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I just heard it was all done and the release date is this Thursday!


where did you hear that …? (sorry for being a little bit skeptical … but sounds a little bit like fomo to me)


Lol, unless you just heard it from maidsafe I’m going to go ahead and say it’s just someone speculating… sadly :wink:


I am jesting totally

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Missed the move from 0.0001 to 0.00013 :tired_face:

Was trading BTC/MAID in the 0.0001 / 0.00011 range and just when I converted to BTC it jumped to 0.00013. Of course I wasn’t trading the bulk, but wouldn’t mind getting back some MAID at 0.0001. So there better not be a release this Thursday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Kreckc, I like your courage to trade, personally I have held through every up and down, although every time I think I could have sold and bought back later, but hindsight is such a wonderful tool :slight_smile:

Looks like there is alot of optimistic expectation, makes one thing when the release comes through - well price may just go nuts.


Yeah I always kept a minimum amount that I wouldn’t trade. Since I don’t mind holding either BTC or MAID (both will increase in value IMO) I figured I’d try to trade the swings. I actually bought myself a new gaming PC with some of the profits I made in december 2016 :innocent:


yeah I was trying to figure out if your logo pic was a skyrim coin or something :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the Targaryen logo from GOT :slight_smile:


Still gotta see that sometime lol


Dang that was quite a drop today, 229 BTC. Looks like a whale is trying to run the stops and scare out some (hopefully last-minute) margin calls.


Its the Pump&Dump we used to see last year for a while where the whale(s) would buy up prior to update release and FOMO would cause others to buy up too. Then they dumped before the update came out while others are still buying fearing missing on the next big MAID price rise.


But why wouldn’t they hold through the pump? One other possibility is that it’s a “test pump.” Have you read this article?


The Whales create an extra rise by buying up while it lower and expectations of a BIG announcement are rising. The others who fear missing out on some BIG announcement causing the price to rise forever buy up too.

The whales take advantage of this additional rise and cash out and move onto the next market.

The whales don’t want to tie up their funds. The can get 8%-20% from successful pumps and dumps and do this each week. Why hold? Of course you need big funds to be able to pump&dump


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An academic paper that examines the benefits of adding bitcoin to a portfolio of assets:

The last 15 minutes the price of MAID has gone up roughly 15%.
Anyone an idea why?
Someone with a lot of money has seen the light or some news I missed?


Someone bought up nearly 500btc in a bit of a rush. Feels a bit suspicious for being in such a hurry, but meh. Better up than down :wink:

An academic paper that examines the benefits of adding bitcoin to a portfolio of assets:

Loads of coins have had big pumps & dumps over the past week - maybe some whales decided it’s Maid’s turn. I’d prefer it if there were a more sound explanation, but this seems to be the reality of short term crypto currency trading!


My guess is it will go to 65 or 70 Mil and then slow do again. When you think about maidsafe, I kind of think that its likely ahead of Ethereum with their planned move to POS, things could get interesting. Not sure what the latest is.