MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


Just a barely-more-anonymous version of Monero. Just a blockchain that doesn’t let people see the addresses / info. Has existed before. Doesn’t have any of the advances that SAFE has. Who’d trade Maid for that?


It’s by far better than Monero, imo. But the monero community disagrees :slight_smile:
And people don’t think about safecoin yet, for a good reason: It’s not there yet. Can’t really do anything with it, right?
I get the zcash hype, but not like this.



Maidsafe is doing quite well in the markets today, along with every other alt coin, which is the exact opposite to yesterday, probably to do with the hype from Zcash finally dying down XD. I’m not too sure how long this will last though as I feel that bitcoin will continue it’s rally towards $900 tomorrow.


Ebs and flows with everything. I guess the tutorial expected on tuesday will help MAID recover better than some, plus the crazy excessive drop gave it a long way to bounce back from.

Give it two weeks and we’ll have the same madness with another btc boom and IOTAs release on exchanges :wink:


What tutorial is this? I’ve been living under a rock for the past month, so I’m a bit behind on the MS news.


Every fortnight the tuesday update contains a dev tutorial. This is either the last or the penultimate one for now though I think… can’t remember where I read all that or I’d link it for you. :slight_smile:


Good to know. I’ll be sure to check it out on Tuesday :slight_smile:


I think it’s 6 in total? This would be 4 right?


Maybe, I’m by no means sure, I just thought there were only one or two left. I can’t find where it was last mentioned now :confused:


I think btc isnt done yet, it looks very stable and can go for another run, bringing alts down more.


Thanks for this recommendation. I’m reading this now and it is very interesting! I feel enlightened already and I’ve only read a dozen pages. I highly recommend others to give this one a go, it’s so relevant for anyone playing around on the bleeding edge.



Good to read this, I had ordered it too after @MerkleTree had recommended it to me on another platform. It should arrive anyday soon now (It think it had to be shipped from the US). Anyway, thanks guys!


Alright then, I’ll have a go a it too :slight_smile:
I must say, though I only have bitcointalk as a reference (likely the worst reference possible…), I appreciate this thread very much! Interesting conversations, rather than fudding around all day. :vulcan:


You won’t regret it… we’re all stuck in repeating cycles of development/evolution and this provides a convincing roadmap for the future.

Combining the financial and technological picture is a rare, tricky and valuable thing. I’m having to read it out loud to take it all in because it’s fairly heavy, but the content is so interesting it’s worth re-reading the odd sentence a couple of times.

Nice to have a book I’m likely to finish… doesn’t happen often with ‘academic’ books lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


FYI a couple of links to a couple of short papers by CArlota Perez:


Yes, she argues that the two are interlinked and changes in one trigger changes in the other. One of the really powerful things about cryptocurrencies is that they’re permissionless, so maybe their greatest promise will be the inclusion of the unbanked into the global economy and the potential that will have to raise living standards, which in turn will increase the demand for financial services.

But I think it goes beyond that, because the financial system is no longer interdependent on, but is being subsumed by communications technologies, so the links are tighter and go deeper, and may or should then have a bigger impact.


Monetising spare resources so there are no barriers to entry is just such a genius idea (buying bitcoin is a hassle even if you are banked; having any spare cash is also a privilege). SAFE fits so well into that vision imo.

We’re living in very interesting times!

I agree, I think the room for disruption here is greater than it has been in past technological transitions. Our lives are moving more and more online and that world is being turned upside down… and swung round by the ankles if the maidsafe crew get their way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fancy making an audio book for us?!:tongue:

Thanks to everyone in this thread recently for the recommendations and insight.


I’ve probably derailed the thread too much so will give a cliff notes version and then let the topic get back to the price and trading of MAID.

Perez feels technological revolutions drive growth and tend to follow the same pattern, which lasts roughly 50 years: technological revolution --> financial bubble --> crash --> golden age --> political unrest.

She also identifies 5 of these:

  1. 1771 The Industrial Revolution Arkwright’s cotton mill
  2. 1829 Age of Steam and Railways Liverpool to Manchester Rocket steam train
  3. 1875 Age of Steel The Carnegie Bessemer steel plant opens in Pittsburg
  4. 1908 Age of Oil/Automobile/Mass Production Model T
  5. 1971 Age of Information Intel microprocessor announced

The last technological revolution began 45 years ago, so if the model is correct and these happen approximately every 50 years we’re due another one relatively soon. That seems to coincide with a whole raft of promising new technologies. The three main elements are usually communications (telegraph; telephone;internet), transport/logistics (train, car; autonomous car/drone) and energy (steam; oil and electricity; renewable energy) so if I had to guess I would say the next one will be driven by autonomous cars/drones and renewable energy.