MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic




I just bought more since it’s on sale today! :wink:


Ditto it’s been a long time since I last bought. I just could not resist. :christmas_tree:


I can’t help but recall some of the technical analysis we’ve seen here.
“Everything around 0.00016 is a gift”.


What the hell happened is what I want to know!


Yeah does anyone know? Strange


Prob some of the morons who spunked a thousand btc on zcash at prices over 1000btc/zcash… money had to come from somewhere.

silly crypto world, just silly! :laughing:


More like ZCrash hahahahahaha…

Well MAID crashed too (just a little crash) so, you know, who knows.

I wish I could buy more right now, but I haven’t been paid back $3000 by my friend. So Alpha 2 will probably peak its head and ruin my plan.


That is about what I was going to suggest. But you beat me.

Obviously Zcash and the rising BTC price.

I’d say it will go lower, but that is just speculation. And at the moment the price is based on speculation anyhow. Zcoin is the flavor of the week.


Hey @whiteoutmashups can you pm me? Discourse can be kinda wonky on iOS and I was trying to get at you.


The whole altcoin market was hit by zcash… How stupid are people? I mean… I’m really embarrassed to have witnessed this :dizzy_face:

/edit interestingly, Shadowcash’s losses are low compared to Monero.


If I were to interpret the current situation I think Zcash made the short-term weak-hand (those that do not yet understand maid) speculators jump ship either to zcash or more likely to btc. That would have happened anyway. The volume in Poloniex is quite low at the moment with ETH leading with 8k (compared to ~80k, or xmr´s ~100k volume on peak bullish days). That shows that the price is moving down so much because there is no buying pressure.

I think the selling (and lack of buying) subwave Zcash brought about is part of the greater BTC wave. IF Bitcoin starts going parabolic from here, then a lot of altcoins are going to shit the bed. Bitcoin is ruthless in that matter. There is yet blood on the streets but if bitcoin should continue a multiweek run then the streets will be paved with long-term holders guts (so hide your private keys so you can´t sell!).

BUT if that does happen then although altcoins will get massacred there will probably come a overall altcoin market rally from the ashes and that will surely be a spectacular one :slight_smile:

The SALE is on! My personal opinion is that buying at the current price (~0.00010400) is already going to produce a very healthy gain even as soon as in the next 2-3 months.

And as always, he who still has liquid money at the bottom is king!


Spot on imo… many would do well to read and re read this post carefully. It’s about to get emotional/stressful. :wink:


These are not necessarily weak hands…they could be smart hands - moving to other crypto gives people an opportunty for shorterm ROI while SAFE organizes. Smart trades - not weak hands and I encourage it. Maidsafe is a trading vehicle right now, nothing else.


You’d be better barking up @joshuef 's or @happybeing 's trees, everything is moving towards Beaker / safe-js and they’re the ones who understand it the fullest at this point. In order to have a productive event you should contact them instead please.


Lol Jesus, I don’t usually look at price but wow it’s making it seem like all the MaidSafe devs abandoned SAFE altogether lol (6.1¢)

But it must just be Poloniex madness

Would be great if we were on more exchanges for stabilization, but I know more than anybody how hard that actually is :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not about the number of exchanges. But this is a bit mad. Hard to see exactly how much have been dumped.


If everyone’s putting their money into BTC now, you kinda definitely already missed the gains, and are most likely setting yourself up for losses during the correction. My 2¢


Wow, found an article that makes these things clear. The most telling sentence is that 1 zcash went from $18 to $2 million??! on Poloniex around launch (yesterday).

Definitely explains the mayhem


Yes, that’s what I’m so confused about. Someone must’ve maid that trade! Who in their right mind would do that? And even now, I mean whats going on with ppl, trading at 20, 10, 8 btc, have they lost their mind? Even 1 btc is overkill, it’s not worth it, like at all.