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What are you trying to achieve? Real question because we don’t see a clear statement of that and already some have assumed you are a trader trying to trade. Note I said some and assumed as evidenced by some replies.

  1. testsafecoin cannot exist till the network supports it. So nothing and absolutely nothing can be done till then. You simply cannot have testsafecoin apart from the network and don’t expect anything till first beta. And then they are fleeting in that each time the network is reset your testsafecoin will potentially be gone too. That is they are no good for real trading.
  • MAID is already on the blockchain so senseless to have testsafecoin as a blockchain coin.
  1. You still need to post these drives so fiat is involved anyhow. My guess is that people probably want to use fiat or they will send MAID as they would do now. This is not really the time for drive trading since it will be in late betas (release candidates) that we will even have an idea of what size drives will be best.
  2. You can do this if you want. Get the bot written and find people willing to engage.
  3. From past experiences with “badges” on the forum I am unsure how well that would work. Maidsafe even wanted to recognise outstanding community members every month and it seems that people did not want to be placing certain members above others. I got the impression we all saw ourselves as equals.
  4. A futures market might be an idea, except that brings in the dreaded word “securities” and potential problems surrounding that. Even if its just a private thing, calling it that will cause problems down the track because then the whole of MAID coin will be labelled as a security. (in my opinion)
  5. Not sure what you meant here, but doing things that raise awareness is a good thing, remembering this is long term and things that raise awareness should be long sighted since that what the project is. Appropriate things for the particular project.
  6. MAID is a token to be exchanged for safecoin, not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Sounds like any other blockchain for the sake of having a blockchain coin to make money off.
  7. I cannot speak for everyone but I know many here refer friends without the need for any reward.
  8. We have the CEP. On hold for the moment but I’m sure once Fleming is out of the way then there might be some more projects (APPs)

I am sorry if I sound like a stick in the mud, but you have to remember that most here do not see MAID as a way to make more money by trading etc. But as a way to have safecoin in the future. Be it for buying network resources, buying goods in SAFE economy, trading safecoin when its worth something, or a combination of these things.

Basically its a long term project and people are accumulating for the most part and while some may get sick of holding and sell, they I think are in the minority now.

I would not be surprised if most of the coin is now held by a lot more than the original ICO. Also the amount of coin available for sale is a lot less than 2 years ago, eventually when the last of the big sellers has too little coin for trading they will sell down or hold. At some stage there will be a shortage of MAID and you know what happens then.

The bottom line is that this is a long term project and is unlike ALL blockchain coins because of that

  • its a real project with far reaching consequences
  • it is not going to be done in 3 months like most blockchain coins were
  • it was not created for the trading of coins.
  • etc

As such it does not follow the same paths as blockchain coins and to apply their reasoning and methods without considering the nature of the project will see failure of that attempt as we’ve seen here a few times already. And is one reason why you get little response to attempts to generate activity on the markets.

Things will change once we are into the betas. So the above discussions/opinions of mine is more for the alpha networks and some things will change when we get into the betas, Each network will see things change one step at a time.



ok I agree we can’t demand this right now but maybe be like hey if you do this ASAP then MAID could have some real value today and you can sell more for future dev

ya this is one of the weaker ideas. You got a 10 terabyte HD right now seems awesome but if you have to HODL that for 5 years to start getting some ROI it might be kinda shit

I would support this with my own money and time for sure but I don’t know how to make the actual tipbot

ok well just an idea. Is there anything we can sell about these forums besides status? Something where they buyer feels like they are winning and the “sellers” don’t feel like we are creating a hegemony.

ya it might be totally illegal but you can’t really stop it if it was fully decentralized somehow. People would be willing to play this game. The real trouble is finding someone to be the house.

ya there is no real cost to contributing here. I still see a net benefit for everyone if we all pitched in to have some kind of contest for the best mascot though!

well if it would port to ETH we could have smart contracts. I would wager that is still worthwhile even when we reach final to have some more complex contracts stored on the ETH chain because it facilitates more path options for cheaper.

ya sure I deff do that to. I am talking about how can we get people to spend more then spare time on it though. How can it be profitable to the real salesperson to give someone info on this great project then sign that deal. Right now they have a marketing team and that is great but really inefficient compared to leveraging the marking ability of the whole community.

ok that’s good but I think you get more contributors the more control you give to them. Be like ok thank you very much for the money but that’s still yours and you decide how we use it. In fact I would be very suspicious of people receiving funding any other way! If your project is getting the lions share of finical support you don’t want a mechanism for other smaller projects to get a cut to.

