MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


That looks like someone trying to buy a lot of coins quickly.


Might as well be a timed pump.


Yea i believe so aswell, or inside trading from people that know what the dev update will bring, i sold some at 14,7 just incase its a pump kept half will be painfull if it go up a lot now, but hey profit is profit


Please don’t take this personally, but I have to interject.

This kind of accusation needs to be tempered. The team are way beyond busy and this kind of thing slows down progress as it’s deeply insulting. Yes it could be true, but if so it would also be noted. Bitcoin and Omni are not anonymous and can be tracked. This activity would be fraudulent and show a deep disrespect for the community.

If anyone was using internal info to “trade” then it would be looked upon very unfavourably. These wallets are not secret as are our github commits. I don’t think you mean malicious & lying behaviour is what the team spend their time on, but please be careful of this kind of discourse. It hinders progress and kicks people in the face that are working hard for a better world, not personal gain. The people working here are able to count, we all know launching and doing so in a successful way makes everyone much much more profit than some cheap dirty tricks. We do not operate like that and if we ever found this we would act quickly.

There are several people who watch all our wallets eagerly looking to “catch” bad behaviour, they already tried and failed to point this out. We know our wallets are watched and like that actually. Being under a microscope can be hard, this makes it too difficult though, so please temper this a little.

If you mean folk watching the activity and figuring things out or guessing, then yes, but that is not insider trading.


I have called him out on nonsensical posts before. I do not have the energy for it anymore.
It is becoming tiresome.



Although you might find it insulting, I think being suspicious and assuming that others have selfish goals in online interactions is a good default.

So please don’t take it personally, because those of us who know you through these forums don’t really know you personally, and don’t know what kind of man you are.

Additionally, although insider trading may apply to securities, I don’t think cryptocurrency is yet regulated that way in any jurisdiction. I’m not convinced it’s immoral either, but I don’t really intend to argue that point.

You seem to have a strong code of ethics, and I have faith in you and your team acting morally. I think the vast majority of others here feel similarly.


Well said, thanks @dirvine. We might not be able to debate about this on every place that thinks what it wants to think, but we can here. And we should sometimes. I tend to read those accusations and move on quickly, thinking ‘yeah whatever’. But it’s good that you guys express your feelings on ‘our’ place. I wished it wasn’t needed; unfortunately it is sometimes.


I was not pointing out to the team at all, but there are people that understand github better then about 95% non technical people. I used the wrong word with inside (i ment people from the community or forum) i agree but it was not ment offending.

Show me the link, this is a Price and trading topic here people should be able to give their opinion about the market, If you do not have energy then Yes happy about that. I do have more then enough energy.

I agree on this staying suspicous and assuming makes sure you dont get robbed in crypto their are a huge amount of scams out there think about ltcgear.


That’s still not insider trading at all, github is all public info. And even with that, nobody can tell the future eg what will be announced / how it will be reacted to.

The term “insider” has no relevance in this convo


[quote=“whiteoutmashups, post:666, topic:9923”][quote=“whiteoutmashups, post:666, topic:9923”]
not insider trading at all, github is all public info. And even with that, nobody can tell the future eg what will be announced / how it will be reacted to.

The term “insider” has no relevance in this conv

er trading at all, github is all public info. And even with that, nobody can tell the future eg what will be announced / how it will be reacted to.

The term “insider” has no relevance in this co

i agree thats why i said i used the wrong word with inside, but i do think you can guess the reaction of the market much better if you understand github.

And indeed github is open for everyone, but doesnt mean we all understand it.


I think that if you trade based on the knowledge you obtained from looking at project’s forums and Github code is called just informed trading.


GitHub is no golden goose where you have insider info hours before any price movement. I’ve been posting updates for quite some time here and I never ever experienced any price movement due to an update for Routing, Safe core or other crates. It’s just interesting to see what they are working on. Maidsafe devs are smart enough not to create repositories like “BETA” or “ALPHA 2” for that matter :smiley:. They would just release the binaries on this forum and update GitHub some moments later so everyone has the same info. There’s no crystal priceball on GitHub.


Dont you think you can follow pull request much earlier then other people, see commits made and beeing accepted to get a better indication how far something might be ?

Like for example the launcher get to this version this afternoon.


The point is that other traders don’t know how to read GitHub either so that’s not what price swings are based off, just where we are in general development. Everything is on the surface. I watch github very closely and don’t see any correlation to commits and price movement. Coming up to a Tuesday update the price will pump a bit then go down slightly if hype wasn’t met but that’s about it. Otherwise it’s just traders trading for a million other reasons


maybe its iconomi putting some of their ico to good use ?


Doubt it. I’m still waiting for them to disburse their tokens but because of the current Ethereum fork fiasco it’s been held up.


doesnt mean theyre not investing does it? sucks i know…


It means “this coin is manipulated every minute, every hour, every day” Until there is a real Safenet and real value created by safecoin, this is a game of digits. The big digit owners always beat the little digit owners.


you really believe the manipulation will end then?


Nope, just a more level playing field brought on by real life indicators, more players creates a “buying into misinformed seller moves” replaces weak hands. Too many kids playing crypto.