MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I think the move from the main cny trading page to the token trading page has resulted in it not showing up on cap. PIA to find, perhaps easier to find for those who use the site. Now to find API information to get it listed again.


Back to 11c despite btc booming.

Rest of the crypto community getting as excited as we all are about 10th January onwards?

Or just some action being built up to start selling off from the 5th Jan? ‘Buy the rumour, sell (before) the news’ trading perhaps? It would seem odd to do that or orchestrate a pump during a btc breakout past her biggest historic resistance levels?

It seems to me that traders are too impatient to wait months and want their money working for them, so I don’t see how MAID can hold any big bumps for any extended period of time without utility and a final product. On the other hand it is way undervalued tech and at some point the rest of the world is going to start to realise that aren’t they?! I guess it just comes down to the unknowable about how many long term investors are being created. Given where we are technically-speaking we should to be picking them up though shouldn’t we? Perhaps the timing of this going against a potentially big BTC boom makes it more likely to be organic, mainstream investment that’s indifferent to BTC movements?

Any thoughts?


Someone buying huge amounts of maid and sending them to diffrent addresses :slight_smile:


Honestly I’m not sure this isn’t just another pump and dump. Poloniex lending ist at around 0.05%, while it used to be around 0.0005% I think.

In comparison, btc lending is at 0.014%, and btc is needed to buy every other coin on margin. From what I’ve seen, it’s usually a lot higher than other coins.

Any thoughts?

/edit: MAID@ 0.1%


Maybe someone is xmas shopping loading some cold storage wallets :santa:


Very interesting. Lots of 1btc buys, followed by reduction to 0.5btc. All seem to be done in batches, probably automated, all in a very short time frame. Intriguing.


Sold 9btc worth of maid at 12250 or something (about 1/3 of my stash), against the 50+BTC buy wall that got eaten away. Not really sure why. Sometimes just can’t explain it; despite my fervent holding position for 2 years. I’m just hoping to buy in lower, though, especially since BTC just keeps going up—and since MAID is incredibly amazing, albeit not stopping people from only massively “pumping” when there’s above-extraordinary news (especially nowadays). I gotta say, though, I didn’t expect my move to completely backfire. MAID is the only one still standing above the rest. Well, time to stare at numbers for awhile.


Really? I think true believers would hodl MAID.


Depends. There were dozens of opportunities for me to sell the past 2 years. But only twice has my old/prior day-trading habits urged me to try my hand (and, I didn’t sell everything… this time!). Judge me if ya want. I’m well aware of all the benefits of holding indefinitely. Once BTC is out of the picture, I’ll be holding as I’ve always done (only selling tiny amounts here and there / rarely, from peer/other pressures IRL). Again, I’m super surprised it pretty much backfired; I mean, look at it, MAID’s the only major player in green.

edit: also, because of said pressures, I’ve gradually had to sell a bunch. Originally had 270,000 over a year ago, now I’m somewhat under 200,000 :confused: - so I saw it as a final opportunity to maybe get some of it back. (That’s one of the sadder aspects, actually, of SAFE taking as long as it has: so many coins used for real life expenses.) But, I still don’t feel too bad. Just waiting for that billion dollar market cap, and beyond.


looks like we’r battling with the long term trend line.


It is super strange, 13ABorSPthviwCpcJACS145NJJyT3HSkJw already bought >4500000 maid
Not sure if I found all transactions


I wouldn’t say your trade has backfired unless you never get the opportunity to buy in again below the price you sold at. Given the volatility of the market, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if theres another dump to well under 10c prior to the launch of the network & rise to multiple dollar values if the network succeeds.

Its impossible to tell for sure what’s going on with the price at any point, but in my opinion Maid is greatly undervalued given the stage of development, the quality of the team behind it, and its potential.


I am tempted to sell a few and try to rebuy cheaper, but not tempted enough.
I still believe buying any under 10c is a steal, and were only just above that.


It’s already below the price you sold at, so if you buy back now you made some profit already. Wouldn’t be surprised if it drops below 0.0001 again with no news for the next few weeks because of the holiday break.


Most of the shorts were closed it seems, at least the lending price has fallen again. Yet the price has fallen a bit. That’s one reason why I think it’s gonna go down at least until the next dev update. Let’s see how it turns out :slight_smile:


Weird, maidsafecoin seems to be rolling around the $0.1 mark and whenever it drops down someone or people collect some more and it goes back up to that again. Seems the btc price going up has not had adverse effects in dollar terms.


At this moment it is easy to calculate the value of maidsafecoins in dollars, because 1000$ for 1 BTC @Poloniex.
Thats a good way for Bitcoin to start the 306th prime year ad :fireworks: :champagne:


Yeah, and right on the first day. Exciting!


It is interesting to see Maid holding its price while bitcoin is shooting up, not many people seem to be jumping ship, perhaps the recent delegation from Hong Kong has gone home and made some decisions and their circle of people are buying and supporting the price.

Think people are maybe also expecting some big stuff to be announced / released in early 17 for Maid…

Cheers All


It’s worrying to see the price been blatantly manipulated. It’s deliberately set at the same price regardless the BTC rise - same for most alts. I hope those Chinese whales don’t crash the entire alt market. It’s obvious they own the majority of everything.