Oh I love your plays at devils advocate. I know that almost all of the MAID out there right now gets traded like at most once per year. I am just talking about the market right now where finding new investors willing to buy like 300K would totally shake things up. I am not trying to lose sight of the long term project. Rather how can we bring people in with something short term like a free aeration for you lawn if you consider us for the season of complete lawn care. I tell you from experience this shit works even if it is not really that different from just saying this is priced in for the whole long term project!



Firstly ill say i like your energy, you seem to have plenty to use here.
Just an idea, and of course your free to do as you wish.
Communication is a two way thing and it gets kinda hard to do so when you seem to have so much to say, but yet fail to answer the questions that are directly put to you.
Not answering questions that only you can answer can almost make the communication pointless and just a lot of noise.

Edit @andyypants



Sorry to ask again @andyypants but this is important so we can have good context of where you are coming from so we can understand the questions/comments/ideas from. Thanks



I am a professional daytrader and do indeed have lots of time between analyzing and making moves just waiting for something to happen. I want to still be doing something crypto related in that time, so I think offering consulting to one of my fav projects is a good filler. Also I am a pro salesman but not a pro code monkey… so my advice is going to be for the marketing dpt where I feel I can add something and not be like ok slow down and explain that in cave man talk


I was not ignoring the question, it just totally slipped my mind you had asked when I got goin with my rant there :stuck_out_tongue: …. guess what I am trying to achieve is to get MAID up from being a small cult to being a world religion again :slight_smile: We have really diminished in influence since the ICO. Hopefully we will be mainstream again by final. Somewhere in the middle though, we have to rebound from the bottom of this sag and start moving up. We won’t reach the final goal without taking some steps first. I know many people are like “just wait til final and by magic we will instantly go from a small sprout to a big tree,” but I don’t know if I fully believe that. I don’t think it will happen by just sitting back and assuming people will notice the value. I would contend we are doing that right now, and that’s why we are in this sag. Now I am not suggesting some kind of pump or hussle… what I am suggesting is we a) show people the intrinsic value of how much of this project has been completed to date and b) do things that create new value for MAID we can promote. I am not sure why there is so much resistance to B. It does not diminish from A, but rather adds something new in addition.

Anyways the if you have not noticed, the theme here is VALUE. You rarely get something for nothing and if you do it was prolly some kind of swindle. If you create new value and show it to people that seems to me like kinda how free enterprise is supposed to work and the reason we aren’t all farmers anymore. What I feel like we do here is resist any new value being created outside the scope of the actual safe network project, and even within it fail to show new people the value of the progress the dev team has made so far, and insist the only value is for a token swap some unknown but long time down the road. That’s not an attractive religion! The people demand a miracle right now to prove this is worth following! I mean most religions offer a sweet afterlife when you reach final lol. I don’t think everyone joins just for that though, they join because they want to do something in the community and help people RIGHT NOW



Good honest work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, but seriously. I’m not sure most of the people on this forum have time to make cash from day trading. Trading itself facinates me a little, so, well done making a living from it.

SAFENet wise, although you could day trade against it… it follows the same pattern and a fiat-btc pair, so if your goal is to make gains in fiat the the fiat-btc pair is probably the place to be. If you have insight in to the market, please share it …

Maidsafe wise, I personally feel like it’s a “going back in time and having the chance to buy Coca-Cola stock at pennies” event. I’m just not tempted to trade for short term gainz on this coin at risk on losing future #todamoon action.

Direct Fiat-crypto pairs, there you would have my day trading attention.

How is day trading going for you?



I help explore prices and eat the big variations so mom can have something more stable like cash so I think it creates value.

So far I would agree any gains from the ICO was because the fait-btc pair exploded and that got piggy backed. I think we have so much potential to go up based on the value in here that has not been realized by many traders yet though.

I would agree MAID is not the best daytrading coin atm. It is indeed in penny stock form at the moment so you are either gonna lose your penny or gain 100. no in between. While I deff don’t expect the ride up to be linear I think we could smooth that out a bit, because work on the safe network project has been completed so at least we are past the initial super high risk phase IMO.

Now I feel like people are fishing for some kind of evil motive I have to take advantage of you because obviously all traders are like that and none are playing a game they think everyone can win. Ok sure if the volume got good again that would be cool to daytrade MAID. Its not like there aren’t other coins to do that with right now though.



We are all here for one of two reasons, or both.

  1. the next get rich coin.
  2. after initial research — I switched from being a sore “late to the bitcoin/etherium party” person (1) to this project will deliver good things to the general population.

If anyone claims they are holding maidsafe tokens and are not here to take any sort of financial advantage of the hardworking maidsafe team they maybe fibbing.

