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If 10% of the coins are out at launch (it’s a bit more) and people start to build forums (mutable data) and other webservices a lot of coins go out of existence as well. If they are used faster than they are farmed you might even see the overall number of coins go down. Remember, a PUT costs you Safecoin. These coins will go out of circulation and only come back when they’re farmed again. Farming picks a random address, so big chance that coin is back in it’s cage for years before it ever gets farmed again.


Well, bitcoin had high inflation at the start and look how that has turned out - demand increased at a far higher rate.


Thanks a lot people for explaining the farming/burning obvious i was wrong about the way the coins came to the market.

Actually i am, bought Factom at their ico and equity, Ethereum at the Ico, Golem ico, decent ico. and ofcourse i own btc.

Just because i come here and ask question and had a wrong view about the Farming/burning of coins has nothing to do with beeing a investor (and you call me short-sighted).


Can someone tell me what the projected timeline is for the various upcoming releases (vaults and safecoin)? I’ve been following the Dev Updates and try to keep up with the other main threads, but FSR I’m still unclear on the timeline (even if very rough) ATM.


I think launch is Sunday 1:32pm and safecoin is 7 or 8 min later.

jk :stuck_out_tongue: but truly, sounds like nobody knows. IDK if data chains is required first or not for vaults


OK thanks :slight_smile: I realize it’s a guessing game but I’m not a developer so have a hard time following the updates sometimes. Was just wondering if someone with dev experience could wager a guess of where we are generally in the march to world dominance. :wink:


looks close to launch looking at the road map.


I am looking at 3-6 months for any relevant progress to be honest, maybe end of the year for safecoin


safecoin = live version. If MAID goes live at the end of the year, then we all buy lambos :slight_smile:

Beta should come out really soon looking at the Roadmap and github repos. That should be enough for some Porsche :stuck_out_tongue:


That should be enough for some Tesla :stuck_out_tongue:

I corrected that for you :sunflower:



Lambos damn, i wish but wont happen if it stays below 10$ each.


You could start with these Lamborghini’s:


I think I’d look back with regret from the seat of my lambo a few years later if I squandered the opportunity of being at the start of the new internet with a bag of money in my hand.

Whether you are in this to help realise the vision or to capitalise on it, I think the big win will come from building on or reinvesting in SAFE either way. Just imagine how big some of the services will get when it really does start to take over! If SAFEcoin is booming it means that reality is looking more likely.

I’m quite happy with my vauxhall for now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Luxuries are liabilities, I want to help push the world in the right direction and to make sure my family has some security. I don’t need a fancy car.

Money is just a way to subdue our sense of insecurity isn’t it?! We’re all scared that we won’t have enough for ourselves or we won’t be able to provide enough for others. You don’t need a lot of money to feel financially ‘secure’ though. You just need to invest in passive incomes and get them to exceed your monthly outgoings (that’s the aim of the game imo), so you get a little richer each month doing nothing. Then you have the time and financial security to do whatever it is that you really want to do. Security is freedom after all.

Having too much money at once is corrupting. I’ve been a gambler all my life and had my fair share of windfalls and made my share of stupid mistakes with it. Buying expensive things never made me happy for long.

I hope people spend their money wisely when SAFE does hit the mainstream, those will be some seriously life-defining decisions if it goes as we all hope.

God I sound like a patronising know-it-all most of the time don’t I?! lol :grin: /sorry.


I happen to have the connections to be able to direct any amount of money to good use (e.g. save lives, quite literally.) Just in case somebody feels like they are getting corrupted by their much wealth.


word bro :slight_smile:


You’ve silenced all the price speculation with your post (which I think is spot on, well said).
Meanwhile we’ve just seem to have broken the old all time high. Seemed worth a mention, afterall this is the price topic :slight_smile:


@jabba has a way of saying things. He jokes about talking too much but I rather enjoy it :smile:


I didn’t get my nickname from being chubby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just be thankful none of you have to put up with me in person, I’m much worse in the flesh. I’m just a walking wall of noise.

And yay for busting ATH @beekeeper I noticed that too. It really ought to be a lot more that anyway imo, but SAFE is too hard to understand so we’ll have to wait for people to see it with their own eyes for it to get the recognition it deserves.


A little mention of Maid here…:slight_smile:


Will vault fever push 13c by Thursday… I think there is a good chance!