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If I had 500btc I’d lay it down too. So much goodness on the way, vaults from home, Alpha 2 if it works as planned, node age and data chains.
I’d say long or short whoever that was will see an healthy return or its at least worth the gamble.


But you could spread your buys over as little as 3-4 hours and save yourself thousands rather than buying out the book and letting it retrace 10%.

Really, the only good reason for intentionally pushing up prices is the short squeeze imo. I have no problem with shorters getting smashed by whales, their loss is all of our gain ;). There have been a lot of shorts open recently in maid, lending rates went up to 1% a day two weeks ago and they’ve stayed over 0.2% most of time time since. I suspect a whale saw a good chance to splash around with that many shorts open. They can set each other off like dominos as they panic close or get liquidated. It doesn’t seem to have worked very well though yet, if that was the intention. Perhaps they will come in with another push to clear them out and create a new floor for them to pump from? :wink: Who knows? No way to know what’s really happening behind the scenes of course. That buy was suspicious though, it seems crazy to me anyway.


So last week we had 500BTC buy then a lot of sells.

Today we have 420BTC buy. Will it be followed by sells?


Good question. I’m assuming the buyer is the same, so perhaps the better questions are: has he done buying, or is he building a big position? and why is he buying now? $800k isn’t pocket change. Someone seems to believe good things are going to happen.


Agree, it feels very much like the start of a pump cycle to me. The pump relies on actual news and development to create real excitement and bring in new investment above the point the pumpers enter. It just feels like market-makers taking positions to my untrained eye.

Feels to me like a positive sign for maid holders in the short term. In the long term none of this stuff really matters that much I guess.


Makes sense. I’m not a trader, so I really don’t have a feel for the kind of size whale’s throw around, but I’m assuming you think 1000BTC is fairly standard? I’m also probably wrong, but something you said in an earlier post makes me suspect it isn’t a whale: the position management doesn’t seem typical of a professional trader right? Clearing out the order book temporarily, just to watch the price go down again seems very amateurish.

I also agree that it doesn’t mean very much, and while it’s nice to see, I’m not going to get excited until this kind of thing happens when we have a live network whose user base is scaling rapidly.


It is either someone with more money than sense, or a shrewd trader who is orchestrating with others to continue to pump and extracting free money from the shorters they trash on the way up. The only real ‘reason’ for intentionally pushing prices up is to short-squeeze and pump for profit.

I guess we’ll see soon enough. There’s no reason for fomo yet, so if they continue to chop the book to pieces it becomes less and less likely that it’s just investors who don’t understand how to not throw away 5-10% of their $500k investment when they buy from a low volume market.


True, but it looks to me like we’ve broken a very important downtrend. Here’s the daily going back to the ATH in March last year. I haven’t drawn in a trendline from the 2 previous tops, but from eyeballing it, it’s clear that’s been broken:

For a change in trend to happen, we need to break the trendline, but also (in a new bullish trend) to make a higher low and a higher high. Zooming in to more recent history, that’s exactly what’s happened:

Bottom line, I can understand why traders are getting excited here.


I absolutely agree about people having good reason to enter and take positions now.

However, there are only two reasons for buying entirely out of the sell book rather than placing orders, even if they are big orders a little above the current ask. Those two reasons are fomo/urgency and destroying short positions because their losses feed your pump and profits. There will be some fomo now, that big buy will create a bit, but there wasn’t any reason for it when he could have spread the buy over a few hours or days and got them cheaper.

Who knows though, I might just be seeing what I expect to see, not what’s really there. :confused:


So not the ‘ding an sich’ eh Mr Kant? :slight_smile:


lol, had to google despite doing Kant at uni /shameful

“Education is what remains when we’ve forgotten everything we learned at school” - Albert :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m loving this pump anyway, back to nearly 1% interest a day for the maids I keep on polo

I’m extra happy if the shorters lose their bets too, double win for me :wink:


I never bothered lending mine out as I assumed that was an annualized rate, but you’re saying it’s daily? Gulp.


lol yep, it is usually very low rates and hardly worth it for the risk of keeping it on polo. but i make new cold wallets and move half of my coin on when the rates get really high like now. 300%+ pa mmmmm

I made 15k maids last week after the boom to 1% in rates. That was 2btc in 9 days with almost no risk and no effort. Not bad by anyone’s standards really.

I probably shouldn’t advertise it and ruin the gig with more competition, but meh, it never lasts long anyway. People always come and fill in the gaps pretty quickly when there’s that much money being made :wink:


Don’t worry, your ‘secret’’ is SAFE with me :wink:

I probably came across the ‘ding an sich’ listening to Terrence McKenna read Finnegan’s Wake. Which is about as far off topic as anyMaidSafeCoin price and trading thread is ever likely to get!


Terrence McKenna - now there’s a topic worth straying off to!!!


Lol, that was quick. A lot of maid just appeared in lending. Glad mine is all out already.


Executing major buy orders off the sell book definitely looks sloppy, but one reason for doing so—aside from fomo’ing or trying to short-squeeze—is as an accumulation tactic. Basically, if you try to buy 500 BTC over the period of a few hours, it’s very hard to make the chart not hockey-stick by people fomo’ing once they see you’re continuing to buy. The result is you’re forced to buy in towards the end at higher prices than if you did it all at once. Buying gradually also creates a more sustained price rise, which makes further accumulation down the line more difficult. So whales sometime buy in sudden, large orders to make their trades seem like an anomaly—then the price settles down, people begin to forget about the jump, a correction may take place … and they do it all again.

These markets remain incredibly manipulated IMHO, so I’ve been reading about various MM tactics and this was one I came across awhile ago that seemed to make sense. No idea if it’s happening here … there’s always the possibility of it just being a sloppy trader. But it’s one other possibility of what’s going on.


Expectations must be high for MAID. I am guessing this because BTC is about to go through the 1000 barrier and MAID is staying around the 15000K mark. And that is on the back of a whale who tried a pump&dump.

Before when BTC was going through the 1000 mark the price for all alts dropped a lot. But MAID is around a all time high in $$'s and going higher as BTC goes higher.

Question is will we see a drop in the price of MAID as BTC breaks the 1000 barrier or will it keep riding the expectation curve.


Who cares? (Obviously a rhetorical retort).

BTC breaking the ATH will bring new eyes…and those eyes will see Maid.

Short term doesn’t matter with regards to the expectation curve.