth putting good money into could be made on the basis of some lines on a graph that promised to foretell the future.
Frankly beginning to wish I hadn’t asked…
Now I know how folk feel when they ask me in a very casual manner about some aspect of aeronautical engineering and I proceed to tell them - for several hours…


I dunno about the Chicago school or the Austrian school but from the evidence above, it’s the Greeks that are winning…


That is all good, you live and learn everyday.


Probably answered elsewhere but best place to buy coins now? I used to buy on Poloniex. Thanks