MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

any volume on Btker? I don’t know if I trust them with a big load yet but if there is an opportunity to microtrade with no fees I would go in there and play the game for 1 sat profits :stuck_out_tongue: Of course if no one is trading at all this won’t work.

hmm ya having a look. For me the no fees don’t outweigh the fact all the volume seems to come in short spikes. Maybe there’s some good bigger flips there but at that point a little fee is like meh whatever.

wow we doing nice today. I am a bit sad cause I was hoping to accumulate more cheap coins though lol. Any fundementals reason for this, or are we just finally regressing to the mean after some hard dumps past the real supply/demand equilibrium?

I am not chasing it up personally. So much moved at 2222 sat. Gonna wait and see where those guys take profits. Either that or buy support has to build alot more. Like a few BTC of buy offers is nothing compared to that 100+ that is in profit from 2222 and below now.

on the other hand my price to dump all is very far up from here and where I would short even further. All I am doing here is sell a bit to take some profits then sit on my hands.

Update: whales still splashing around hard gonna sell a bit extra at this level and try to play some waves:) If it ends with a high buy oh well I was just gonna HODL that anyways. We seeing real volume though. All I am saying is I want to see 100 BTC flow though to hopefully vacuum up the cheap coins from last weeks people are short/medium term flipping.

I think a bit of equilibrium, combined with a much clearer project roadmap, which shows progress on GitHub, and only a bit more to go until Fleming, which will do some major de-risking of the network…


Single 10 BTC buy to move price to 2500sat.


yep the sell book is not stacked high. I am just worried about that hidden sell pressure from what people accumulated last few weeks. Still so far so good. Moonward we go!

Maid is still dirt dirt cheap. Ridiculously cheap


looks like its starting to rubber band a bit. Still some nice support popped up around that 2222 level. Seems like thats some major players buy zone so you can almost be sure he will try to float it above this from time to time. Just be careful cause he has lots to sell whenever he things FOMO engine is maxed out.

Hope for reaching ATH again at the end of 2019!


Maybe not 2019 but likely early 2020 :slight_smile: . Right now this rise up from the depths of 11 cent to about 18-20 cent is just peanuts to where maid will go once we get to mvp.


Agree. When I look closely at the substance of 90% of those ranked higher than Maid, I just think “What the”


Right? Like 80% of the projects are :poop: and accomplish virtually nothing of real importance to the world itself. I believe if Maid delivers on the ideals we will see it return to a top 5 crypto easily, which it was long long ago before everyone lost faith.


I remember those days :slightly_smiling_face:

And by then, people will hope BTC & ETH get into the “Top 5 SAFE-Era cryptos” (most of which will probably be blockchain-less btw)

I think that’s a flip we’re all waiting for :crossed_fingers:


A nice green light in a sea of red. We have decoupled for the last few days. It blows my mind that people can’t see what it can be… as mentioned, so many in the top 100 with nothing to show for themselves, and on day 1 of launch, SAFE will have storage, regular websites, scalable currency, egalitarian participation, email, etc. etc. etc.


No proof but just want to throw out a possible possibility… Someone on the dev team is feeling Fleming on the horizon and either knows for a fact or has good reason to believe todays dev update will make people really bullish… so yesterdays action was them prebuying for the anticipated bigger pump today.

Again no proof but I like to write stories and I think it might happen. I mean if you had inside info on a market with no rules on insider trading would you not be tempted?


Trying to break past $0.20 …
I’m sure we’ll be above $0.20 soon.
Then I think that we may never see sub $0.20 again for this coin!!


Me too, all evidence here points to the Loch Ness Monster :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


just a theory. I admit it might also be aliens buying in so that they can subtlety take control with no direct war.

I won’t be suspicious unless todays dev update is a bombshell like a Fleming release date. Then that guy was either really lucky or had inside info.

I don’t think making unsubstantiated accusations about insider trading is fair or warranted.
I disagree entirely.

To me it is a simple as Fleming is on the horizon but even more than that with work now starting on SafeCoin it is going to cause renewed interest in trading and investment.

Edit: and the roadmap, just about anyone can now see that time to get in is running out.


not accusing anyone just saying here is something that could happen in theory. I am still wondering what inspired someone to push so hard yesterday. Ya maybe they just woke up and were like todays the day I think we are close enough to Fleming I am gonna just market buy 10 BTC all at once. Sure there’s lots of other explanations like maybe it was just a PnD guy trying our coin out or something. All we know is that big buy happened and I am not complaining about it at all but still I am gonna theorize about why that may have occurred.

And just as a side note I would not even be mad if it was “insider trading” there are no rules against that in crypto so if they feel they are in the final stretch it is perfectly legal to be like damn time to buy some MAID! I would prolly do it myself in that position


Guys, we’re all too busy for that kind of s***.

There’s a much bigger prize.