MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


I really don’t think fct and maid can/should be compared in any way personally. I would not look to fct for insight into the path maid might take. Being bullish and going up is where the comparison needs to end really.

The second the world believes/knows/understands maidsafe have done ‘it’ and there is an operational and robust network, the world has changed forever.

Factom, on the other hand, are just making practical use of blockchain tech and they can do it now - even though they could also explode if they get a few big clients. Their rise was and will be very different from SAFE, which should really go completely crazy once a real network is live and proving itself robust, but until then has no real reason to jump by a factor of 4 or 5. Post launch 10x should be very fast imo, even 100x market cap from here to half the size of btc should be pretty damn fast really. It’s apples and oranges though isn’t it? I don’t think there are any fundamental similarities between the two projects so if their trends look similar I’d say any correlation is coincidental and unlikely to continue.

Just my 2 cents ofc. I’d love maid to go 5-10x pre launch just with excitement, but I don’t see it happening until real safecoin is live myself… then we will all have the rug pulled out from under us in the EPIC upswing that follows. :triumph:


Whenever someone tries to push a coin on my I normally respond with “Let me know once it’s on the SAFE Network.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Factom was way undervalued and actually still is in my opinion. ( if i got it right atleast)

FCT have got a inflation of only 73000 coins a month, but the burn rate will be adjust to the same amount so actually there is no inflation.

So the usage price / 73000 (each month) will determine factoid prices,

When people found out they started to make some estimations how much entry’s are expected.
If its going to be used by goverments etc this can become massive.

There are some video’s were they are talking about some company’s asking if they can store 1 bn transactions a day
they dont give a name but my guess are banks etc. If this happen it can become as high as the bitcoin price right now.


It might happen, or it might not. And I think it might not. Not all at once, I mean. And certainly not leading to the bubble of all bubbles. Get real. Some ‘revolutions’ will turn out evolutions, some new tech just quietly replaces old tech as what happens every day, some tech will even fail to raise again 50 years later… It’s extremely rare that 5, 6, 7 bubbles are blown up on top of each other.

This reminds me of my “hero” Mike Maloney. I’m a fan of his “Hidden Secrets of Money” series that he started in 2013. He makes many good points with references to thousands of years of financial history. However, in my opinion, he fails with one prediction: That it are going to be 6 or 7 current bubbles (demographic, bonds, stocks, debts, I don’t remember all of them) exploding this or next year. I’m not buying that either.


If someone had told me 5 years ago 30% of European government debt would be trading at negative interest rates in 2016, I’d have told them to “get real” :wink:


Sure, me too. But that’s a “get real” from a very different (read: lower) magnitude than predicting either 7 bubbles will blow up at the same time, or pop at the same time.

On a different note, and derailing this subject back on topic at the same time lol, it would be quite funny if Mike Maloney is right for the next two years and Carlota Perez is right for the five years after that. That would fit a time frame and order of events that I have in mind for the rise of the Safe Network.


Nice pump. No significant moves till Launch. Till then its day traders delight with head-fake T/A. Factom is a working product. No comparisons there.


I think MAID price is strongly affected by the overall (emotional) conditions of the altcoin market. If maidsafe manages to release safecoin when we are in an overall bear market then the effect of the release would be greatly diminished. The market would not be as interested in it as we would hope.

On the other hand, if in the near future we would get another strong altcoin bubble rally like the one where ETH made its big strides then we could have MAID pumping many xxx% even with the release of testsafecoin.

My personal opinion is that the overall market needs to be in the right emotional stage (bullish) for MAID to produce big gains and right now I do not feel the market is anywhere near that sentiment. That’s the same reason that would make me predict that going long on altcoins at this moment in time might not be a good idea irregardless of favorable chart patterns.


Not sure how emotions can really be gauged besides subjectively. I don’t see why a functional safecoin wouldn’t go ballistic. If anything, if there’s already bullish feelings that pushes it greater than otherwise, then there’s going to be that much more of a fall when the first major sell occurs. Always a balance between natural rise and bull feels.

Anyway, the only advice I can give is to sell when it reaches $1,000/safe, because Bitcoin set that precedent already, let alone the fact that there is still 10x more coin issuance to happen, over time. So even the biggest supporters (literally/quantifiable) of SAFE, I think would be foolish to not sell at least 1/4 of their holdings at $1,000, using whatever available method to sell.

(Again, that goes back to my other posts talking about a variable I think more people should consider: the reason Bitcoin was able to do so well was because of the already available exchanges that easily switch from fiat to digital. [That is, unless fiat comes to a point where fiat is almost useless, for whatever political reasons of the future, by the time SAFE gets to the spotlight.])


You shouldn’t calculate price per coin when comparing with other curriencies such as Bitcoin. Marketcap is a better estimate for now. There are currently 28x more MaidSafeCoins in circulation than Bitcoin, so your optimistic $1,000/coin should be more like $35/coin to have the same marketcap as Bitcoin.


But the real value of safecoin is how much storage you can buy with it. Thus, isn’t safecoin different from other coins since its value will be dependant on how much storage is available on the network (supply and demand)?
Why marketcap or BTC value are being used to estimate/speculate safecoin’s price if we don’t know how much will a byte of storage cost in the safenet?
Even if the demand was really high, I don’t think people would pay a crazy amount of money for their storage, so it will keep the price at a certain limit, won’t it?


Excellent points @ithanium. Not to mention the $1,000 top of BTC was completely manipulated, eh Markus & Willy?. Safecoin will be worth considerably less than Maidsafecoin if some sort of revenue/profit baseline is not established soon. Seems that some are just satisfied to post and hear optimistic forecasts that have no correlation to reality.


Because the coin that can actually be used is worth less than it’s placeholder? I doubt that.
I agree that setting your expectations too high might result in being disappointed.


Exactly. Tell me what gives the placeholder value and tell me what will give safecoin value. My point is there is no foundation or baseline to demonstrate safecoin potential value. Only speculation and nonsensical analogies to bitcoin prices.


Hey @rand_om, can you tell me the earning potential of a farmer and its impact on price? Can you also tell me the earning potential of contributors/producers and its impact on safecoin price?


Yes, $1,000/coin is way too high to be thinking of right now, because it’s only possible if Safecoin explodes obscenely high before many of the rest of the 10x coins are even issued. Which would mean it’d be, somehow, taken by storm across the entire planet (because of its immense implications as a whole system) before that many coins are issued – which likely won’t happen. So it’s more like $100/coin after all are issued. And yes I am actually serious about thinking it could go up to $0.5Trillion market cap haha (meaning, much higher than bitcoin, since I don’t think that’s a good limitation for something that will be so explosive) before making these seemingly absurd predictions. Of course, it could go higher, …or lower. Which is all anyone can ever say for this thread wrt predictions.


Storage is only one use case for the coin. Sure, it will contribute positively to the coin price, but it is only one of many use cases (i.e you can buy more than just storage with it).


Value is correct. However we dont know how this “value” translates to price.

Excellent point. How will farmers earn? How will producers earn? Will it cost USD $15.00 to store 1 GIG? Will it cost USD $4.00 to watch a video?

The price of Safecoin has many influences. Many of the key safecoin influences are still unknown.


Ironically, bitcoin can’t be used for anything internal to itself. It literally only has value when used for something external to the bitcoin network.

While we don’t know what storage costs will be, at least we can be assured there will be built in demand at the network level. I think that is pretty unique among crypto currencies.


IM not following, sorry, do you mean you cannot have the safenet without safecoin? Is that whats assured?