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True, but he is also stopping maidusd from dropping as well as rising. It’s tied to BTC at this point. Correct me, but his actions are preferable to being delisted on polo due to low volume, no?

This is what he wants you think about his walls. He places huge walls for few days, and then sells to himself and push price down with huge volume. He is painting a dumping graph with huge red volume bars. His first walls made a real support for a while, but since he sold into them he broke a support with huge volume. As a result this creates panic among other traders. People are scared and there is much less organic support than there used to be. This is what he wanted.


I see your point… drives all other volume away.

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Not knowing the business models of the exchanges I don’t want to be too critical of them requiring money up front to list new coins. That said, I’m thinking that once Fleming/MVP is released there is a very good chance with proper marketing that MAID will really take off. Fleming as it is now being described is going to be a huge technical leap forward and could really change the perception of MAID. If MAID is making new highs then that puts the team in a much better position to negotiate with exchanges for listing SAFE when it comes out and for more exchanges to list MAID. If there is more money to be made on exchange volume they may jump at the chance to get in on the action for less or even nothing up front.

Another thought I’ve had as a purchaser of MAID is that when making an investment, either monetary, time/effort, or both, the biggest factor for success is the quality of the management team. While I realize this is a decentralized project, and it’s initial funding was a little different than a typical company in that there is a mix of investors and MAID buyers, I still think this holds. Nothing in this forum leads me to think that they have goals or an approach that is different than I would want for the long-term success in the project. I mean this both because I want a decentralized internet in and of itself and because I want to make some money off my MAID investment and eventually through SAFE farming. I think the de-focus on short-term gains in MAID via marketing is actually good in that it provides a quiet space to just plug along and get the job done. And as long as the funding is there to get to Fleming, then a lower MAID price until then just allows more people with faith in the project to get in at the lower prices. There is risk in this approach too and there are definitely potential benefits to a higher MAID price now. But I guess I’m just trying to say that in my opinion it seems that D. Irvine’s LACK of what we are terming “greed” in some of the posts above is what is going to maximize the chance of this project being massively successful, which can’t help but also drive the financials. I really think the crypto space is just crying out for something like this project and not just another blockchain variant.


I hope a large percentage of people on this forum are interested in these same goals!

Profits to help people, not profits over people!


Not sure it’s still correct in the current landscape. I understand this was the way it was done around the altcoin mania of 2017, but AFAIK Binance didn’t, for example, charge Ravencoin, Atom or Doge for their listings recently, so there is definitely hope going forward.

Getting a network of sorts out in the wild will change the perception of the project greatly. With people being able to play around with a network i envisage the community to start growing exponentially. More users means more devs, more devs means more users and so on and so forth. This will bring the exchanges onboard organically eventually.

It’s not currently helpful IMO to Maidsafe to keep talking about the exchange situation, we’ve got places to buy and sell if we need to for now. We really need them to focus on this crucial stage of development and not to waste resources/time thinking about maidsafecoin. Lets keep their attention on the end goal, the network. We’ve seen how much progress the team are currently making with everyone now pulling in the same direction - you can almost feel the enthusiasm from the employee’s comments in the weekly updates.

We’ve seen employees such as @JimCollinson making edits to ‘Tony’s Blog’ at 3.42 AM!! Such dedication, much wow :astonished: We’ve seen the astonishing pace the frontend mobile browser has progressed this week by a man seemingly possessed, @ravinderjangra. We’ve seen some great marketing material by way of the high level walkthrough videos and the easy to understand Medium articles. We continue to read some fascinating insights by community members such as @oetyng, @tfa, @riddim, @mav etc on network simulations.

It’s the most exciting period i’ve witnessed for the safe network, and i’ve been a lurker since the crowdale :stuck_out_tongue: It begs the question for marketing; is there anything else we as a community could/should be doing to help?


Yes, that is the strategic essence :slight_smile:


I’ve got a 1-year-old to thank for that :joy:

May as well make the most of the broken sleep patterns!


This is true but as CEO there was no market price personal fiat paid for these coins. Its a free and rightful incentive for one to build a successful network much like CEOs get shares in fortune 500 companies as part of their compensation to align their goals with that of other holders, to build value. So an attachment to those coins comes from an alternate vantage point than say someone who says “well I payed ___ for my stack of MAID and its now worth ___”.

Granted I rather us all just win, let early adopters make a ton of return(I think everyone in this forum is still an early adapter. Anyone with 1,000 or more MAID realistically), let MaidSafe make some fat stacks. Hopefully in that situation if it happens we all find ways to use the newfound wealth to change the status quo and keep driving to make the world better. And the best benefit of all is a successful network means humanity has taken back the rights to their data! Everyone can win realistically and that is how I hope it plays out. Right now yall are still grinding away giving it your best shot to make the network a reality and I will continue to cheer till it happens or death. A preference to the former personally.


No, I did by these with FIAT, I received none for being CEO, but did take part of my wages in maidsafecoins as well. I felt I had to own a lot of them and given the chance I bought a lot (at over £0.50) when I had sold sigmoid shares. The are probably down a great deal, but that’s cool right now. So I have a load and think that is good as it shows incentive for the project to work, even though the cash part does not drive me, but I have things I would fund in a heartbeat given the chance.


when you referred to the slave relationship before I thought you were saying like “stop bothering me just cause you invested in the project, all you get to vote for with your money is that you want me to lead us to victory, and you don’t get to be involved in other decisions.” On the other hand that is sorta true. You can’t let one whale sabotage the project just cause they have lots. Yes spend some time engaging them and trying to make them happy, but in the end if doing what they say is going to cost the other investors more, you have to think of the group and say ok buddy dump that on to the market and I am sure people that don’t agree with you will buy it up. That’s why I don’t think this is a slave like relationship at all, or even dividing a set sized pie of power. Its more like we can do voluntary stuff that is mutually beneficial, or we can abstain. If it doesn’t seem mutually beneficial you have the power to say nope we aren’t doing that and if investors don’t like it they have the power to sell.


Guess I was wrong in my guess at how you acquired them(just was thinking typical CEO style). Thanks for the insight and appreciate your approach there, I do welcome it as a token holder!


Seriously hoping the alts start getting some more love soon so I can back the truck up hard again on these dirt cheap MAID.

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When are we being listed on Binance? Personally I am changing my exchange for the short term.

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You know it is still early days if everybody wants to be on Binance. That’s like begging for an STD. For a crowd that is supposed to be all about decentralization, you would think that would be the last option.

EDIT: Not trying to be a snarky jerk. I know we need liquidity. I would just like to see a proper DEX and the end of this madness.


Issue is, there aren’t really any decent DEX yet for a number of reasons…

BISQ is really the best DEX right now. Not sure what we need to do to get involved there with some volume and active users.

But MAID was part of an ICO so not sure it can qualify here. Seems like no cost though and you just have to make a PR to their github :slight_smile: .

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There are actually a couple on the horizon. Not sure if the timing is going to be right though. I’m already 5X or so on one of them. We’ll see. Only HODLing to cash out and load up on MAID.

Already own a shit ton of MAID. Big goals though.

Interesting. How do they solve the problem of front-running?

I agree that it’s just a matter of time till they take off with good liquidity and ways to manage market manipulation due to market inefficiencies. Questions, as always, is how long?