Long term hold / day trade gainz … From a financial perspective, I think we can all find some level of alignment.



lol I was at the ETH release party and personally chatted with vitalik… I was just like this is pretty cool maybe I will invest 100 bucks :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely plan to have more then my little toe on this ship when it sets sail!

Um I thought they were getting the financial advantage when we fronted them all that money basically lol. Really I don’t think anyone is taking advantage or at least not unilaterally. All parties involved are gaining something and that’s how I want to see this grow. Not cause MacAfee makes it his coin of the day then dumps on you>< I want to see it grow because everyone is gaining advantage.



I was thinking on this and where I live its like agrarian paradise. Most people see plants as an object they manipulate. Out in the country, I more see plants as having a plan, and I do to, and we are in collusion. That’s what I think I really want to see here. Not to see others alter their plan that they maybe just don’t have the capacity to do or it would be totally disadvantageous to them. More to see how can our diverse plans interact and everyone leverages each others advantages.



Bullish golden cross is ahead of us. It will probably take 2 more weeks and it will happen around $0.16. The lower band of the MAIDUSD channel keeps being respected while MAIDBTC being under major 2800 sat mark for more than 7 days already. Sorry guys, I told you we are nor going under 2800 sat ever again, I was wrong.

Anyway, for how long under 2800 sat?



volume is decent today at least. Good to see there is some price discovery action going on. Lets just hope we discover up and not down lol. Right now there is quite a bit of resistance right on 2800. Also it has spent a good while in the 2600s, so I would not expect a lot of enthusiasm to buy it 10% higher right away. Right now it looks to me like a good time to look for flash crashes, rather then go full bull and market buy. Guess it depends how much you want though. That works for my trickle buy strategy but if you are a bigger whale then I and make bigger moves maybe you wana drop 10 BTC all at once. If that happens the landscape will suddenly look a whole lot different and maybe panic buy time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I keep refreshing to always see an increase, never a decrease.
Lost my job lately, so of course I’m much more attracted to this… mundane F5 prospect, haha.

Any thoughts on what will continue happening with MAID being on a new exchange (Bitker) now? (Read other recent threads for that.)



you seem pretty smart so you can always make a job of trading! You need to still do work though. I mean like actual interesting work not just pressing a button over and over. You need to make a plan. This is like the most grand chess game with millions of players and can be very stimulating to delv ever deeper into creating the killer strategy.

A new exchange is always nice. I mean its something at least. I don’t think their volume will be tremendous at first though. Pretty sure we will still be 90% reliant on one central exchange (polo). That said, they need to fill their order books. even if just a few 100k’s find their way over there its that much less supply concentrated in one place. When I look at the market depth I am like damn we need to stop piling up on chump change profits… if sellers would just back off their orders a bit we could sell all that and for higher. Its really a psychological effect as moving it to more smaller pools doesn’t mean there is less supply, but then it seems less dangerous of drowning I suppose.



Invested hundreds in 2013, got thousands, started daytrading, first person to get 15 million dogecoins back in 2013 on coinedup dot com, and price jacked up immediately after I bought that. Sold where i bought in Lol (but bought a nice pair of headphones at the top-ish, on shopify, on Christmas day no less! WITH BTC, lol!). Kept daytrading for a year, but went into MAID 2014 December. Would’ve made a million if I “decided” on ETH… but, I’ve firmly believed in MAID ever since going in. My daytrading days are over… with 4 years in MAID; can’t let go! And 4 years vs 1-2 more until release/mass(?)-buying is like a no-brainer to keep sticking with it.



I daytrade other coins (almost always including some position on DOGE) and put the profits into lowball MAID orders that have been filling lots recently. Figure I get in at the bottom with free money and its all the better :stuck_out_tongue:



and maid is plummeting in a straight line



very dissapointed with the maid dev pace, less and less people believe they can deliver it seems…



ya that was a mega dump. Even from what I would call conservative holding back waiting for lowball orders to fill… I am still like ow that hurt. Not sure why anyone would do that except to get the price lower for rebuying though! You get the worst price selling something all at once compared to breaking it up into smaller sells over time. Not to mention Fleming on the horizon. I would say the evidence indicates a “reverse pump”

This is when that whale wants you to think about dev pace… right while the price is pushed down so you sell your MAID to him cheap haha. If you were not satisfied with dev pace you really shoulda made a move earlier. I think if you decide that now and dump you will regret it quickly if you keep watching the charts

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I’ve been fairly optimistic but it’s starting to become endless. What once was end of 2019 has become end of 2020 and probably now into 2021. Not to mention uncertainty what level of supply will be avaliable ect. From a speculation side the question eventually becomes what am I missing out on in order to hold something that has no end on the horizon.

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